Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

January 2010



by Hans TenDam

India has a first. It is the first country in the world where there is a daily program about regression therapy, past-life therapy to be precise. Each evening, except the weekends, at 9:30 PM there is a one-hour program showing a regression session. Of course, many newspaper journalists are skeptical, suggesting that everything is planned and rehearsed. And discussions about such things have a particular flavor in India, as networks are obliged by law, to invite a skeptic on the panel, to ensure a ‘balanced’ treatment. I have been experiencing that myself. The man representing the rationalist was more of an emotionalist and was not too precise in his argumentation. He found out that I had written a book about occultism and almost shouted “This man is an occultist!” So, if I had written a book about pigs, this would have been evidence of me being a pig. He had personally researched 300 cases of children who were purported to remember past lives. All cases were frauds. When I asked him where his research had been published, he answered “on the internet.” No web address given. Read more

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