Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

April 2017

Research Study on ‘What Does Not Work in Regression Therapy’ – Paula Fenn

EARTh Research Committee Report

Topic: Research Study on ‘What Does Not Work in Regression Therapy’


This Research Report conveys a range of findings determined from a research study conducted with 15 Regression Therapists who were dominantly members of EARTh (80% EARTh, 20% non-EARTh). The topic of the study was ‘What Does Not Work in Regression Therapy’ and the data was collected via questionnaires. The intention of this study was to generate data on this particular topic which would contribute to the field of knowledge within Regression Therapy whilst also creating a reflective awareness about practice. The findings were analysed using simplified versions of thematic and content analysis and this methodological approach was adopted to structure the data into meaningful themes of problematic areas within which the study respondents had experienced difficulties either as practitioners of Regression Therapy and/or clients. The data communicated by the participants offered rich and meaningful content and allowed for a purposeful analysis which indeed allowed for reflection and a heightened awareness of practice, whilst offering a contribution to the knowledge base of the field. Whilst a number of the answers were unique in focus there was an ability to collate the data into the dominant themes of Resistance, The Integration of Other Therapeutic Approaches, The Making of Meaning, Not Attending to the Clients Practical Needs, Not Appropriately Attending to the Clients Material and Self Reflection/Self Awareness.

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RL Rajah – Bio


RL Rajah

22, The MiD Town, 326, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai 18
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018
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Member status on EARTh
Rajah along with two of his friends established Heal n Hale Spiritual Healing Center, in Chennai-Tamil Nadu-India in 2015 and practices Hypno and Transpersonal Regression therapy along with Chakra/Pranic Healing, Body n Sujok Acupuncture and Bach Flower Therapy. Rajah is also a certified Coach.
Rajah has done his Ph.D. in Hypno Therapy and very strongly believes in Regression Therapy. He has worked, prior to becoming a full time Therapist, in a world renowned MNC in very senior positions in India and Middle East.
Rajah personally propagates the amazing effects of Regression Therapy in many social forums and in the process of creating awareness amongst professionals the amazing effect of Regression therapy.
His Clinic/Center is located in the heart of Chennai City and Rajah takes immense care of his clients personally.
Mode of therapy
I graduated from Tasso International of Hans Tandem, Netherlands and follow the same mode.

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