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BIOPHOTONS: Biological Lasers on the “Hardware” Establishment of Rapport on Past Lives Therapy


Rafael Couto Melsert, M.D., Homeopath, Hypniatrist

“The Word is the mirror by which Divinity reflects himself to the exterior. The word is both sound and light, because light is the sense of the sound.”   Sufi Thought of Unknown Origin

melsert_120ABSTRACT: Biophotons are a kind of biological laser emitted by living organisms and they play an important role on cell communication and integration. The past decade has seen rapid advances in our understanding of the underlying principles of biophotons’ emission and absorption. Besides their energetic aspects, biophotons can also hold an informational content.  This paper offer ideas to establish a model, founded on the works of Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu, Daniela Manu, Paul Constantinescu, Peter Gariaev, Vladimir Voeikov and Fritz-Albert Popp, proposing a role to the interaction of word and biophotons in the exchange of energy/information from the therapist to the client’s unconscious energetic/ informational nuclei upon which past lives therapy works on a daily routine.

KEY WORDS: Biophotons, holography, memories, past lives therapy, light, word, standing waves


There are two parts on the text’s structure. The first – background information- is a bit long, but offers key concepts containing the indispensable base to the second one – the proposed model itself.



Although there have been many studies concluding that organisms emit and receive electromagnetic signals in biocommunication, these signals are difficult to detect. The tiniest of these signals are constituted by Biophotons, which are ultra weak photon spontaneously emitted on biological systems, but they can also be studied as stimulated emission after a brief exposure to light of different spectral compositions. They are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum – more clearly stated: light. All living cells of plants and animals (including human beings) emit biophotons all the time. They cannot be seen by the naked eye, but can be measured by especially sensible devices, called photomultipliers. This light emission is one of the possible expressions of the functional processes of the living cells and it can be used to evaluate them. Just as an example, healthy and cancer cells of the same type can be identified and discriminated by marked differences in biophoton emission.

The biophoton light is stored in the cells, almost exclusively inside the DNA molecules, managing processes, akin a dynamic web of light, which is constantly released and absorbed. It may reach and connect cell organelles as well as higher hierarchic levels, like cells, tissues or organs within the body, serving as the organism’s main communication network. Due to the their physical properties, biophotons can operate as a coherent electromagnetic radiation field and, in consequence, we can relate them to laser radiation and to holographic interference patterns, possibly sustaining the holographic processes of brain or consciousness, as mainly postulated by neurophysiologist Karl Pribram.

They were first discovered in 1923, by Russian medical scientist Professor Alexander G.Gurvitsch, who named them “mitogenetic rays” and they have been “rediscovered” by the 1970’s, through an ample experimental and theoretical evidence by German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, who has proved their existence, their origin from the DNA and later their coherence (laser-like nature). He has developed biophoton theory to explain their possible biological role and the ways in which they may control biochemical processes of life. The importance of this discovery has been later confirmed by other eminent scientists, such as Herbert Froehlich and Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine.

The studies seem to indicate that the biophotons’ emission is a coherent process and that they can be modulated to carry information not only throughout the whole organism, but also to the environment, including a possible relevance on extra-sensory ways of exchange of energy/information with other live beings.

Some of the properties and characteristics of biophotons are:

  • Their spectral distribution covers, at least, the range from 200 to 800 nm.Their spectrum is not a line, but rather flat, following approximately the rule f(w) = constant, where f describes the probability of occupying the phase space cells of energy. This is a significant difference from a closed system, where f(w) is the well-known Boltzmann distribution, related to the absolute temperature.

• The probability of counting 0,1,2,…., n biophotons in a given, definite, interval follows accurately a Poissonian distribution, which is fulfilled even in non-stationary biophoton emission. This is a necessary condition of coherence of an electromagnetic field.

  • Instead of following an exponential decay, biophoton stimulated emission (called delayed luminescence) can be described rather by a “hyperbolic relaxation”. According to Dr. Popp, this is a sufficient condition for a coherent light-field, what implies that biophotons are held in a coherent form in the organism, and, when stimulated, they are emitted coherently, like a very weak, multimode laser.
  • The temperature dependence follows a Curie-Weiss law rather than the Arrhenius factor.
  • It is evident that at least a significant part of biophoton emission originates from DNA.

