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The Significance of Cross-Verification of Reviewed Past Lives by Athanasios Komianos



There is a tendency for the majority of professionals in regression therapy to overlook the importance of the association between revealed and relived experiences and real events. There are two major reasons for this. First, pioneers of our profession argue that what is essential and vital for our clients, is to achieve emotional relief and catharsis and to alleviate the presenting problem. If this goal is accomplished it should be of no interest to the therapist whether the client is imagining things or truly reliving a past life experience. Second, there are difficulties associated with the verification of the reviewed experiences compared to those of historical reality. How can one trace down events if the story is rooted far in the past when no proper records were kept? Also, we all know that most of our clients reveal emotional material, not names, dates, or historical details. This argumentation is sound and reasonable, and by leaving verification aside, the therapist is thus dispensed from credibility concerns and this makes his work easier.

However, a further issue complicates things a little more: our clients’ personal view about their regressions. We all know that our clients have doubt about their own experiences. They question themselves about the reality of what they see or feel. The idea of reincarnation is foreign to them. They were never taught about it. “Is this all in my mind?”, or “did I make all this up?” are prevailing thoughts, especially for those who have two or three regressions (the average number of sessions for our clients). The natural tendency of an inquisitive human mind is to doubt the reality of these experiences (even for believers in reincarnation). Now when we, as therapists, are posing the question “…why did your imagination make up such a horrible story where you were a slave with a degraded life; you were condemned as a witch by the inquisition, and burned at the stake?” The answer is usually “hmm”… “Hmm” may be interpreted in a number of ways, but it seems to me that it symbolizes a wondering puzzlement. How could one validate a story without names, dates and places?   Is there a way out of this? For me there is. But let me first share with you a few cases before I expand theoretically. Read more

Five Past-Life Therapy Cases by Hans TenDam


by Hans Ten Dam

The Case of the Classy Lady

The patient is an attractive woman, rather well-known in her country as a presenter on radio and, lately, television. She suffers from burning belly-pains since she was around 15. Asked what she would do when the pains would have been gone, she says she wants to take her children to the zoo.

The only times she has been free of pain are the weeks around her menstruation and the months of her pregnancies. Life is only bearable by smoking and drinking too much, especially just before performances. She had several surgeries, but each surgery leads to complications that make new surgery necessary. “Men destroy my life.” The therapist, being a man and not planning any sex change, threads wearily with this patient, one of his first.

Six sessions give only marginal results. In the seventh, images surface of a teenage girl on a railway platform. Everything is shabby and the train is unbelievably crowded. She is Jewish and arrives at a concentration camp, probably Auschwitz. She is staggered, not by what is happening around her, but by “Why is this is all happening tome?” Being a resourceful girl, she spots a smaller line waiting for a barrack with a Red Cross on it. She slips from her own line into that line. Then she finds herself as subject of medical experiments. They are operating on her genitals, apparently creating a cloaca (characteristic of the most primitive class of mammals). Pain-killers are insufficient and she dies, probably from infection, after long and terrible burning pains. Read more

Biophotons as the Agency of ‘Rapport’ in Regression Therapy by Rafael Couto Melsert


Rafael Couto Melsert, M.D., Homeopath and Hypniatrist – Instituto Brasileiro de Hipnose Holística – IBRAH

ABSTRACT: Living tissues emit very weak laser light that seems to have a strong impact on cell communication and integration. This paper proposes that such biophotons are the carriers of energy and information in any effective exchange between therapist and client. Their possible role in paranormal phenomena is beyond the scope of this paper.

KEY WORDS: Biophotons; coherence; resonance; mind; intention; memories; words.


Undoubtedly, regression therapy has benefits. But how and why? Recent scientific discoveries may begin to explain the physical basis of the interaction between mind and body and so throw a new light on how and why regression works. If these new findings and new ideas prove to be valid, we may learn to increase the power, confidence and safety of our therapeutic actions.

