Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

October 2021

From Transformation to Transcendence

Presidential Letter – Newsletter October 2021

From Transformation to Transcendence

Hello dear EARTh members,

It’s been almost 1 month since the first Online Congress organized by EARTh ended. This wasn’t the only reason why it was different, it was also the most waited event. Initially planned for the summer of 2020, we had to postpone it for one year and then change again the dates for September 2021. Because of the current pandemic period, we decided last minute to organize it online. It was a tremendous effort, especially because EARTh organized the congress by itself, so we didn’t have a local team to organize it (another first). I would like to take this occasion to give thanks to all the people that made this Congress happen, especially to the Board members (Janine, Diba, Gudrun, Aysegul and Rita), the members from the Program Committee where Aysegul was Chair and the members from the PR Committee where Janine was Chair. And a special link who connected the work of all these dedicated people, special thanks to our dear, hard-working secretary Anna Merkulova.

The Congress exceeded all expectations in my view, we had a very good and diverse program, professional presentations and a lot to learn. The opening ceremony had a very touching moment commemorating John   and the closing ceremony had its therapeutic and artistic moments. The General Assembly was a very dynamic event, with a lot of useful feedback from the EARTh members regarding vital issues – a true democratic meeting of open-minded ‘earthlings’. This General Assembly pointed out another need of our association: to meet online and exchange ideas and suggestions on important matters more often. I also take this chance to thank you all for your trust in electing me as the President of EARTh. It is an honor for which I am grateful.  

For me, and I think that for most of the participants also, the Congress was truly a transformative experience. The next step would be transcendence as Trisha Caetano taught us in her workshop. 

If we look to the future, the next stop is the 2022 Annual Convention. I’m happy to invite you all to the magical lands of Romania. I made a very beautiful power point of the next venue. I presented it during the closing ceremony and you can access it through this newsletter. The landscape is absolutely outstanding as you will see from the pictures, the hotels are large and have a lot of rooms so you can come with your family and also stay a few more days to complete your vacation. The personnel is very kind and we obtained a good price and excellent conditions for our group. I hope I made you curious to check out the power point presentation where you will find all the details you need to take your decision. 

I’ll end my presidential letter with a few words of wisdom noted during the workshops I participated in. I mentioned some of them during the closing ceremony, but they are worth repeating:

When we come back home we want to bring something that we didn’t have before, otherwise it would be in vane. Like a bee that comes back to the hive, but with honey. (Hans ten Dam)

One of our responsibilities as Therapists is to peel the lies layer by layer from the Client until the truth reveals. And the second one that brought a smile on my face – We don’t need to take drugs, mushrooms or any psychedelics, we have Regression Therapy. (Trisha Caetano)

If you want to change something, you have to become one with it. (Martin Roesch)

I wish you all to be in good health and make your good disposition a top priority. Also, remember to stay connected. Together we are all better!


Warm regards,

Victor Chirea

President of EARTh

2022 EARTh Annual Convention, Cheile Gradistei, Romania

Bridging Spirituality and Science in Regression Therapy

This generous title hopes to bring a new perspective on the complex world of Regression Therapy. The highly efficient methods and techniques employed in Regression Therapy will this time be shared in synchronicity with the most interesting research-based scientific discoveries. Our work is a pioneer in the development of science – and it is interesting and inspiring to learn what science can add to our knowledge.

We invite you all to bridge the two worlds – spirituality and science.
Fresh, up-to-date interdisciplinary approaches to Regression Therapy will be our focus in the beautiful mountain resort of Romania.

Bridging Spirituality and Science in Regression Therapy Interdisciplinary approaches.

  •  Quantum Physics
  •  Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Neuroendocrinology
  •  Psychoneuroimmunology
  •  Epigenetics
  •  EMDR
  •  New German Medicine
  •  Research
  •  Transpersonal Psychology
  •  The Science of the Dreams
  •  PneumaBreath Work / HolotropicBreathwork
  • Somatic Body Work;
  • Regression Therapy employed for healing different illnesses and ailments; organ regeneration techniques.


September 16-25  2022 

Friday, September 16th – Arrivals
17-18th (Saturday-Sunday) – Preconvention
19th (Monday) – College Meeting, Opening
20-22nd (Tuesday-Thursday) –Convention
23rd (Friday) – General Assembly, Closing Ceremony
24th (Saturday) –the Tour
25th(Sunday) -Departures

Annual Convention 2022 Price List


Pre-Convention Early Bird Regular Price
EARTh Members 200 210
Non – Members 225 235
EARTh Members 175 190
Non- Members 195 210

Both pre-convention and convention: discount of 25 €

All prices have a discount coupon of 10 €. You will find this at the end of your order.

