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March 9, 2015

Evidence of Reincarnation. Video.

Evidence of Reincarnation

This is a small film with Tom Harpur as the Supernatural Investigator. A small introduction about Professor Stevenson and his contribution. Featured in this film are Dr Tucker, Dr Krippner

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Survival after death video.


Despite the biased view against the case for reincarnation it still is a nice documentary featuring the leading expert of the field, the late professor Ian Stevenson.

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Stories of Reincarnation. Vİdeo.

Past Lives: Stories of Reincarnation

One of the best documentaries ever made on reincarnation. Awarded as the best documentary of 2003. It is really worth seeing. It features Dr. Jim Tucker, Professor Haraldsson and great

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Reincarnation story. Video.

Reincarnation Past Life Evidence

Here is a BBC production on Previous Lives and Reincarnation. It features big names of Regression Therapy, like Roger Woolger and Carol Bowman but also skeptics like Dr. Persinger and

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Roger Woolger interview

Interview with Roger Woolger

This is a video produced by Stephen Sakellarios. It is an interview with our formerly honorary member and late Dr. Roger Woolger taken in 1999. Other parts of the interview,

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Pavel Gyngazov

Tomsk, Russia   Dr. Pavel Sergeevich Gyngazov was born on July, 12th 1947 in Tomsk, Russia. In 1966 he graduated from the medical college. Later on after completing

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