Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

November 2009



by Hans TenDam

Most of us call ourselves regression therapists. Some prefer past-life therapists. The first expression was past lives therapy, the title of Morris Netherton’s book in 1978 and the name of the therapy in the Psychotherapy Handbook in 1980. It unabashedly talks of previous lifetimes. In 1980 APRT was founded, the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapy. Past-life, of course, could also refer to the past of the present lifetime and is somewhat less provocative to the mainstream.

In 1991 William Baldwin titles his book Regression Therapy and in 1993 Winafred Lucas publishes her great two-volume handbook called Regression Therapy. Regression as a concept comes from hypnotic experiments, where it was usually known as age regression. It means simply going back or, a bit more precisely, stepping back. Read more

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