Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

January 2014



by Athanasios Komianos

For me Christmas was always a period of extreme tension. It was the time when the pressure of everyday life would subside and underlying long-standing issues would spring up. Suddenly, everything should change. From the decoration to dressing up everything had to change. You could not be indifferent for your neighbours or interested in mundane things during Christmas. All of the sudden you were expected to be polite, kind, and smiling. Regardless of what you were throughout the year what your character or your temperament was, you had to become a nice person and compassionate and understanding. If people died around you or starved or suffered was of no interest throughout the rest of the year, but at Christmas you had to understand and share with them your “surplus” of love. Yes, all of the sudden there was an overabundance of love. All these people would abandon their day to day masks and they would replace it with other masks, those of compassion and giving. Read more

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