Some experiments have even revealed that persons with deceased cells may be healed remotely by those who transmit coherent states of information via biophoton transmission. So, it is possible that biophotons may even be carriers of psi information and that a coherent coupling can be established between two conscious life forms resulting in transference of information from a higher potential field to a field at lower potential. Even though this is conjecture at this point, it suggests other means by which disparate life forms can communicate.


Just to exemplify the seminal importance of this phenomenon of biophoton emission, we can only remember that photons from the sun excite electrons here on earth, leading them to higher energy states that can be used to make phosphate bonds of high energy by the process of photosynthesis. The release of the energy stored in these vegetal cells’ bonds is the basic element that makes life possible on Earth. At mitochondria level, on respiratory chain processes, electrons are transferred between molecules, in a downward cascade fashion, to lower energy states, producing light and the electric current that make life possible.

Word and Light

The Heart Sutra informs us that “Form is not other than Void; Void is not other than Form.”

Recent discoveries by Russian scientist Peter Gariaev lead him to propose a theory of the DNA-wave Biocomputer.  They suggest (1)  that there are genetic “texts”, similar to natural context-dependent texts in human language; (2)  that the chromosome apparatus acts simultaneously both as a source and receiver of these genetic texts, respectively decoding and encoding them; (3) the chromosome continuum acts like a dynamical holographic gate, which displays or transduces weak laser light and solitonic electro-acoustic fields. The distribution of the character frequency in genetic texts is fractal, so the nucleotides of DNA molecules are able to form holographic pre-images of biostructures.(so copying at a distance?)

The biohologram, projected by the brain, creates standing and moving electromagnetic wave patterns at different frequencies of the spectrum in order to effect different biochemical transformations.  There may be specific electrostatic fields, or there may be electrodynamic fields varying at various frequencies, from low (radio waves) all the way up the spectrum into visible light and beyond. Another process of holography is called “acoustical holography”. Acoustical holography employs sound waves to create a movement on a surface that is used as the basis for creation of an optical hologram.  So we essentially convert between a pattern of sound waves reflected off an object in space into a pattern of light waves that can reconstruct the shape of that object.  We have a transformation between two levels of vibration, two media as it were, preserving a pattern in space and time.

Stanciulescu´s Word and Light Model

Based on the knowledge and  research about biophotons, Prof. Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu, of  “Al. I. Cuza” University & National Inventics Institute and National Romanian Association for Complementary Therapy, on Iasi, Romania, developed what he calls the Biological Lasers Theory (BLT), where it states, among other important concepts, the existence of a psycho-noetic coherent (laser-like) light, generated by both emotional and intellectual activities of human beings.

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Paul Constantinescu he also developed the Photonic Energy-Information Theory (PEIT), which states, in summary, that the electromagnetic radiation carries, with its magnetic dimension, a quantum of information (biton) and, with the electric component, a quantum of energy (ergon), both coexisting in coherence. In other words, light, an electromagnetic radiation, has its magnetic (informational) component and its electric (energetic) one, exhibiting a double dimension, besides the classical duality of wave/particle.

We would like to reference his recent work: “The Therapeutic Power of Exorcism: A Semio-Logical Recuperation”. Prof. Stanciulescu states that a special therapeutic place is occupied by the techniques based on “the power of the word”, among which exorcism should be mentioned. To understand it, he brings contributions of the knowledge of biophotons and of the methodological virtues of semio-logics.

Taking some excerpts of his work, we can see the core of his ideas:

” The birth of the first words is for primitive humans an event that could not pass unnoticed by the collective unconscious or superconscious memory. The semiotic hypothesis of mimetism by resonance confirms the belief that each thing has its soul. By associating this “soul” with the energetic-informational field specific to any cosmic world element or phenomenon, we could explain the birth of the first word based on an implicit mimetism.

The word is the first “unconventional power instrument” built by immediate resonance with cosmic reality. Understanding this mechanism allows us to interpret in terms of scientific rationalism convictions like the following: “Words are breath plus noise; they appear therefore to be corporal and, consequently, a kind of «things». Mesopotamians considered the sound to be a god’s voice. As far as words are things, they too have a ‘soul’ of their own. It is the expression of elementary intellectual modalities by virtue of which everything, even thoughts, have corporeality and things, even abiotic, are animated” (Banu, 1993: 71-72).