The Newtonian/Cartesian paradigm doesn’t explain the effectiveness of therapies that depend on ‘subtle energies’. Holistic approaches, on the other side, usually lack a scientific, physical basis. In regression therapy, mind (a ‘nest’ of quantum and non-local processes) and body interact continually. Photons, the tiniest quanta of electromagnetic force, could well support these actions, due to their quantum origin and notable effects. So we propose that biophotons – photons of biological sources – are the physical intermediary between intentional mind processes and somatic processes. Read more

Professionalism And Spiritualism In Past-Life Therapy: A Call For Witch-Doctors


by Hans Ten Dam

Published in the Journal of Regression Therapy, Vol.VIII, Nr.1, December 1994 Where battles rage forever, eternal treasures are to be found. Where colleagues are worlds apart, interesting and valuable bridges can be built. Between professionalism and spiritualism is an everlasting tension, as there should be. When such tensions manifest themselves in, so to speak, the same family, we live in what the Chinese call “interesting times.”

To understand the tension between professionalism and spiritualism we need to understand the tension between intellect and intuition. Our intellect is like a plodding housewife doing things step by step, in an orderly and well-known and above all reliable fashion. Our intuition is more like a femme fatale leading us straight to the top experience of being right at the stroke of lightning. Even the follies of intellect are dull, while the follies of the intuition at least make for great living.
In my mind there is no doubt that the development of civilization follows the development of intellect. Greece and Rome are our roots. However, the victorious intellect has pushed away the people with more sensitivity and intuition. When even religion became an institution and so the province of’ regular thinkers, people who felt and thought differently had to withdraw to the woods and the hills. In the end this led to the painful confusion around witches and witch hunting. Read more

Trisha Caetano – Bio


Name: Trisha Caetano




Resume: Trisha Caetano received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon and has done post‑graduate studies at Portland State university. She studied Client‑Centered Therapy under Carl Rogers at U.C.S.D. and has a background in Gestalt Therapy, Regression Therapy and Psychosynthesis.

Trisha is internationally known as a pioneer in Inner Child Integration and Regression Therapy and has done trainings for psychotherapists in six countries. She was President of the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies Inc. (APRT), a world-wide organization of professionals focused on regression as a therapeutic tool in healing. She was director of their training team to certify therapists in regression therapy.

Trisha was invited to come to the Netherlands to do a training in regression therapy for professionals. In a demonstration during the training she included Inner Child work in the healing and integration part of the session. Students wanted to learn more about this method and she was asked to return. Since then she has taught this paradigm for 11 different institutes in the Netherlands.

Graduates from these institutes wanted more in‑depth training so the one year Inner Child Integration therapy training was started in 1994. Students continued to request a longer program so the two year training started in 1999.

Trisha travels internationally lecturing and training professionals.Published in professional journals and magazines internationally, Trisha has been featured on national and international television and radio programs. She has trained more than 700 medical doctors in Japan in inner child work and regression therapy. She features in the new EARTh movie about regression therapy.

She is known as a vibrant and knowledgeable presenter, educator and trainer in the fields of interpersonal and transpersonal development. She brings energy, humor, insight and empathy to her work.

Training School:



Multidimensional Healing and Growth



The Integration Training program is for members of the healing professions.  It is an in-depth, experiential training program.  It includes lectures illustrated with case histories giving insights into the process of both the therapist and client.  As a student, you learn practical therapeutic methods, experience group processes, practice with other students.  This method of training allows you to feel, do, see and understand how Integration Therapy becomes a powerful tool for accelerating the healing process for yourself and your clients.

This training program includes knowledge of basic and advanced methods of regression therapy, both past life and inner child work.  Methods of instruction include knowledge and integration of techniques used in Gestalt, Jungian Archetypes, Voice Dialogue, Non-dominate hand work, energy balancing, spiritual processes, Psychosynthesis, sub personality work, Transactional Analysis, advanced interviewing and communication skills, rituals and healing.

You will be trained to help another person go deeply into their own experience, using respect, safety and compassion for the person.  You will learn to sense the energy of the client and move into the flow of their process to assist them with their healing.  It is the other person’s session and the power of their healing is within them.  A responsibility of a therapist is to help the person become who they truly are.

A basic theme to this training is to do your own work so you can stay in your center, connect with the client and at the same time allow the client their own, total experience.  Healing and protecting your own, inner vulnerability, you can protect and empower the client.  The greater variety of skills you learn, the more you are able to help yourself and your clients integrate into wholeness.


