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President’s Letters


by Athanasios Komianos

Dear Colleagues,


Indeed it has been a pleasure to have met all of you and I hope that stands both ways. The bad news is that the 5th World Congress of Regression Therapy is over. The good news is that most people loved it and it seems it was a really successful event. I am looking through the pictures taken by the photographer of our event, Flavio and I am impressed both of the quality of our event as well as the good spirits of our participants. Here you can review them on your own.
EARTh as the main organizer did indeed “teach” us a lot. This would have not been possible without the support of our sponsors and our partners. Thank you all for contributing to the success of this wonderful event. Read more


JULY 2014

by Athanasios Komianos

“Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature”. -Michael Faraday

The question is: what are “the laws of nature”, who knows them and who defines them?

When Michael Faraday the greatest experimental physicist of the 19th century announced that he had found a new source of energy by simply moving a magnet in a coil of wire, the educated people of his time found his claim impossible to believe and looked on him as a charlatan. This same man who established the basis for the concept of the electromagnetic field in physics set out to debunk the Fox sisters’ rappings and the spiritualist table turnings as fraudulent. Despite his effort and time invested in this project he never succeeded in proving so. As Richard Milton says “even someone who professed to believe that nothing is too wonderful to be true found table-turning an intolerable affront to reason”. Read more


MAY 2014

by Athanasios Komianos

This is the theme for our next Annual Convention which will be held in the beautiful country of Ireland. This was a wish on my part that thankfully all of the EARTh Board revised, improved and accepted, because at the convention of 2015 is when I will step down as a president.

During almost the end of my first intake I always come to the question: Did you ever have a metaphysical experience? And my clients go berserk exclaiming: “No never did I have such an experience”. Then calmly I ask: Did you ever have a déjà vu experience? Most of them say: “Oh yes this I had”. Then I ask them: Did you ever think of someone out of the blue and in no time the phone rings and there she is calling you after a long-long time? Again, most of the time, the answer is yes. So then I ask them: Did you ever have an unexplained presentiment that something is going to happen but don’t know what? The answer is again yes. Then I tell them: Why did you tell me that you had never had a metaphysical experience? You can guess the look on their face. Read more



by Athanasios Komianos

For me Christmas was always a period of extreme tension. It was the time when the pressure of everyday life would subside and underlying long-standing issues would spring up. Suddenly, everything should change. From the decoration to dressing up everything had to change. You could not be indifferent for your neighbours or interested in mundane things during Christmas. All of the sudden you were expected to be polite, kind, and smiling. Regardless of what you were throughout the year what your character or your temperament was, you had to become a nice person and compassionate and understanding. If people died around you or starved or suffered was of no interest throughout the rest of the year, but at Christmas you had to understand and share with them your “surplus” of love. Yes, all of the sudden there was an overabundance of love. All these people would abandon their day to day masks and they would replace it with other masks, those of compassion and giving. Read more



by Athanasios Komianos

“There are no words to describe my experience…” … is the phrase I heard more than any other in the presentations that I participated in the annual conference of the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) held in Arlington, Virginia. Over three hundred experiencers and researchers were gathered there from around the world. Of course many of them had come close to death and many actually crossed the threshold and were treated as clinically dead only to return here and tell us what they went through and what they experienced.

The message was clear death is nothing but a transition into another dimension. Nothing ends with biological death. Instead, everything starts then, actually verifying Plato and the fact that the soul yearns for its substance, that is its essence and its source. Read more

DEATH REVIVAL (what an oxymoron)?

by Athanasios Komianos

When in Estonia I received an email from an American client in which she said that she felt great after the session we had last year and that a friend of hers had asked her: ” Jane, have you had a near-death experience ? ”  I said, ” I am having a near-life experience!” Do you know why she feels that way? Because she went through her painful death and then in the afterlife, and it seems that this precisely is what makes the difference.

On August the 30th I will be giving a presentation at the Annual Convention of the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) at Arlington Virginia. The title of this presentation is Assessing the Benefits of an NDE without Having One. Read more


JULY 2013
by Athanasios Komianos

When Odysseus left for his kingdom Ithaca after the war against the Trojans had ended, he underwent all kinds of adventures to reach to his destination. His trip to the destination called the Odyssey is probably one of the most remarkable stories ever written and even today it stands out as a great piece of literature. I think that one should not call herself or himself a regression therapist if she or he has not read this masterpiece because this is the trip of the human soul to its deep essence.

But what would we need if wanted to sail to uncharted waters? First of all we would need a sailing ship, then a map of the charted territory, a compass and an astrolabe. You need a sailing crew, a group of officers and a competent captain. What else is imperative in order to sail? The winds. Aeolos (the god of wings) has to be on your side. Read more

What is EARTh?


JULY 2013

By Hans TenDam

EARTh is common, special, wise, winding, on the upswing, a well-spring, nothing, all-pervading.

EARTh is common. It is about ordinary people doing ordinary things – whatever others may think about it. We do down-to-earth things. We just do it.

EARTh is special. It is about special people doing special things. Other people think we’re crazy, crackpots, weirdos, quacks, starry-eyed fools, pretentious nobodies. We just go on doing our work.

EARTh is wise. We know what we are doing and we know that whatever we know, we know only more or less. EARTh is open-minded.

EARTh is winding. It doesn’t proceed on a straight line. There is no master plan. There are no rails. We find our way gradually, trying out things, exploring possibilities. We are unhurried.

EARTh is on the upswing. We are upbeat. We are growing calmly and solidly. We don’t worry about the speed and the length of our growth. We’ll see. We keep it natural. We are not afraid of limits and down-swings.

EARTh is a well-spring. There is energy among us. There is chemistry between us. We are lively. We do and explore and grow in the process.

EARTh is nothing. We are not important. Our work is important, even if it is hardly noticed. We are unknown. We don’t attract publicity, we don’t seek publicity. The darkness protects our growth. This is the dark season, the growth-season.

EARTh is all-pervading. Our work pervades all: mind, soul and body; life and work; the natural and the spiritual; the young and the old; birth and death; the individual and humankind. We touch on everything under the sun.

We are. EARTh is.


MAY 2013

by Hans  TenDam

A few months ago I received an article that summarized fifty years of research into what happens in the brain during meditation.* I read it eagerly. What have these 50 years of research brought us?

Not too much actually. It has been proven that during meditation the functioning of the brain changes. Pretty self-evident, it seems to me. How does it change?

Meditation shifts attention. It slows brain waves, increasing theta and alpha. It increases blood flow in some frontal brain regions.

Less self-evident is that long-term meditation somewhat changes the brain. Read more


MARCH 2013

by Hans TenDam

What is the acme, the crown of the work of a past-life therapist? I am believing more and more that it is the way we can do present-life regressions.

We can give a marvelous twist to inner child work. From rebirthing to adolescent mayhem. One of my principles in regression is what I call Children before God.

To unfreeze hurt and withdrawn inner children. To clean and restore children who had dirty experiences with darkened adults. To let volcanoes of impotent rage erupt, till peace once more reigns and the soul is like an immensely fertile hilly field where new trees can sprout new bloom. To dig up what is buried before its time. To drag lost soul parts that sunk in deep waters. Read more

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