Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Hans TenDam



by Hans TenDam

No, this is not about borderline people as clients. Though that might be an interesting topic. I want to share some thoughts about an area that we may come across now and then. Anyway, I did come across it. Actually, many times.

When we regress our clients to the source of their problems, we most often encounter early childhood experiences, including birth trauma and even traumatic experiences in the womb. Also very often, we find past-life experiences, usually traumatic death experiences. How do we know those are true? Well, apart from metaphysical considerations, the fact that these regressions bring healing to otherwise unsolvable problems, is a strong indication. Read more



by Hans TenDam

What have these two fields to do with each other? Very little and quite a lot. As I have been a management consultant for almost 40 years, I met many leaders of companies and public institutions. I have met few very good leaders, because those people rarely need external consultants. And I have met few very bad leaders, because those avoid external consultants. With only a few of the leaders I met I have done regressions, but many of my regression clients had leadership experiences, either in this life or in a past life. I think I can sense those when I meet them for the first time. Let me share a number of my impressions and conclusions. Read more



by Hans TenDam

It has all the future in the world. But many people don’t think so. We should live in the here and now.  In one sense, that is ridiculous. We have no choice.

Also in an other sense it is ridiculous. If you would really live in the here, you should avoid letters, mails, phone conversations. because they all connect you with elsewhere. You should never think about people you love if they happen to be elsewhere. You should not worry when the plane spirals down about to crash. Because that crash is not right here and not right now.

If you would live in the now, you wouldn’t remember the sentences above, you wouldn’t remember why you are reading this, you wouldn’t remember there is something called EARTh. You wouldn’t remember your own name and what that dress is doing around your body. You might even not remember that it’s a dress and that is your body. That this is you. Read more

JULY 2010

The closure of the Annual Convention 2010

by Hans TenDam

In the Year of our Lord two thousand and ten

four years of learning to walk and learning to talk

four years of building the ship

now for the finishing touches

can we sail out?

can we sail around the world?


one port at a time

almost sailing out of the harbor

will we turn east or west, north or south?

and what will we find there?

and what will we do there?

young man, go West!

in the west we are discoverers

we inquire, we survey, we do research

In the South we show ourselves

we go outside

we are going public

publishing, publicity

we are seducers

(PR, darling, PR!)

in the East we find Teaching

we teach and be taught

we speak and we listen

we observe and grow

insight, knowledge and skills growing together

and in the North?

in the North we disappear,

from the face of the world

we turn inside

we become invisible

we do our own work

we work at the inside

we stay inside

we are grounding

we grow deep roots

so altogether we expand

but slowly

and surely

the journey will strengthen the ship

the wind will make our sails grow

the wind loves our sails

and our sails love the wind




it is our quality that will bring expansion

and our expansion will bring quality

this journey will bring forth those both

EARTh is a a ship

EARTh is a journey

our destination is the harbor we sail from

EARTh is us

we are the world

we circumnavigate

we are the navigators

sail safely

but sail far

the world is your oyster



this is the captain’s log

by the grace of God

the year is two thousand and ten

the date is the 23rd of the 7th month

in the Vally of Grace

the log is closed

this convention is closed


MAY 2010


by Hans TenDam

It is May 7, 2110. On her low-vibration couch, Maria Torschutz, has her second client that day. The client, a 31-year old woman, has a strange compulsion: she wants to chat. Not just with her friends and acquaintances, but with virtually everybody she meets, on the streets, in the shops, on the chopper-bus. If she can’t chat, she seems to go crazy, if she does chat, she seems to go crazy too. She is chatting on the coach, right here, right now. When Maria tries to focus on that, her own mind starts to buzz and whirr, not an unpleasant sensation, but hard to keep in charge of a meaningful session. Read more

MARCH 2010


by Hans TenDam

Lately, I feel guilty. I have felt guilty before, so don’t worry. What do I feel guilty about? The number of books I have received from colleagues and hardly have read yet. I am not referring to books they bought in a book shop. No, I am referring to books they have written and published. Most of those books are about case histories from their practice, often with philosophical preludes, asides and conclusions. And sometimes about historical confirmation.

A number of those books are from our members. True, some of those books are in languages like German, Portuguese or Dutch, but we have Chapters in these languages. So, where do these books figure on our website? Nowhere. Read more



by Hans TenDam

India has a first. It is the first country in the world where there is a daily program about regression therapy, past-life therapy to be precise. Each evening, except the weekends, at 9:30 PM there is a one-hour program showing a regression session. Of course, many newspaper journalists are skeptical, suggesting that everything is planned and rehearsed. And discussions about such things have a particular flavor in India, as networks are obliged by law, to invite a skeptic on the panel, to ensure a ‘balanced’ treatment. I have been experiencing that myself. The man representing the rationalist was more of an emotionalist and was not too precise in his argumentation. He found out that I had written a book about occultism and almost shouted “This man is an occultist!” So, if I had written a book about pigs, this would have been evidence of me being a pig. He had personally researched 300 cases of children who were purported to remember past lives. All cases were frauds. When I asked him where his research had been published, he answered “on the internet.” No web address given. Read more



by Hans TenDam

Most of us call ourselves regression therapists. Some prefer past-life therapists. The first expression was past lives therapy, the title of Morris Netherton’s book in 1978 and the name of the therapy in the Psychotherapy Handbook in 1980. It unabashedly talks of previous lifetimes. In 1980 APRT was founded, the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapy. Past-life, of course, could also refer to the past of the present lifetime and is somewhat less provocative to the mainstream.

In 1991 William Baldwin titles his book Regression Therapy and in 1993 Winafred Lucas publishes her great two-volume handbook called Regression Therapy. Regression as a concept comes from hypnotic experiments, where it was usually known as age regression. It means simply going back or, a bit more precisely, stepping back. Read more



by Hans TenDam

The Annual Convention is over. What are the results? We hope the participants learned a lot, at least something. Sometimes we get new ideas, sometimes we find out that something is not for us and we continue what we did already with more conviction or more gusto. And we hope that the participants had a good time. After all, we do these things in the holiday season.

For the association itself, for the board and the committees the results are, as usually, more work. The PR-committee is chewing on the discussions about PR, the Research Committee is chewing on the discussions about research.

Our bylaws are nearing completion. The only thing we still have to do is the institutionalization of independent certification for members and schools, as our Articles of Association stipulate. Basically it is about quality assurance, an important, but not so easy subject. You may expect proposals in the course of this year. Read more

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