Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy


  • Soul Memories between Lives by Andy Tomlinson

    Soul Memories between Lives by Andy Tomlinson The idea that we have past lives is becoming more widespread and an increasing number of people are having their own experience. The therapists who offer past life regression frequently use hypnotic trance. This enables past life memories to quickly surface into conscious awareness, and often with amazing […] Read more

  • Altered States of Consciousness and Psychotherapy A Cross-Cultural Perspective – Mário Simões

    Altered States of Consciousness and Psychotherapy A Cross-Cultural Perspective* The main physiological and induced Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs) are outlined, as well as methods of induction. The phenomenology of ASCs is described and related to psychopathology. A short commentary is given about ASCs used in some ethnopsychotherapies. Psychotherapies of Western origin using ASCs, especially […] Read more

  • The False ‘False Memory Syndrome’ Syndrome.

    By Hans TenDam Published in the Journal of Regression Therapy, 1999 The False Memory Syndrome is a bogeyman hindering the acceptance of our profession. It has been discovered that clients who relived graphically sexual abuse by a parent when they were very young, remembered something that did not happen. It has led to court cases […] Read more

  • Embodied spirituality – a psycho-spiritual approach to healing trauma by Juanita Pudifoot

    by Juanita Pudifoot and Biggi Hofmann This article first appeared in the July 2018 issue of Thresholds, published by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy United Kingdom.©’ We decided to write this article after inspiring explorations of similarities and differences in the methods of deep memory process (DMP) and psychodrama psychotherapy, and how both approaches use spirituality to support and enable clients […] Read more

  • The Art of Listening, Henry Leo Bolduc and Marjorie V. Reynolds

    In our profession, there are many things that are important to learn and to utilize. Some examples are: a pleasant voice, professional manners, and good business skills. There is another quality that is seldom discussed; yet, it might be the most valuable attribute of hypnotists and regression therapists. That quality is the ability to listen. […] Read more

  • Honoring Pythagoras: Reincarnation ideas in classical Greece

    By Hans Ten Dam Reincarnation or rather metempsychosis ideas were already known in classical Greece. Orphic and Pythagorean sources have been known. Originally, those ideas probably would have come from Egypt or India or both, and some have suggested that these ideas came from the Celts in Gaul or from the Thracians. Recently, I came […] Read more

  • Psycho Energetic Model of Dr. William Tiller as a Tool to Understand Regression Therapy Actions

    by Rafael Couto Melsert, MD – INTRODUCTION People working on Hypnosis and Regression Therapy fields know very well the infinite possibilities which the connections of Spirit, Mind, Emotions and Body bring to their clinical practice. But, notwithstanding the successful results obtained, when argued about the physical mechanisms or processes laying the foundations of their […] Read more

  • Treating the Core Issue

    by Trisha Caetano Core issues underlie behavior, says this author. When using past-life regression therapy (PLRT), she advises, it is important to address the client’s case from an overview position, using the client’s response to a theme to focus the session on a search for the core of a behavior pattern instead of the surface […] Read more

  • Development of a Philosophical Aberration by Esko Rintala

     Introduction The rapid accumulation of articles on Spirit Releasement published in the internet and a number of books presuppose that discarnate spirits really exist and that it is possible to perceive such entities. In our Western cultural milieu, however, it is customary to treat such statements and opinions with derision and scorn. This emotional attitude is extremely widespread […] Read more

  • Core Issues In Relationships

    by Trisha Caetano, B.S. The Structure of Core Issue Patterns A core issue is the result of an incident which causes an individual to form a viewpoint, feeling, or emotion that originates a pattern of behavior. Core issues are basic: anger, fear, control, worth, loss, guilt, etc. There can be one primary core issue active […] Read more

  • Near-Death Experience NDE Story

    Near-Death Experience NDE Story of Mellen-Thomas Benedict Journey Through the Light and Back In 1982 I died from terminal cancer. The condition I had was inoperable, and any kind of chemotherapy they could give me would just have made me more of a vegetable. I was given six to eight months to live. I had been […] Read more