Today we look in wonder at this “elementary intellectual modality” practically confronted with bio-psycho-physical phenomena and mechanisms which modern science is just beginning to understand and retrieve pragmatically. As “soul” (information-signified) and “noise” (energy-signifier), the word is the sonorous hologram reproducing “the soul of the thing“, its own energetic-informational field. As “thing”, vibratory physical reality, the word, and, subsidiarily, the thought, acquires corporeality and also, implicitly, power of action on elements of the world in their most various forms: from the cosmic to the biophysical and psychomental ones (figure 2 a,b (cf. Dewhurst-Maddock, 1998: 40, 110).”

He also states that, to corroborate the close association of word and energy/information patterns, it is good to take a look at the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, which present some amazing electronic microscope photos of different frozen drops of water submitted to physical and psychical stimuli, such as music or affective states of consciousness, love or hate of the words, etc. If can be remembered that biological water represents about 70% of our organism, it is enough to understand some very important aspects correlated to exorcism’s therapy, namely: positive states of consciousness determine a general structured state of organic water, which will favor the process of healing (white magic); otherwise, negative feelings (stress implicitly) could generate major biophysical malfunctions (black magic); etc.

For explaining the power of language, Dr. Stanciulescu has already argued that the symbolic/semiotic function (the brain’s competence to represent reality, even in its absence, and to signify it by different meanings) is defining the premise for the three forms of proto-archaic communication:

“(1) the internal “without words language”, which permitted to the human beings to use a mechanism of inter-mental resonance (of telepathic type);

(2) the codes of non-verbal languages (musical, gestural, plastic), as mediators between man and nature, on the one hand, between man, on the other hand;

(3) the code of verbal language, using the articulated complex of sounds as a specific tool of communication.”

Concerning this last code, he formulates and unconventional explanatory hypotheses, which, to expand clarity, we transcribe bellow:

“”Biological light”: biophotonic hypotheses concerning the nature of the language.

As a merely recent scientific discipline, biophotonics tries to unify biology, as a science of living, with photonics, as a theory and technology of lasers. It explain the role of the (bio)light – both as energy and information – on the morphology and optical functionality of the biological structures, in their quality of “bio-lasers” (Stanciulescu, Manu, 2001). Using the hypotheses of biophotonics concerning the cerebral functions, is possible to justify the mechanism of iconic genesis of the word by: (1) explaining Karl Pribram’s (1971) essential hypothesis sustaining that the brain’s activity is of a holographic type; (2) arguing that between the capacity of sight and speech is a very strong connection (Jakkendoff, 1987: 90).

The correlation between biophotonics and the structural characteristics of the human personality permits us an original explanation of some still unknown or less known aspects concerning anthropo-semiosis and logo-genesis. These aspects justify the interest in a “semiotics of light”, because:

¾ ontologically, the double nature of light could be associated with the dual structure of any sign, the light / sign having the coherence / resonance relationship as a mediator;

¾ epistemologically, light constitutes the object of same archetypal knowledge, for which semiotics is an organon.

It follows that between the light generating cosmos and the human receptor a “significative resonance” is instituted. This resonance involves the bio-psycho-social human components philogenetically and ontogenetically. The present paper studies them and formulates some still unconventional hypotheses of an integrative “semiotics of light”.        Synthetically, these hypotheses permit us to integrate the new function of the biological structure – optical function – into the context of semiotic explanations. Therefore:

· On the one hand, we could find in this option the conviction that “a biologically based semiotics will allow us to get a glimpse into how the body interacts with the mind and culture to produce signs, messages, thoughts, and, ultimately, human behavior” (cf. Danesi, 1998: 14).

· On the other hand, we could answer – from the particular biophotonics point of view – to the Thomas A. Sebeok’s problem of “life and human essence” (1989), stating with assurance that:

– life is the propriety of certain structures to metamorphose the natural light from the physical state (non-coherent, non-polarized, etc.) to the state of bioluminescence (with all the qualities of laser emission);

– human essence (thinking and language) is to transform the “biological light” into a signifier-support both for a “psycho-logical light” (signified illumination) and for a “social light” (meaningful communion).

