Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

September 2009



by Hans TenDam

The Annual Convention is over. What are the results? We hope the participants learned a lot, at least something. Sometimes we get new ideas, sometimes we find out that something is not for us and we continue what we did already with more conviction or more gusto. And we hope that the participants had a good time. After all, we do these things in the holiday season.

For the association itself, for the board and the committees the results are, as usually, more work. The PR-committee is chewing on the discussions about PR, the Research Committee is chewing on the discussions about research.

Our bylaws are nearing completion. The only thing we still have to do is the institutionalization of independent certification for members and schools, as our Articles of Association stipulate. Basically it is about quality assurance, an important, but not so easy subject. You may expect proposals in the course of this year. Read more

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