To provide professional methods and techniques to develop in students the high levels of competence and responsibility required to do professional therapy

To assist each student in their own healing process

To maintain high professional and ethical standards for trainers and students.

To bring students to a level of performance which demonstrates understanding and application of the principals taught in the training program

To work toward understand and resolution of any problems that may arise in the student group.

To offer opportunities for continued education, supervision and support after graduation

To inspire in students the respect, compassion and honesty needed to help people explore the depths of their own pain the heights of their own expanded awareness.

To understand that the trust the client places in you as a therapist is a deep honor and the client’s process is to be respected.



All students must complete the entire training program.  Compensation for a weekend or day missed must be made by listening to audio recordings of lectures given, doing the group processes from the recording and make up supervised practice sessions by private appointment with qualified supervisors.  If one entire three day segment of the training is missed, the student will not graduate.  Missed segments can be made up during the next training, delaying graduation by one year.


A minimum of three books must be read from the provided bibliography. Books can be in Japanese or English.  Relevant books not in the bibliography are accepted reading.  A very short report must be written for each book, not on the contents but on what you personally learned, felt, experienced from reading the book.


During each day of the training there will be supervised practice work.  Students will be required to be both student therapist and student client during the practice.  Students will also be observing sessions on training weekends and giving feedback, meeting the requirements on the form, “Case Supervision”.



Students are encouraged to form independent study groups with other students in the same area.  Each group will decide the time for the meetings.  The meetings should include discussion of issues related to the course study and practice with each other.


Students must receive a minimum of three personal, private sessions from a qualified Integration therapist.  This can include graduates from the previous training programs with Trisha.  This is to help the student both work with and heal their own personal issues.  It allows them to have the experience of being a client with this method.  These sessions are in addition to the training fee.  The cost of the sessions is to be determined by the student and the therapist they select.  The personal therapy process must be done during the training course.


Each student must do a minimum of four sessions with one client.  All these sessions must be in addition to the scheduled training program practice work.  If the student does not feel they are prepared to use this method within the first three months of the training, please consult with the Training Director, Trisha Caetano or associate trainers.

At the end of the training, each student must give a case presentation to the group, with a qualified trainer in attendance.  All case histories must maintain the confidentiality of the client.  Before the presentation the therapist must have a signed agreement from the client that a case presentation is permitted.  This signed agreement from the client is to be kept with the private, client records.


Therapy is an intense, transforming experience that is subjective and experiential.  Therefore, there is no grading or rote memorization for written tests.  The training is based on a pass/fail system.  When the course requirements and student performance are all met, the student passes the course and certification is granted.


A comprehensive training manual will be provided.  Students may bring extra pillows or blankets if they want them.  Students may also be asked to bring objects for use in Gestalt or healing metaphors.


Although tuition covers the cost of the training course, teachers, supervisors and course manual, it does not cover the cost of reading books.  Students are responsible for using the library or purchasing the necessary books.  The required personal three therapy sessions are not covered by the tuition fee.  If it is necessary, students must pay for their own transportation, meals and lodging.

Morris Netherton – Bio

r. Morris Netherton has over thirty years of clinical practice in Alternative Treatment Modalities. His book Past-Lives Therapy was published in 1978; it was the first in the field of regression therapy.  He has since written two other books and numerous articles for college textbooks, magazines, and newspapers.



r. Netherton founded and maintains teaching institutes in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, and India.  His theories are taught in University courses in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Kohn, Germany.

During his early career, Dr. Netherton spent eight years with the Los Angeles County Probation Department as a Supervising Counselor in the Juvenile Detention Center.  He was responsible for designing transition therapy for juvenile offenders being processed through the court system.

The next six years were spent doing investigations for the Probation Department in the Los Angeles County Court system.  He designed alternative treatment programs for first-time offenders which used education and crisis intervention in lieu of incarceration.

Dr. Netherton served as Director for the Crisis Intervention Program in the three county Juvenile Detention Centers, during which time he participated in the development of short-term therapy procedures for children from troubled homes.

