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Hollenberg’s point of view on Regression Therapy.

 Heleen Hollenberg’s contribution to the EARTh Panel Discussion on September 22nd 2022 Today, the world is in crisis: a climate crisis, an environmental crisis, and a psychological crisis: in NL 5% of all people are suffering from depression per year

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Report: Simposio Internacional De Terapia Regresiva

Our member Heike Bettendorf, also a member of AETR, kindly reports about the International Regression Therapy Symposium that was held between 24-26 June, 2022 in Málaga, Spain for Spanish speaking attendees. Besides Heike, our members Andy Tomlinson and Marion Boon

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Inner Child Therapy on War Traumas

an interview with Trisha Caetano by Gözde Tabak   Since February the world is witnessing the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. There are thousands of people affected first hand and many more by the effects of war. Even by

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Soul Retrieval by Janet Cunningham

by Janet Cunningham Practitioners of past-life therapy and research often report a perceived empathic bond with their clients during their sessions. It is not all that unusual for a therapist to report knowing what a client was experiencing before s/he

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Mário Simões Publications

De Outros Mundos. Portugueses e Extraterrestres no Séc. XX, published in 2009 it’s an academic revision of several aspects of the UFO phenomena in Portugal from the Social point of view till the clinical one. Two members of Earth, Mário

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Treating the Core Issue

by Trisha Caetano Core issues underlie behavior, says this author. When using past-life regression therapy (PLRT), she advises, it is important to address the client’s case from an overview position, using the client’s response to a theme to focus the

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