Early bird deadline: 30 APRIL 2022

Tour to be announced soon.

Accommodation Prices

Hotel single room:    85 (per person)

Hotel double room:   65 (per person)


Chart of Cheile Gradistei

The Venue

Hotel Bucegi

Hotel Piatra Craiului


– 85 Euro/ person in double room with single occupancy/ day

– 65 Euro/ person in double room/ day

The rates include:

– Sweedish buffet (including vegetarian, vegan, non-gluten if needed): breakfast, lunch and dinner (no drinks included just  water jug); starting with lunch in the first day and ending with breakfast in the last day or starting with dinner in the first day and ending with lunch in the last day

– 2 Coffee breaks/ person/ day – coffee and still or sparkling water; (the tap water is drinkable)

– one access to the Spa Center (swimming-pool, sauna, jacuzzi)/ person/ entire stay; full access to the Gym;


Conference Rooms

Online Streaming



AC22 Program Finale version


Saturday – Sunday 17 sep- 18 sep
9:30-13:00 Pre-workshop 1 Hans ten Dam CORE ISSUE TRANSFORMATION

A pragmatic approach to complexity


Subtitle: the Power of Presence – Transformation of deviations and decisions

13:00- 14:15 Lunch Lunch
14:15-17:00 Pre-workshop 1 Hans ten Dam continue CORE ISSUE TRANSFORMATION

A pragmatic approach to complexity

Pre-worshop 2 Marion Boon continue POLISHING THE DIAMOND OF YOUR SOUL

Subtitle: the Power of Presence – Transformation of deviations and decisions


Monday 19 September 2022 Tuesday 20 Sep 2022 Wednesday
21st Sep 2022
22nd sep 2022
23rd Sep 2022
Saturday 24 September 2022
workshop room 1 workshop room 2 workshop room 1 workshop room 2 workshop room 1 workshop room 2 workshop room 1 workshop room 2
10:00-13:00 9:30-12:30 9:30 – 12:30 9:30-12:30 08:30-09:45 9:00-17:00
School leaders meeting workshop 1 Maria Angelina Pereira “The symptom or disease and inner meaning. How the body is reflecting the soul.
workshop 2 David Furlong Sub-personalities, Spirit Attachments and Spirit Release: The role of the Transpersonal- Self in healing inner trauma. workshop 5 Matei Crisan “Regression Therapy & AstroPsychology – match for the deeper healing” workshop 6
Timm Christophel.
Trance Abuse and the Cure of Malicious Trances with Regression Therapy
workshop 7
Martin Roesh “How to communicate with cells with a focus on cancer cells”
workshop 8 Riri Triverdi and Gunjan Triverdi (India) Incorporating ACE and psychological health parameters’ framework to increase the effectiveness of Regression Therapy Workshop 10 Athanasios Komianos Part 2 Optional Tour
Lunch Lunch Lunch workshop room 1
14:00-17:00 14:00-16:00 14:00-15:30 10:00-13:00
School Leaders meeting continue workshop 3 Ruxandra Bulzan The healing potential of a spiritual emergency Workshop 4 Tulin Eteymez Schimberg “Digging Deep Into the Roots: How to Work with 7 Generation Ancestors short presentation Heleen Hollenberg “Spiritual worldview based on Quantum Physics and my experiences
short presentation Riri Triverdi Insights from our research on Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma and mental health workshop 9 Marianne Carolus “Anthroposophy as spiritual science and Past Life Therapy as its practice Workshop 10 Athanasios Komianos PART1 The ART of Dream Healing: How to decipher our forgotten language and encounter the transpersonal
dimensions of transcendent realms.
Workshop 11 Victor Chirea Regression Therapy and Zero Point Energy
16:15-17:45 colleague get together Panel Discussion 16.30-18.00 “The History and background of Regression Therapy and expectations for the future”
Moderated by Trisha Caetano
14.00-16.00 CLOSING CEREMONY Meditaion Piano Concert
18:00-19:00 dinner 19:00-20:00 dinner Departure to the restaurant 18.00 18:30-19:00 dinner 18:00-19:00 dinner
19:30-22:00 20:30-22:00 19:00-23:00
General Assembly Party Night Your Favourite Fairytale Character

Welcome to the Beautiful Romania!