Dr. Netherton is frequently sought as a motivational speaker for both national and international companies and conferences.  He and his work were featured in the full-length documentary Walking After Midnight, which examined reincarnation in the Western World.  He has appeared on Tom Snyder interviews, The Allan Thicke Show, Good Morning America, and has been written about in Time Magazine, McCall’s, Psychology Today, New Age Journal, The Los Angeles Times, as well as other newspapers and periodicals.

Dr. Netherton’s books have been translated into German, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Although Dr. Netherton has retired from private practice he is still available for speaking engagements. If you are interested in private sessions, please contact Dr. Netherton’s associate Thomas Paul, C.Ht., M.C.P.L.T. at Thomas Paul is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Clinical Past Life Therapist and founder of Past Life Therapy Center. Thomas Paul has been personally trained by Dr. Netherton and has worked in partnership with him for over ten years. He is highly recommended by Dr. Netherton who can personally attest to Thomas’s capabilities.

Holly Holmes – Bio

Holly Holmes-Meredith, Doctor of Ministry, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist
3746 Mt. Diabol Blvd, Suite #200
Lafayette, California 94549
United States
Map It
Member status on EARTh
925 283-3841
Holly has been working in the field of regression therapy for over three decades. She currently has a private practice at the Transformational Therapy Center which she founded in 1996. She is currently Vice President on the Board of Directors for the International Board for Regression Therapy (IBRT) and one of the evaluators of IBRT applicants. In her private practice Holly specializes in transpersonal psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, past-life therapy, spirit releasement therapy, sandplay therapy, EMDR, EFT and Reiki. Holly is also trained in working with paranormal experiences. She served two terms on the IAPRT Board of Directors and lectures extensively on past-life therapy.

Holly is the Director and main instructor at HCH Institute for Hypnotherapy and Psychospiritual Trainings, a California school. HCH is accredited by IBRT to train regression therapists. She has been training therapists in hypnotherapy and regression therapy since 1986.

On site at HCH Holly directs and supervised interns who are graduates of her training programs who provide low fee services to Bay Area residents in hypnotherapy, regression therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki.

Holly’s book Spiritual Hypnotherapy Scripts for Body, Mind and Spirit is well received by therapists as a transpersonal approach to hypnotherapy is a available in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon.

Her book outlines how she teaches transpersonal hypnotherapy by paralleling her approach to Taoist precepts in the Tao de Ching. Included are stories of her personal and professional experiences of the profound effects of engaging in the work of non-ordinary states therapy through hypnosis and regression therapy. The book also includes 51 scripts for just about any therapeutic presenting issue, including interactive scripts for past life and present life regression, spirit releasement, talking with the dead, inter life therapy, psychic boundaries, grounding, chakra balancing and energetic protection.

Holly has an extensive catalogue of hypnotherapy CDs that include Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnotherapy education and self-guided processes that are those that she teaches and uses successfully with clients. She has three series of CDs.

Children’s Sleep Hypnosis:

These CDs are specifically for children (although adults have used and benefited from them, too). They are hypnotic metaphors and stories with hypnotic suggestions. They are to be used as bedtime stories. Soothing music and nature sounds are in the background. They also invoke the child’s higher Self or inner wisdom.

Controlling Bodily Functions (bed wetting and soiling)

Sweet Dreams

Izzie the Cricket (for trauma, communications, and improving self esteem)

Health and Wellness Series:

These CDs include the teaching and use of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Hypnotherapy processes

Each of these CDs is multi-track including education, training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), facilitated processes in using EFT for the specific focus of the CD, and a series of hypnotherapy processes, including sleep hypnosis. Soothing original background music accompanied the processes. Descriptions are on the back of each CD or on the Hypnosis CD page of the HCH web site. The techniques on these CDs are those that I use very successfully with my clients and teach at HCH Institute to my hypnotherapy students as a part of their preparation to be professional hypnotherapists.

Overcoming Insomnia

Becoming Smoke Free

Releasing Anxiety

Creating the Inner Family, Healing the Inner Child

Becoming Pain Free (two CD set)

Self Hypnosis for Relaxation

Spiritual Hypnotherapy Series:

These CDs are transpersonally oriented processes that directly engage the higher self and the inner healer.