Taking into consideration the hypothetical principles and problems mentioned above, we could propose a biophotonic explanatory model for the word / language genesis, this model is based on the paradigm of iconicity, considered by Thomas A. Sebeok – in his IH (“iconicity hypothesis”) (1989) – to be “the primary means by which bodily experience is transformed into a system of signs and meanings” (Danesi, 1998: 18). In this spirit some other very recent contributions are formulated, such as: the iconic theory of language genesis” (Voronin, WEB), the “motor theory of language” (Allot, WEB), etc. Although these theories are basically correct, they had not the indispensable explanatory instruments of biophotonics. Using them, our theoretical model (Stanciulescu, 1999) is able to explain scientifically the stages of the brain activity, essentially involved into the genesis of the word, which we can only name in the present context:

· the genesis of the visual representations (mental holograms) as some stable “memory traces”, drawn by some transparent membranous “crystal liquid” structures; these “cerebral holograms” reproduce the properties of the referential object by a holographic resonance mechanism;

· the activation of the “mental luminous hologram” of an object, phenomenon, etc. in the absence of the referential (= process of representation), by controlling the volition and attention;

· the specific commands realised by the brain (transmitted from the central or peripherical brain sectors), in order to transfer the information comprised in the cerebral hologram (as a “photonic sign”), at the level of the verbal-kinestesic apparatus;

· this information (hologram’s vibrations) is transformed into mechanic (pressure) information at the level of the verbal-kinestesic apparatus, due to the same property of piezoelectricity of the membranous liquid crystals;

· this type of information is simultaneously and synchronously (coherently) transferred at the level of the system of “linked resonators” (stomach and lung cavity, trachea, larynx, pharynx, mouth cavity), which defines a complex and special type of “biological lasers”:

stomach, lung and trachea muscles, in order to regulate the quantity of pumped air into the resonating cavities;

the larynx’s muscles regulate the complex of stimulated sounds to become coherent, mono-harmonic and  directed; these effects are generated at the level of symmetric vocal cords, whose vibration determines the appearance of some “nodes” and “ventres”; in this way, the diffusion (diffraction) of the luminous fascicle on the sound waves is achieved effectively;

the muscles of the larynx, which amplifies the sound complex, and the muscles of the face, mouth and tongue are differently activated for each kind of sound; at the level of the oral resonator (only with human being this is disposed perpendicularly on the direction of the other resonators) the “iconic motif” of the cerebral hologram is reproduced on a sensible manner (by articulated sounds); the phonic complex pumped by the pharynx – the sound signifier –  is able to suggest on a “resonant” manner some meanings (signified) such as: a) forms of circular, linear, fricative or slide, round or pointed type, etc.; b) actions of implosive or explosive, descending or ascending,  intensive or extensive type, etc.; c) attributes, such as light or dark, hot or humid, warm or cold, etc


All in all, the succession of “technical” consideration we have been obliged to present above, can justify that the primordial human words could have this short “history”:

· after some essential energo-information (biophotonic) metamorphoses, the interior form / signified (mental hologram) is finally expressed as an exterior form / signifier, delivered at the level of oral cavity as an “articulated word”, as a “photo-sonic hologram”, respectively;

· by such a generative process, the “sign-word” reproduces by resonance the properties of the “hologram-object”, which is, in its turn, in a homeomorphic relationship with the referential;

· by their iconicity, the primordial words are a type of “second degree reality”, as a “reflection of reflection”; in this way, the interior “Babel-language” competence of the human being became an exterior one;

· the “natural genesis” of the word permitted to the human being, in illo tempore, to act upon the denominated object, by a sonic resonance of the type: “Open, Sesame!”.

The “magic” consequences of the sonorous incantation, are beneficially accompanied by practices of psycho-mental (semantic) stimulation, that prefigure the latest procedures of the “placebo effect”, with which modern medicine works. We have already argued that the effects which the utterance of an exorcism brings about at the level of the receiver (the sick person) are dual, that is:

· effects of the physical type, acting in a beneficial way on the equilibration of the nervous system and of the whole body (on the organs and the afferent endocrine glands,  on the energy centers known in the oriental medicine as “chakras) by using the vibrations (musicality) of the verbal incantation, the rhythmic harmony of the afferent musical support etc.;

· effects of the psycho-mental, suggestive, hypnotic type acting phonetically or semantically (on the intellectual level)  by using some pseudo-words without a special phonetic link  or some explicit psychic suggestions,  in an obsessively repetitive way.”