Welcome to the beautiful Romania! We have prepared a very nice tour for you! We won’t disclose all the sites that we are going to visit, because we still want to keep the element of surprise, but you can make an impression from the few lines here.

We are going to start with the famous Bran Castle  that is better known as Dracula’s Castle. Don’t worry, nobody will suck your blood out! The Vampires are kept well under restrictions because they refused vaccination, so they don’t have a green pass :).

Then we’ll follow the road to Brașov city  Among the places we’ll visit there we mention the Town Square and the Black Church. There are some spooky stories also about the Black Church, but if you are curious, you can do your own research prior to coming here. In order to have an overview of the city we’ll take the cable car to the top of the Tâmpa hill to enjoy the beautiful panorama.

We also plan to have our lunch in Brașov and afterwards, with the time remaining, to leave your options more open, meaning that maybe some of you will want to spend more time in Brașov for shopping and visiting and the others can go with the guide to visit some beautiful spots in nature outside of the city. At the end, we’ll all get together to return to the venue.

See you soon!
The Romanian Organizer Team

Masha Rozen – Bio

Masha Rozen

1674 Borden Street
San Mateo, CA 94403
United States
Map It
Member status on EARTh

My goal is to help people heal their deep wounds to reach their highest spiritual potential. I strive to heal the soul and connect my clients with their spiritual selves. This type of healing brings a profound transformation on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

I have been involved in alternative medicine for many years and have education in many holistic modalities. My primary healing modalities are regression therapy, between life spiritual regression, systemic and family constellations, hypnotherapy, and spirit release. I also use energy healing, shamanic practices, homeopathy, and herbology.

I have a basis in computer science and have been working in technology for several years. However, I became involved in healing arts when I searched for an alternative treatment for myself and my family.

My first healing modality was homeopathy that I practiced for several years. As I was maturing as a healer, I realized that an essential element was missing from my practice. I spent a few years searching for something to fill up this gap. The turning point for me was my between lives spiritual regression session, which made the spiritual world real and palpable. It showed me that I was highly intuitive and could easily get information from my spirit guides.

Eager to use this newfound ability to help others, I trained in many modalities, searching for the best vehicle for my practice. I studied hypnosis at Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, spiritual hypnotherapy at HCH Institute in Lafayette, California, regression therapy, and between life spiritual regression at Past Life Regression Academy. I trained in systemic and family constellations with many teachers internationally. I took classes in energy healing and shamanic practices.

As I explored various healing modalities, it became apparent that they all work on changing the energetic imprint of the client that then transforms their emotional makeup and the body’s physical state. Working with the energy field can achieve quick and reliable results and provide valuable spiritual insights for a client.

In addition to my private practice, I am a student supervisor and a teacher trainee at the Past Life Regression academy.

I am fluent in English and Russian.

I work online with clients all over the world. In addition, in-person sessions are available in my office in San Mateo, California.

I teach online workshops on spiritual development and healing and host family and systemic constellation groups. To get information about my upcoming workshops and constellation groups, please go to

If you feel that we are a good match, please get in touch with me for a free 15-minute exploratory consultation via email

Mode of therapy
Regression therapy, hypnotherapy, spirit release, systemic and family constellations.

