Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

July 2012

2012 EARTh Annual Convention, Kleve, Germany.

“Beyond Guilt and Shame: Helping people to Unlock their Inner Resources”

Pre-Convention Workshops.

2012 EARTh AC Kleve

  • Athanasios Komianos & Andromache (Greece)Hypnoscopesis: Integrating ancient Greek techniques into regression therapy
  • Trisha Caetano (USA)Sexual Issues and Regression Therapy

Convention Workshops

  • Marion Boon (The Netherlands) – Guilt and Shame from the Shadow into the Spotlight – A spiritual Detox.
  • Juanita Puddifoot (UK) – BEYOND GUILT AND SHAME: Applying Shamanism, DMP and Psychodrama.
  • Marc Van Hecke (Belgium) – Non-verbal regression therapy with babies and young children.
  • Diba Ayten Yilmaz (Turkey) – Shadow of the Victim
  • Sueli Simões, MD, CRT (Portugal) – Finding and Integrating Shadow Characters from Past Lives in DMP.
  • M. Reşat Güner – Tülin Etyemez Schimberg (Turkey) – Getting beyond Guilt and Shame: Integrating NLP-techniques with Regression Therapy
  • Christoph von Keyserlingk (Germany)Survivor´s Guilt and its Solution
  • Hans TenDam (The Netherlands) – Guilt and Superiority: How people build their own prison and stay there
    Keynote Lecture: Cultures of Shame and Guilt versus a Culture of Forgiveness and Gratitude
    by prof. Mário Simões (Portugal)


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VICE PRESIDENT’s LETTER by Athanasios Komianos

Our president asked me to write in the section of the president’s letter. He seems to have been worn out from the convention and the TASSO training right before that. But it is surprising that he was not terrified by my emotional speech at the opening night. After leaving from Germany and returning home I felt content. This must have been the best convention that I have attended in six years. It seems that a lot of attendants shared the same feeling. I am talking about the energy exchange and the profound experiences that we all had. Many people complained about the venue and the menu, quite rightly so. But we cannot have it all. We were at a beautiful and calm place and we had great workshops and indeed a very high quality of presentations. It is a shame that a lot of members did not make it to the convention which was indeed really successful. Read more

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