Every atom inside human body is a complex submicroscopic electromagnetic device. Every chemical reaction curses (?)with electromagnetic stimulation – the activation energy. More than 50 percent of all the energy we get through feeding is transformed to electrical energy processes which maintain the electric potential gradient across the cell’s membrane, without which life would be impossible.

By the other side, every thought, sensation, emotion or intention is accompanied by electromagnetic activity in the brain, organ which, representing only two percent of body weight, consumes around 20 percent of all the energy we intake. According to Prof. Vladimir Voeikov, of Moscow’s University, the oxygen consumption and the mitochondria’s number on brain’s cells don’t take account for this ratio, but only alternative biochemical pathways do, through Reactive Oxygen Species, leading to biochemical transformations which take place with biophoton emission.

So, in brief, based on the theories above short presented, this paper postulates the following hypotheses:

♦ The biophotons do the “hardware” work on Regression Therapy.

♦ The brain and its ordinary consciousness processes acts like a wide range band pass filter (blocking the access and expression of a huge part of the unconscious energo/informational contents) when we are in alert condition. Once in a relaxed state or even in trance, the attention gets sharply focused elsewhere and the width of the band pass filter becomes narrower, opening, in consequence, a broader access to unconscious dimensions.

♦ When the therapist deliberately and intentionally uses his/her voice to conduct the regression process, he/she is also emitting biophotons which, by the process of physical resonance, stimulates the emission of biophotons by the clients energo/informational systems. This emission of biophotons is possible by the therapist’s will and intention, that operate through a bioelectromagnetic field.

♦ Since biophotons follow the rule f(w) = constant and their spectrum is flat, where f describes the probability of occupying the phase space cells of energy and since the client has sharply focused his/her attention (deepening the conscious filtering effect of blockage and opening a wide access to unconscious processes), it is possible to the biophotons emitted by the therapist will, intention and words to resonate with client’s wide possibilities to emit biophotons and effectively stimulate their emission.

♦ Another consequence of this rule is that client’s possibilities of biophotons emission just on blocked frequencies, corresponding to traumatic unconscious nuclei and psychological complexes, have optimal conditions to be perceived, by absence of resonance on therapist’s energo/informational systems.

♦ It is very well known that traumatic unconscious nuclei or psychological complexes are sustained by energetic processes and that they have an informational content. In regression therapy it is seen on a daily basis that both categories maintain their energo/informational load throughout the time. One of the possible processes to explain this condition is that one related to the formation of standing waves.

♦ Standing waves are produced by a constructive and reinforced interference pattern. The incident and reflected waves, although traveling on opposite directions, must keep a definite phase difference between them to get the standing pattern. So, we can say that they are coherent processes and, in consequence, they can ideally operate on a holographic pattern or on a laser-like nature, meaning that resonance between biophotons and the traumatic unconscious nuclei or psychological complexes is fully possible.

♦ Once biophotons access and connect traumatic nuclei or psychological complexes by resonance, they act, in a pictorial basis, like an energo/informational surgical blade, giving birth to cathartic phenomena. This possibility can be visualized when we think of the “overdrive suppression” processes, very well known in Cardiology, in relation to heart’s specialized tissue for  electric conduction. In other words, higher frequencies penetrate and control lower ones.

♦ High frequency biophotons therapeutically emitted can, by overdrive suppression, drain, clean and organize the energo/informational content of traumatic nuclei and of psychological complexes.


I would like to end this work saying that I just knew about Regression Congress a kind of month ago and this is an “in a hurry” double attempt to bring my ideas to daylight and to bring the light of discussion upon this wonderful tool we use everyday on our offices – Regression Therapy.

I would be very pleased and honored to expose these ideas on World Regression Congress – 2006. I think it would be very exciting for the audience.

I hope that my clear intent and my clean heart can emit the right biophotons to resonate with your.

Thank you, so much, for your attention


Rafael Couto Melsert


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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)