Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

March 2017

Katerina Zoulou-Bio

Name: Katerina Zoulou

Address: Esperou 60, Kifisia, 14564


Facebook: Katerina Zoulou

Phone: +306932296525

Resume: As a neurophysiologist and psychotherapist I am focusing in Transpersonal Regression Therapy, Inner Child Regression Therapy and Transpersonal Development. I believe that we are multidimensional beings with various levels of awareness. We have an innate drive towards wholeness harmony and balance. When the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels are disturbed by life events (present life or past life) and traumatic experiences, a state of imbalance manifests in any or all levels.

In Transpersonal Regression Therapy we access the cause of imbalance. In reliving and re-experiencing an event, whether it is from the distant or near past, we discover the event itself and the feelings and emotions connected to it and carried to the present. With safety, respect and compassion I assist the client to release the traumatic emotions, release any mental and physical blockages (or negative associations) related to the experience in the past. Positive feelings and forgotten positive experiences are reactivated, dormant talents are accessed. Finally, the client reaches a state of inner peace, harmony and balance.

The therapeutic approach of Transpersonal Regression Therapy is a very effective for Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, PTSD, Past trauma and abuse, Autoimmune Diseases, Psychosomatic Diseases, Various Somatic symptoms of unknown origin, Personality Disorders, Relationship issues….

I have received Bachelor of Science in Neurophysiology from McGill University, of Canada.

I continue my studies in Neuroscience and specifically in Psychiatry in University of Calgary, of Canada.

Later I decided to continue in the field of psychotherapy. I took several extended courses in Psychosynthesis, Gestalt Therapy, Systemic Representation, Family Cancelling and Systemic Therapy, with Institute of investigation in Human Relations, Greece.  I studied Transpersonal Regression Therapy with Tasso International in Germany and Trauma Recovery and Grief Support with Jane Symington with Taking Flight International.

Having accepted a holistic approach for health and wellness I find it necessary to continue to enrich my knowledge in Psychotherapy with every opportunity I have.

My practice helps people reach their peak physical and emotional potential by reaching into the past and healing people of traumatic events they themselves may not be conscious of. I specialize in healing the symptoms by discovering the cause. Trauma manifests itself at different points throughout our life’s path particularly during our childhood. These events bury themselves into our subconscious and act as roadblocks to the journey of our healing and progress. In my practice, I retrace this path all the way back to your inner child. With love and compassion, I unblock existing traumas and help my clients to reach peak awareness of themselves and the healing process they must embark on. Regression Therapy is ideal in resolving symptoms of depression, anxiety, phobias as well as somatic and mental issues.

Hatice Caner – Bio


Hatice Caner

Karabekir Sk. 2/9
Istanbul, Kadikoy 34734
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Member status on EARTh
+90 533 141 28 44
Türkçe :

1963 yılında doğdum. Lisans eğitimimi İ.Ü.İktisat Fakültesi ve Yüksek Lisans Eğitimimi İ.Ü.İşletme İktisadı Enstitüsü’nde tamamladım. Muhtelif banka ve finans kurumlarında yöneticilik yaptım. 2010 yılında emekli olarak bankacılık hayatımı noktaladım. Artık sadece sevdiğim iş olan terapistliği yapıyorum.

Yaşadığım hayatın dip akıntılarını görüp, gerçek hayat yolculuğunun içime doğru olduğunu fark ettiğimde 1996 yılıydı. Şamanik hatırlamalarla başlayan içsel sürecimi kolaylaştıracak pek çok araç ve öğretmen karşıma çıktı. Bunlar; Meditasyon, Enerji Terapistliği (HUE, Reiki, Ra Sheeba), Kristal Terapileri, Astroloji ve Regresyon. Bu konularda sertifikalı eğitimlere ve seminerlere katıldım, uyguladım. Ayrıca katıldığım bazı seminerlerde Aile Dizimi, Kinesiyoloji, EFT, Access Bars ve Holistik Nefesi uygulayabilir hale geldim.

Yeniçağ öğretilerini ve Sufizmi okudum, araştırdım. Geniş perspektiften bakıldığında insanların genellikle aynı şeyi aradığını ve tüm öğretilerin aynı noktayı işaret ettiğini gördüm. Tüm varoluş şimdi ve buradadır. Dolayısıyla “geçmiş” ya da “gelecek” şimdi-burada şifalanabilir.

Regresyon eğitimimi 2015 – 2016 yıllarında Unicorn Dönüşümsel Çalışmalar – İstanbul’da aldım. 2016 yılından beri Earth üyesiyim.

English :

I was born in 1963. I received my B.A. degree from the Faculty of Economics, and my MA degree from the Institute of Business Economics at Istanbul University. I worked as a manager at various banks and financial institutes. I retired from banking in 2010 and then started my education on Astrology and later on Regression for a new career path as a therapist. Since then I’ve dedicated myself to this path and have been passionately working as a therapist.

It was 1996 when I saw the deeper tides of life and understood that the real journey is one that ventures inwards. In due time several spiritual teachings and teachers crossed my path, who helped me in my inward journey that started with shamanic remembrances. These include Energy Healing Methods (HUE, Reiki, Ra-Sheeba), Crystal Therapies, Astrology and Regression. I also attended workshops on Family Constellations, Holistic Breath Therapies, Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Access Bars.

I also studied various New Age teachings as well as Sufism. When seen from a broader perspective, I realized that people usually search for the same thing and all teachings point at the same goal which exists here and now.

I received my Regression training at the Unicorn Transformational Studies in Istanbul between 2015 – 2016 and launched my career as a professional therapist. I have been a member of Earth since June 2016.

Mode of therapy
Çalışmalarımda, terapi öncesinde danışanın astrolojik verilerini değerlendirip bu hayata taşınmış karmik döngülerin izini sürüyorum. Terapi esnasında danışanın bilinç dışı genellikle bu karmik durumlara yöneliyor ve ben buna hazırlıklı oluyorum.

Before the therapy session I evaluate the astrological data of the client, stalking the karmic cycles that they have carried over into this life. In general client’s unconscious mind tend to veer towards these karmic states which I am already prepared for what may come out.

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