Gülgün Günaydın – Bio

Gülgün Günaydın

Küçükbakkalköy Mah.
Kurudere Sok.
No:28, Istanbul Istanbul
Map It
Member status on EARTh
090 542 3419938
Boğaziçi Üniversitesi “Siyaset Bilimi ve Uluslararası İlişkiler” ve İstanbul Üniversitesi “Sosyal Hizmetler” Bölümlerinden mezun oldum. 9 Eylül Üniversitesi “İşletme Yönetimi”, Hacettepe Üniversitesi “Sağlık Sektöründe İşletme Yönetimi”, Marmara Üniversitesi “Sağlık Sektöründe İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi” ve Başkent Üniversitesi “İlişki ve Evlilik Danışmanlığı” sertifika programlarını tamamladım. Farklı sektörlerde edindiğim uzun iş deneyimimi, 2003 yılından bu yana sağlık sektöründe faaliyet gösteren bir sivil toplum kuruluşunda değerlendiriyorum. Aynı zamanda 2015 yılından beri bir vakıf üniversitesinin Sağlık Meslek Yüksekokulunda misafir öğretim görevlisi olarak dersler veriyorum.
Ruhsal araştırmalara ilgi duyan bir ailede doğdum ve kendimi bildim bileli hayat, ölüm, ölüm ötesi, reenkarnasyon, bilinç, bilinçdışı gibi konular hayatımın içinde yer aldı. 2002 yılında destekleyici şifa teknikleri ile ilgilenmeye başlayarak başta Reiki olmak üzere çeşitli enerji şifa tekniklerinin (Reiki, Karuna, Rasheeba, Kundalini, İmera), eğitimlerini aldım. 2003’ten beri Reiki eğitmenliği yapıyorum ve bu konuda basılı bir kitabım bulunuyor. Destekleyici tıp çalışmalarının yanı sıra, mekân enerjileri ve rüyalar konusunda çalışma ve deneyimlerim oldu. Aylık Astroloji Burç Dergisi’nde Bütünleyici Tıp çalışmaları konusunda makale ve röportajlarım yayınladı.Regresyon eğitimimi 2016-2017 yıllarında İstanbul’da, Tülin Etyemez Schimberg ve M. Reşat Güner’in eğitmenliğinde Unicorn Dönüşümsel Çalışmalar ‘dan aldım. Eğitimimi desteklemek amacıyla Unicorn’un mezunlar için ileri regresyon teknikleri eğitimlerine, bunun yanı sıra Hans Tendam, Mark Wentworth, Tülin Etyemez Schimberg’ ve Fadime Çelik ‘in çeşitli workshoplarına katıldım; Temel Hipnoz eğitimi aldım ve Sola Unitas’ın NLP Uygulayıcısı ve Master eğitimlerini tamamladım. Bunun yanı sıra, Leo Rutherford ‘un regresyon uzmanları için özel olarak hazırladığı bir çalışmada, Şamanik bir şifa yöntemi olan Yıldız Kızı Çemberi (Star Maiden Circle) eğitimini alarak, Yıldız Kızı Çemberi uygulayıcısı oldum. Regresyon çalışmalarımın yanı sıra, Reiki eğitmenliği ve mekanların şifalanmasına yönelik enerji çalışmalarımı da halen aktif olarak sürdürüyorum.2017 yılından bu yana Earth üyesiyimResumeI graduated from Bosphorus University,”Political Science and International Relations” and Istanbul University, “Social Work” Departments. I completed 9 Eylül University “Business Management”, Hacettepe University “Business Management in Health Sector”, Marmara University “Human Resources Management in Health Sector” and Başkent University “Relationship and Marriage Consultancy” certificate programs. After a long work experience in different sectors, I have been working in a non-governmental organization that has been operating in the health sector since 2003. At the same time, since 2015, I have been teaching as a visiting lecturer at the Vocational School of Health of a foundation university.
I was born into a family interested in spiritual studies and I have always been curious about issues such as life, death, beyond death, reincarnation, consciousness, unconsciousness from since my childhood. In 2002, I began to learn various energy healing techniques (Reiki, Karuna, Rasheeba, Kundalini, Imera). I have been teaching Reiki since 2003 and have a printed book on this subject. In addition to supportive medical studies, I have experience in space energies and dreams. I have published articles and interviews on Complementary Medicine studies in the Monthly Astrology Journal BURÇ.

I have received my Regression Therapy Training from Unicorn Transformational Studies (Tülin Etyemez Schimberg and M.Reşat Güner) between May 2016-April 2017 .In order to support my education, I participated some advanced trainings for graduates, as well as various workshop sof Hans Tendam, Mark Wentworth, Tülin Etyemez Schimberg and Fadime Çelik. I have also studied Basic Hypnosis Techniques and completed NLP Practitioner and Master’s training of Sola Unitas. In 2019 I have attended Star Maiden Circle Shamanic Workshop for Regression Therapists prepared by Leo Rutherford and became Star Maiden Circle practitioner.

In addition to my regression sessions, I still continue to give Reiki training and work on healing of space ‘energies. I have been a member of Earth since July 2017.

Mode of therapy
Regression Therapy
Reiki Master
Healing studies for homes and offices’ energies
Sorularla Reiki 1, Gülgün Günaydın&Michael Yahni, Art Yayınları, 2002

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