Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Hans TenDam


MAY 2013

by Hans  TenDam

A few months ago I received an article that summarized fifty years of research into what happens in the brain during meditation.* I read it eagerly. What have these 50 years of research brought us?

Not too much actually. It has been proven that during meditation the functioning of the brain changes. Pretty self-evident, it seems to me. How does it change?

Meditation shifts attention. It slows brain waves, increasing theta and alpha. It increases blood flow in some frontal brain regions.

Less self-evident is that long-term meditation somewhat changes the brain. Read more


MARCH 2013

by Hans TenDam

What is the acme, the crown of the work of a past-life therapist? I am believing more and more that it is the way we can do present-life regressions.

We can give a marvelous twist to inner child work. From rebirthing to adolescent mayhem. One of my principles in regression is what I call Children before God.

To unfreeze hurt and withdrawn inner children. To clean and restore children who had dirty experiences with darkened adults. To let volcanoes of impotent rage erupt, till peace once more reigns and the soul is like an immensely fertile hilly field where new trees can sprout new bloom. To dig up what is buried before its time. To drag lost soul parts that sunk in deep waters. Read more



by Hans Ten Dam

Yes, what? The best forecast usually is more of the same. Boring? When I write this letter, it is still two weeks to the end of the world, at least of civilization as we know it. Meanwhile, an other special date is coming up: 12-12-12. Many people consider it a good day to marry. According to some others, this is the day the world will end, not 21-12-12. Twelve-twelve-twelve. A very special number. At least when you screw off your head and see the last vestiges of common sense receding behind the horizon. This is all poppycock. Why? Read more



by Hans TenDam

The topic of next year’s convention is slowly seeping into my mind. When the most potent therapy known to man is juxtaposed to the most potent pastime of men and beasts, we may expect an interesting brew.

But is sex the most potent pastime? In brain research sex, love and romance – the ancient three – appear to be related to quite different brain areas. And which of the three involves our organism the most? Right – romance!

After all, sex is just physical effort and physical discharge, but romance is that mind-bending, heartrending, gut-wrenching state that is making and breaking people’s lives. I know that very well, as I read it in a book. Read more


MAY 2012

by Hans TenDam

People seek therapy because they want to change something. Which means they are not perfectly happy with their life as it is. Why are people unhappy? Because they suffer from something, at least from imperfection.

What happens with people who are perfect? First, not very much. Second, they make other people envious. Third, they drive the Gods crazy.

So the Gods send all kinds of unhappiness our way. Their first option is to strike us with blindness. If that doesn’t work, they play the dirtiest trick in the book: they grant us our wishes. Happiness may be a warm gun, but guns cool pretty quickly. And when the smoke has risen, we may see we have hit the wrong people. Life stinks. Read more


MARCH 2012

by Hans TenDam

The Board had its winter meeting. Who cares? Well, we do. Let’s start with the good news: we still have money in the bank and better, we see no reason to increase membership dues. The bad news is of course that we are ashamed of ourselves, even positively guilty.

Those of us who come from a country with a Roman-Catholic or Greek-Orthodox background feel ashamed, those of us from a country with a Protestant background feel guilty. After all, not all of our members are rich and happy, and who is to blame for that. I am afraid to say: the Board. Who else is responsible? The higher we stand, the more the crushing weight of responsibility. Read more



by Hans TenDam

Our Honorary Member Roger Woolger passed away on November 18 in upstate New York. He suffered from melanoma. One of the big names in our field has gone.

About 1989 I saw a video about his work when I was in Brazil. I remember that I immediately saw he would be worthwile as a postgraduate teacher for my graduates in the Netherlands. They had heard of him meanwhile too and they invited him. What convinced me that he was a great therapist? The way his foot was making a circular movement while he was sitting next to the client. I cannot interpret this, but it gave me the feeling that he really was with his client. Read more



by Hans TenDam

In a past life, about 30 years ago, I was quite normal – I think. I took things as they came. But I didn’t take people as they came. Oh no! I had all kinds of thoughts about them. I weighed them, classified them, judged them, categorized them and stamped them. In short, I had opinions about them. I was a good judge of people. Even my wife sometimes agreed with me.

In my present life that all changed. I am a therapist AS you know, even worse, a regression therapist. Even worse than a regression therapist, a past-life therapist. Come to think of it, even worse: doing all kind of nonsense: remote sessions, releasing spirits, guiding people through non-physical experiences. I no longer take things as they are: I suspect backgrounds everywhere. But I do take people as they are. Read more


MAY 2011

by Hans TenDam

When did you last time refer a client to her doctor? When did you last time got a client being referred to you by the doctor? ‘Never’ is the probable answer to both questions. Only a few colleagues get referrals from doctors, only a few refer to doctors, I guess.

In an ideal world, the two groups would not only mutually refer clients; the two groups would work pretty often together. (Unless your image of an ideal world is a world without problems, without suffering, without patients.) In an ideal world, we even would collaborate with the pharmaceutical industry. Why do I think that? Read more

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