  • Altered States of Consciousness and Psychotherapy: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

    by Mário Simões Psychiatric University Clinic, Lisbon, Portugal The main physiological and induced Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs) are outlined, as well as methods of induction. The phenomenology of ASCs is described and related to psychopathology. A short commentary is given about ASCs used in some ethnopsychotherapies. Psychotherapies of Western origin using ASCs, especially hypnosis, […] Read more

  • Where Regression Therapy Stands: Towards a Body of Knowledge

    WHERE REGRESSION THERAPY STANDS: TOWARDS A BODY OF KNOWLEDGE Based on an analysis of the First World Congress of Regression Therapists, 2003 in TheNetherlands Hans TenDam & Fons Van den Heuvel CONTENTS Press here for the full version of the article. 1 Towards a professional body of knowledge 2 Practitioner workshops 3 Research workshops 4 […] Read more

  • Classical Indian Ideas about Karma and Rebirth Compared to Modern Regression Experiences

    by Hans Ten Dam In 1980, the University of California published a reader of twelve contributions about Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and classical Indian philosophies under the title   Karma and Rebirth in Classical Indian Thought, edited by Wendy Doniger O’Flaherty. These contributions were the result of two conferences in 1976 and 1978. What have scholarly articles […] Read more

  • Doctoral dissertation of Ronald van der Maesen, 2006

    Doctoral dissertation of Ronald van der Maesen, 2006 Studies on the effectiveness and client satisfaction in reincarnation therapy ENGLISH SUMMARY Introduction Since the last 30 years there has been a growing interest in reincarnation or past‑life therapy in the western world among those who hold a philosophical orientation toward health. This orientation can be described […] Read more

  • A Phenomenological Study of Post-Modern Transpersonal and Spiritual Experiences with Quantitative Survey and Case Study Interviews

    by Janet Cunningham The phrase “transpersonal and spiritual experiences” refers to the sense of identity of the self extending beyond the personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche, or cosmos. Western scientific exploration of such experiences has been nearly nonexistent, due primarily to the currently accepted scientific paradigm. But a study of the […] Read more

  • Five Past-Life Therapy Cases by Hans TenDam

    by Hans Ten Dam The Case of the Classy Lady The patient is an attractive woman, rather well-known in her country as a presenter on radio and, lately, television. She suffers from burning belly-pains since she was around 15. Asked what she would do when the pains would have been gone, she says she wants […] Read more

  • Beyond Death: Transition and the Afterlife by Roger Woolger

     by Roger Woolger He who dies before he dies, does not die when he dies Abraham of Santa Clara Zen has no other secrets than seriously thinking about birth and death Takeda Shingen We are not dealing here with irreality. The mundus imaginalis is a world of autonomous forms and images…It is a perfectly real […] Read more

  • A Changing Perspective on Emotions in Regression Therapy

    By Hans Ten Dam Here, Ten Dam relates how his views of the roles of emotions in regression therapy have evolved over time. He proposes that negative emotions have a proper and working place in our human experience and uses parts of sessions as illustrations of this point. He defines emotions in many different ways, […] Read more

  • Past Life Therapy, Trauma Release and the Body by Roger Woolger

    Introduction  Past life regression therapy, as described here, is a therapeutic technique that uses similar strategies and commands to hypnotic age regression (following a time line backwards, talking to the regressed persona etc) but which also draws strongly from Jung’s waking dream technique of active imagination and the embodied re-enactments of past events called by […] Read more

  • The Secret History of Reincarnation by Roger Woolger

    by Roger Woolger Worn-out garments Are shed by the body: Worn-out bodies Are shed by the dweller Within the body. New bodies are donned By the dweller, like garments. -Bhagavad-Gita II (Extracted from Healing Your Past Lives, Sounds True, Boulder, Colorado, 2004) Not long ago, I saw a slogan on a bumper sticker: Reincarnation is […] Read more

  • The Extraterrestrial Officer by Pavel Gyngazov

    Zoya Ivanovna cassette 266 – 267, Tomsk. THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL OFFICER – At one, I want you to ask to look at the earliest embodiment on the Earth, or at the last in another civilization. – It is something very mobile, similar maybe to a power field, but rather large. I feel that I am a […] Read more