Each of these CDs has education and processes for accessing the transpersonal awareness for healing and transformation of present life issues. The higher Self is used as an inner source of wisdom and guidance in these processes. Soothing original instrumental music accompanies the processes.

Echoes of the Soul: Exploring a Past Life Question, Concern or Issue

Echoes of the Soul: Exploring a Past Life Relationship

Echoes of the Soul; Exploring the Inter Life

Spirit Releasement and Talking with the Dead


Lucid Dreaming

Hypnosis for Surgery

The Higher Self

The Inner Healer

Chakra Balancing, Grounding and Spiritual Protection

Go to and search for “Holly Holmes-Meredith” to purchase MP3 downloads.

All of her CDS are also available on Spotify.

Holly is available for for video conference sessions on-line

Mode of therapy
Transpersonal Psychotherapy, EMDR, EFT, Reiki, Regression Therapy, and Spirit Releasement Therapy
Spiritual Hypnotherapy Scripts for Body Mind and Spirit
VVQ8+RQ Lafayette, California

David Graham – Bio


Name: David Graham




Telephone: 44 (0)1926 852711

Resume: Dave has a Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy practice based in Kenilworth in the heart of the UK and he also practices from a therapy centre in Birmingham. You can expect a warm and caring service that is focussed on your needs using Past Life and Current Life Regression along with Hypnotherapy and Reiki. This invites you to a stronger sense of well-being as well as going to the root of your issues to release energy blockages which may present themselves as emotional distress, phobia, irrational fear, anxiety, anger, depression and relationship issues amongst other symptoms.

Dave is also a qualified Life Between Lives regression therapist and can gently guide you to your soul memories to gain profound insights for your life now. You can benefit from a growing sense of inner peace and well being as you become more and more familiar with the soul that you are now and always have been.

Browse his website or contact him by email. Dave chose the name ‘All Are One’ Therapies as it reflects his understanding of the true nature of each of us.

Address: 46 Barrow Road, Kenilworth. Warwickshire CV8 1EH

Mode of therapy:  Regression, Hypnotherapy, Reiki

Andy Tomlinson – Bio


Name: Andy Tomlinson




Resume: Andy is a Psychology graduate, registered Psychotherapist and also qualified in Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives Regression and is an International Board of Regression Therapy certified Past Life Therapist. He has had a private practice dedicated to Regression Therapy since 1996.

From a background of 10 years as a management trainer Andy is internationally known for his training. He is a founder member of the European Academy of Regression Therapy and theEARTh, the Earth Association for Regression Therapy and has been working to establish common quality training standards with the leading Regression Therapy training organisations in Europe.

Publications: He is the author of the book Healing the Eternal Soul which is recognized as an extremely valuable contribution and advancement to the field of Regression Therapy, and Exploring the Eternal Soul which takes this further in the new area of Life Between Lives Regression.

Articles: Visit our articles section

Beyond Trauma – A Client’s Story, Andy Tomlinson


Beyond Trauma – A Client’s Story

by Andy Tomlinson

Case studies always have anonymity and often don’t indicate the severity of each client’s problem. This one was so debilitating and the path to healing so profound that it is told in the client’s own words as given to me.

“I first remember feeling faint at hospital when I was 5 years old and sitting opposite a man with his fingers chopped off. I kept looking at his bleeding hand and his face that was screwed up with pain. The actual fainting first started when I was at school and friends talked about their injuries. When I started to date boys I went to the cinema and on one occasion a rape scene came on. I tried to desperately dash out, but collapsed on the foyer floor. I fainted if anyone gave birth on TV or if I read about birth in a book, or even if I had to stand in a queue near a pregnant woman. The fainting would be horrible coming without much warning. When I received notice to have a cervical smear I went dizzy. I couldn’t visit anyone in a hospital and would faint before I got in the doorway. If I heard of anyone having an abortion I would faint just thinking about it.

My life became emptier as there was almost nothing left that I was able to do. Emotionally it was like being paralysed. I loved having friends but the fear of fainting was so overwhelming that I stopped doing anything that might trigger a blackout. I reluctantly spent most of my time alone as anything social involved a high risk of embarrassment. Read more

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