Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

September 2010



by Hans TenDam

It has all the future in the world. But many people don’t think so. We should live in the here and now.  In one sense, that is ridiculous. We have no choice.

Also in an other sense it is ridiculous. If you would really live in the here, you should avoid letters, mails, phone conversations. because they all connect you with elsewhere. You should never think about people you love if they happen to be elsewhere. You should not worry when the plane spirals down about to crash. Because that crash is not right here and not right now.

If you would live in the now, you wouldn’t remember the sentences above, you wouldn’t remember why you are reading this, you wouldn’t remember there is something called EARTh. You wouldn’t remember your own name and what that dress is doing around your body. You might even not remember that it’s a dress and that is your body. That this is you. Read more

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