  • The Wandering Souls of Vietnam by Edward Tick

    THE WANDERING SOULS OF VIET NAM Edward Tick, Ph.D. Life is difficult, full of unexpected challenges and threats.  Many people do not complete its journey in peace or with good fortune.  Whether from warfare, at sea, while traveling, or from accidents or illnesses, people may die violently and unexpectedly, far from home and loved ones.  […] Read more

  • The Significance of Cross-Verification of Reviewed Past Lives by Athanasios Komianos

    Introduction There is a tendency for the majority of professionals in regression therapy to overlook the importance of the association between revealed and relived experiences and real events. There are two major reasons for this. First, pioneers of our profession argue that what is essential and vital for our clients, is to achieve emotional relief […] Read more

  • The Signs of the Times and the Time of the Heart by Roger J. Woolger (Part I)

    by Roger Woolger PART ONE Each age is an age that is dying, or one that is coming to birth. (O’Shaughnessey) Introduction In this talk  I want to distinguish three kinds of time: first of all the time of history, and the idea that we are now experiencing the end of a huge world cycle […] Read more

  • How is it possible to remember Past Lives? A Reply to the Sceptics.

    by Roger Woolger There is for every man or woman some one scene, some one adventure, some one picture, that is        the image of our secret life, for wisdom first speaks in images and Éthis one image, if we would brood over it our whole life long, would lead our souls, distentangled […] Read more

  • Could an Altered Vision Exist in an Altered State? by Athanasios Komianos

    “With sight concealed our psyche views our body’s torments”.1 Hippocrates Could an Altered Vision Exist in an Altered State? by Athanasios Komianos   Abstract: The intent of this paper is to debrief some research done on alter personalities of Dissociation Identity Disorder, who display significant and measurable physiological differences, specifically, in the domain of vision.If such […] Read more

  • Soul Retrieval by Janet Cunningham

    by Janet Cunningham Practitioners of past-life therapy and research often report a perceived empathic bond with their clients during their sessions. It is not all that unusual for a therapist to report knowing what a client was experiencing before s/he actually described it verbally. Nor is it unusual for a client to report feeling the […] Read more

  • Mário Simões Publications

    De Outros Mundos. Portugueses e Extraterrestres no Séc. XX, published in 2009 it’s an academic revision of several aspects of the UFO phenomena in Portugal from the Social point of view till the clinical one. Two members of Earth, Mário Simões and Mário Resende, published an article about memories of alien contacts and abductions in […] Read more

  • Some Considerations about the Dynamics of Biology in Reincarnation by Richard Stammler

    Some Considerations about the Dynamics of Biology in Reincarnation © Richard Stammler, Ph.D.  2011 All rights reserved. If intuitive healer Caroline Myss is right and “biology is biography,” meaning that the body encodes not only early life physical events but also significant psychological events, then for many transpersonalists, the body encodes significant other life (past, […] Read more

  • …and now please… Focus on Your Birthmark… by Athanasios Komianos

    by Athanasios Komianos Abstract Regression therapists use whatever means are readily available to them in order to tune in their clients with their presenting issue. They may focus o n a physical pain, an emotion, a “catch-phrase”, a slip of the tongue and use it as an affect bridge. In this paper I want to […] Read more

  • Regression therapy is entering the psychiatric field in Suriname

    Regression therapy is entering the psychiatric field in Suriname While I was in Suriname in February this year I had the honour to be present at the promotion of dr. Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri. This psychiatrist became a ‘doctor of medical science’ because of her study of working with ‘Transpersonal regression therapy’ with psychiatric patients. In […] Read more

  • Reincarnation and Ecology by Athanasios Komianos

    A Contribution to the Coming Generations 1 Abstract “As you sow, so shall you reap” This is a call to all colleague regression therapists to contribute to a deeper and better understanding of our relationship to the environment in terms of reincarnation. According to all the incoming scientific data it is more than evident that […] Read more

  • The Signs of the Times and the Time of the Heart by Roger J. Woolger (Part II)

    by Roger Woolger The Signs of the Times and the Time of the Heart PART TWO Visionary Time: The Time of Soul You could not discover the boundaries of soul though you tried every path, so deep does its measure reach down. Heraclitus A remarkable feature of regression therapy is the rapidity and precision with […] Read more

  • BIOPHOTONS: Biological Lasers on the “Hardware” Establishment of Rapport on Past Lives Therapy

