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Regression Therapy

David Graham


by Dave Graham


Every now and then something might happen or a comment may be made that will make me stop and think about what I am doing. Well it was quite like that when I was copied into an email chain between some regression therapy colleagues. It raised a subject that I had simply not thought about, yet it is a subject that holds a lot of significance for the field of regression therapy. It led me to consider what exactly happens to all of the expertise that has been developed by the pioneering explorers of regression therapy. Much of that expertise has been developed in relative isolation in workshops or with clients, discovering and refining theories and techniques on which our therapy today has been built. Those emails referred to the need to collect and save records of the developing nature of regression therapy; the research, the literature et al. They referred to the need to establish a foundation for regression therapy. Read more

The Inspiration of Elatochori  

by Dave Graham


When a person decides to go on a journey of self-exploration, there are all manner of experiences that may be encountered. The prospect of bumping into unexpected parts of ourselves is always present and those unexpected parts can often contain significant difficulties and indeed pain. Even so it is within that journey of self-exploration that inspiration can be encountered in its most potent form, yet that is very often activated by inspirational encounters in our external world. It reminds me of a native American shamanic expression which states something like: “Our perception of the world around us is simply a reflection of the processes of our internal world.”

As external worlds go, the home of the nine muses in the Pieria range of mountains in Greece is hard to beat for inspiration. Even the setting of the annual convention in Elatochori has a touch of inspiration about it. The village will be largely at our disposal, the hotels have a variety of different types of rooms, the taverns serve wonderful food, the workshop spaces are spread within different buildings yet also within easy walking distance. There may be a steep hill between them yet we are making provision for transport to be available if or when needed. The high energy of the mountains bring vitality and excitement to the activities there, so all we need to do is fill the time with activities that offers us knowledge, insight and enjoyment.

This year the 10th anniversary of the EARTh annual convention will be held between July 9th -18th in this very place: Elatochori, high in the Pieria mountain range of Greece. From the pre-convention workshops to the excursions to places of interest and beauty, it will be a busy week. You can find more details here.

The EARTh board have now visited the venue to hold our mid-winter board meeting and check the facilities. We can report that it looks good and it feels exciting.

So this is our invitation to lay yourself open to the inspiration of the mountains that has been the home of the nine muses of ancient Greece. Feel the inspiration within as it is activated by those external experiences. Enjoy the experience. One point to remember when you get there, if it feels like inspiration, if it tastes and smells like inspiration, then probably it is inspiration.

Incredible India! Gorgeous Goa!

by Dave Graham


The World Congress for Regression Therapy (WCRT6) will be held in Goa, India with the opening set for Thursday 14th September 2017, just at the end of the rainy season. Karen and I have just visited there to check on the potential venues, along with Aasha Warriar and Geeta Nirupam from the Clover-Leaf Learning Academy, our partners for the event. We feel very pleased with all that we found there.

We reviewed the hotels and a shortlist of three was drawn up to consider for the venue. Each of the shortlisted hotels have excellent facilities and are capable of supplying our needs. We have evaluated the rooms, workshop spaces, food, ability to cope with special diets, air conditioning, location, hospitality, relaxation facilities, airport transfers while Geeta and Aasha have been negotiating the best prices for our group. The very latest news following the December EARTh board meeting is that the decision has now been made to hold the world congress for regression therapy (WCRT6) at Radisson Blu hotel in south Goa. I think you will like it. More details to come. Read more

The muses of a Regression Therapist: What’s in a crystal clear name?

by Dave Graham


“I don’t believe in trawling through the past, I can’t change it anyway. Whatever problems I have are happening now. They are in the present!” Such is the response that I received one day when talking about regression therapy. It seemed logical enough.

“What have past lives got to do with my life now?” is another response that I have heard many times before. Indeed I have said it myself before I ever got any kind of experience of regression.

As a name “regression therapy” indicates a focus on an obscure memory of the past which implies that it is well outside the here and now, so it is hardly surprising that there are misunderstandings. Yet there is so much more to our therapy that is not immediately obvious. While a client’s root experience may originate in the past, the effects are felt and the processing occurs in the present. When a client is immersed in that emotion and body sensation, it can only be in the present. The past is a reference point, while all the action happens in the here and now. Read more

Copyrights, Trademarks and Codes of Ethics.

by Dave Graham


One of the very first issues to be addressed following my new role within EARTh led me to make a simple check on our code of ethics. The decision by The Newton Institute (TNI) to take out an international copyright on the terms ‘Life Between Lives’ and ‘LBL’ made me focus on where EARTh stood on this issue.

While there may be question marks over the wisdom in copyrighting a term that is already in common use in this field, it is nevertheless within the power of those that claim originality to assert that copyright. It is also within the power of others in the field to challenge this legally, although there are even more question marks over the wisdom of this.

In my view, the poorest form of wisdom for associations that are devoted to enabling people to overcome their personal issues would be to devote their resources into legal challenges that lead us in a completely different direction. There are better ways to direct our resources.

It then comes down to how the copyright holder intends to implement the copyright. In this case TNI made it absolutely clear that their main concern is aimed at poor quality versions of LBL becoming commonplace. Plagiarism and misrepresentation of their methodology are also a part of their concerns.

As far as EARTh are concerned our response had already been defined many years ago when the criteria of the association was being defined. Our code of ethics indicates the quality of energy that an EARTh therapist takes into the relationship with their client. The quality of energy is a key ingredient in the therapeutic relationship. It enables change to occur.

You can read the statement that resulted from the discussions with TNI below in this Newsletter.

An Exceptional Week

by Dave Graham


It was an exceptional week in Ireland. The theme of the annual convention ‘Exploring Extraordinary Experiences’, filled our time with workshops designed to explore, inspire and educate. We tried a different format for the workshops, with extra time for the presenters and for elaboration on the issues that were raised. We invited Roy Stemman, editor of ‘Psychic News’ to talk to us on the subject of ‘Unfinished Business –Past Lives Remembered’. Roy commented that on arrival he walked past a room with a sign ‘Extra Terrestrial Entities’ on the door, which reminded him of the challenge that he faced to hold our interest. Well he did hold our interest and was warmly received. The entertainment was excellent even if members did witness my attempt to dance. We allowed ourselves some time to go out and enjoy the summer solstice, plus a free day during the week and a tour at the end of the week. We can never find out if these improvements work unless we try them, so now we shall seek your feedback on that. Read more

David Graham – Bio


Name: David Graham




Telephone: 44 (0)1926 852711

Resume: Dave has a Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy practice based in Kenilworth in the heart of the UK and he also practices from a therapy centre in Birmingham. You can expect a warm and caring service that is focussed on your needs using Past Life and Current Life Regression along with Hypnotherapy and Reiki. This invites you to a stronger sense of well-being as well as going to the root of your issues to release energy blockages which may present themselves as emotional distress, phobia, irrational fear, anxiety, anger, depression and relationship issues amongst other symptoms.

Dave is also a qualified Life Between Lives regression therapist and can gently guide you to your soul memories to gain profound insights for your life now. You can benefit from a growing sense of inner peace and well being as you become more and more familiar with the soul that you are now and always have been.

Browse his website or contact him by email. Dave chose the name ‘All Are One’ Therapies as it reflects his understanding of the true nature of each of us.

Address: 46 Barrow Road, Kenilworth. Warwickshire CV8 1EH

Mode of therapy:  Regression, Hypnotherapy, Reiki

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