Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

July 2016

6th World Congress of Regression Therapy, 2017.

Unlocking Creativity!

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6th World Congress for Regression Therapy

Creativity means breaking out old, stale patterns and trying out new ways. That requires a high level of personal energy and an absence of fear and inhibitions. Regression can help with that. It can also directly access and liberate the sources of creativity in ourselves.

Secondly, the Congress is about creativity in the way we work as therapists. Many of you use creative techniques such as voice modulation, sketching, music, role-play, muscle testing with your clients that bring forth your style, your creativity, your brilliance – and of course results.

If you wish to find out what your colleagues are doing in this field and particularly if you want to share your work and research in the field of regression therapy, we welcome you to India in the year 2017.

For registrations and more details about it please visit the specific webpage:

Pictures Gallery & Snapshots of WCRT6, 2017.

2016 EARTh Annual Convention, Elatochori, Greece.

Home to the Muses: How to Be Inspired by Nature, Arts and Archetypes in Regression Therapy.


Elatochori, Greece, July 9-17, 2016

Pre-Convention Workshops

  • Hans TenDam (The Netherlands) CLEARING THE CHANNELS OF INSPIRATION: How to be inspired and how to become inspired.
  • Vitor Rodrigues (Portugal)  Awakening Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Convention Workshops

  • Tulin Etyemez Schimberg (Turkey) Social Panorama of Archetypes
  • Dorothy Neddermeier (USA) You need to be out of your mind to commune with Nature: A Healing Technique.
  • Serge Szmukler-Moncler (France) Unveiling Psychic Footprints: Hypno-Archaeology, a new tool to uncover Missing links.
  • Nassos Komianos (Greece) The Box of Self-Treasures:Unlocking Self-Treasures & Latent Potentials.
  • Heike Bettendorf (Spain) Body Colours
  • Jeffrey Greimann (Austria) Using Music in Regression Therapy
  • Willemijn Luyendijk (The Netherlands) Creative Writing
  • Aasha Warriar (India) The Shadow of Gods and Goddesses
  • Marion Boon (The Netherlands) Your Personal Sound – Voice. Vibration and Identity through incarnations.
  • Dave Graham (UK) Dissolving Blockages, Discovering Inspiration.
  • Anita Groenendijk (The Netherlands) Past Lives as your personal Muses.
Keynote Lecturer: Vitor Rodriguez (Portugal): ‘Self-Scanning and Regression Therapy’

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