Earth Association for Regression Therapy


The Board among many other things carries out the routine business of the Association and decides the use of funds. It may create or dissolve committees, and decides about place, dates and financial aspects of the Association’s activities. 

EARTh Board

Willemijn Luyendijk
Willemijn Luyendijk President
RIta Geysens
RIta Geysens Vice President
Natalia Sikalova
Natalia Sikalova Treasurer
Aasha Warriar
Aasha Warriar Secretary
 İhsan Yelkencioğlu
İhsan Yelkencioğlu
 Betül Binici
Betül Binici
Anna Merkulova
Anna Merkulova Executive Secretary
Reigerstraat 8
Benschop, Utrecht
3405 WD,
The Netherlands
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