    BIOPHOTONS: BIOLOGICAL LASERS ON THE “HARDWARE” ESTABLISHMENT OF RAPPORT ON PAST LIVES THERAPY Rafael Couto Melsert, M.D., Homeopath, Hypniatrist “The Word is the mirror by which Divinity reflects himself to the exterior. The word is both sound and light, because light is the sense of the sound.”   Sufi Thought of Unknown Origin ABSTRACT: Biophotons are […] Read more

  • The Presence of Other Worlds In Psychotherapy and Healing

    by Roger Woolger An earlier version of this paper was first presented to the Beyond the Brain Conference, held at St. John’s College, Cambridge University, England, August, 1999. It was later published in its current form in Thinking Beyond the Brain, edited by David Lorimer, Floris Books, Edingburgh, 2001. A good artist lets his intuition […] Read more

  • Biophotons as the Agency of ‘Rapport’ in Regression Therapy by Rafael Couto Melsert

    Rafael Couto Melsert, M.D., Homeopath and Hypniatrist – Instituto Brasileiro de Hipnose Holística – IBRAH ABSTRACT: Living tissues emit very weak laser light that seems to have a strong impact on cell communication and integration. This paper proposes that such biophotons are the carriers of energy and information in any effective exchange between therapist and […] Read more

  • Regression Therapy as a Valid Approach in Treating Obesity: A Case Study

    by Janet Cunningham The study of obesity has perplexed dieters and professionals alike. This paper presents the research and view that regression therapy and working through the blockages in the unconscious mind can be a major key to success. The research of the author indicates five major reasons for manifesting excess body fat. She identifies […] Read more

  • Beyond Trauma – A Client’s Story, Andy Tomlinson

    Beyond Trauma – A Client’s Story by Andy Tomlinson Case studies always have anonymity and often don’t indicate the severity of each client’s problem. This one was so debilitating and the path to healing so profound that it is told in the client’s own words as given to me. “I first remember feeling faint at […] Read more

  • Can We Establish an Ethical and Scientific Basis for Regression Work? by Jan Erik Sigdell

    In a European group much controversy recently arose about questions of ethical and scientific aspects of regression and even “elitist” claims in that respect. The discussion about this concerns everyone everywhere who works with regressions and needs to be taken to a public level in the professional community. I herewith wish to give answers to […] Read more

  • Past-Life Therapy by Hans TenDam

    by Hans TenDam Past-life therapy Past-life therapy is regression therapy accepting that scenes from apparent past lives may emerge. Regression therapy derives its name from its method: recovering and reliving past experiences cathartically. Though reliving cathartically is sometimes sufficient, regression proper often has to be complemented by working with subpersonalities, sometimes called egostate therapy: having […] Read more

  • Deep Memory Process and the Healing of Trauma

    by Roger Woolger and Andy Tomlinson What are Deep Memories? Cheryl was a young professional psychotherapist who attended one of our workshops on Deep Memory Process.  She was a very able therapist but had always suffered from crippling panic attacks when it came to speaking out in groups. By the the third day of the […] Read more

  • Research Study on ‘What Does Not Work in Regression Therapy’ – Paula Fenn

    EARTh Research Committee Report Topic: Research Study on ‘What Does Not Work in Regression Therapy’ Abstract This Research Report conveys a range of findings determined from a research study conducted with 15 Regression Therapists who were dominantly members of EARTh (80% EARTh, 20% non-EARTh). The topic of the study was ‘What Does Not Work in […] Read more

  • Professionalism And Spiritualism In Past-Life Therapy: A Call For Witch-Doctors

    by Hans Ten Dam Published in the Journal of Regression Therapy, Vol.VIII, Nr.1, December 1994 Where battles rage forever, eternal treasures are to be found. Where colleagues are worlds apart, interesting and valuable bridges can be built. Between professionalism and spiritualism is an everlasting tension, as there should be. When such tensions manifest themselves in, […] Read more


    Good vibes and passing pens I took over the pen from Dave Graham and as your new president of EARTh it is one of my duties to write a presidential letter in each EARTh newsletter. We all know what a maiden speech is, but I wonder if there is also a maiden presidential letter. Well, […] Read more

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