Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Previous Conventions

2016 EARTh Annual Convention, Elatochori, Greece.

Home to the Muses: How to Be Inspired by Nature, Arts and Archetypes in Regression Therapy. Elatochori, Greece, July 9-17, 2016 Pre-Convention Workshops Hans TenDam (The Netherlands) CLEARING THE CHANNELS OF INSPIRATION: How to be

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2015 EARTh Annual Convention, Dublin, Ireland.

EXPLORING EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES Dublin, Ireland, June 20-26, 2015 Pre-Convention Workshops Hans TenDam (The Netherlands) Parasitic Thought Forms: A new approach to compulsive and obsessive behavior  Marion Boon (The Netherlands) Light and Shadow work:Holographic dimensions and the

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2012 EARTh Annual Convention, Kleve, Germany.

“Beyond Guilt and Shame: Helping people to Unlock their Inner Resources” Pre-Convention Workshops. Athanasios Komianos & Andromache (Greece) – Hypnoscopesis: Integrating ancient Greek techniques into regression therapy Trisha Caetano (USA)

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2010 EARTh Annual Convention, Kleve, Germany.

“PRENATAL AND BIRTH EXPERIENCES” “Finding traumas and resources in regressions to the beginning of the present life.” Pre-Convention Workshop Morris Netherton (USA) – “Resolving trauma in pre-natal and birth experience”

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2008 EARTh Annual Convention, Faro, Portugal.

“Embodiment: Manifesting the Soul on Earth” Pre-Annual Convention Training Marion Boon (Netherlands): “Full Embodiment: How to Help People to Really Own Their Body” Annual Convention Workshops Ulrich Kramer (Germany): Understanding and

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