The Earth Association for Regression Therapy with members from all over the world. You can find articles, books, therapists, trainings and videos.
The Earth Association for Regression Therapy with members from all over the world. You can find articles, books, therapists, trainings and videos.



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Regression Therapy:

The practice of recalling and reliving memories of previous experiences, thus allowing reactions to be processed in a manner that enables healing. It is also known as past-life regression therapy and/or ‘transpersonal regression therapy’.

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Memories can affect us at the mental level, emotional level and physical level.

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Regression Therapy – recalling and reliving unprocessed memories –from the current life;
from the womb; and even further back.

May include spiritual experiences. Can resolve other energetic influences.

When understood the  memories can be reframed and processed to enable healing.

Call for our next World Congress of 2020.

Following the World Congress for Regression Therapy (WCRT6) in Goa September 2017, we plan to launch WCRT7 in 2020 as another step in the continuing promotion of regression therapy throughout the world. At this stage we are interested in exploring a potential location for the event and also a possible partner to work with EARTh to help organize and support it. If this interests you and you would like to see WCRT7 being held within your own country, then please register your interest by email to [email protected]. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities by email or by Skype. We hope to hear from you.

What is regression therapy? What is it for?

Complaints like fears, phobias, depression, or sexual problems have causes. Also personality problems like passivity, or negative convictions like “it’s all my fault” have causes in the past. The same can be true for many physical complaints.

Regression is discovering and reliving earlier experiences that have caused present complaints and conditions. Regression therapists use reliving to get to forgotten, ignored or repressed experiences that are bothering people, but also to reactivate positive feelings, forgotten positive experiences and latent talents.

Those forgotten experiences contain emotional wounds that never healed or triggered persistent half-conscious convictions. Such programs (“character traits”) only change when we understand how they were caused and why we have held on to them. Finding and reliving undigested experiences unlocks emotions and bring insight into how present complaints have their roots in those experiences. Regression therapy extends beyond this to include processing other unresolved energetic influences.

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