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Regression Therapy

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Victor Chirea – Bio

Name: Victor Chirea


Address: Bucharest, Romania.

Telephone: Not available



Resume: I am a person with an integrative vision, interested in science, especially quantum physics, but also in the spirituality field. I am a keen researcher of the human psychic and how one can access his resources and achieve his potential for inner development.

I prefer prevention and maintaining health than curing, but if I choose to involve in treating somebody (even myself) I prefer to approach from a holistic point of view: body, mind, emotion, soul, but as a whole, because a system is more than the sum of its elements.

With this being my life’s philosophy, I was attracted to various studying fields, each contributing to my development and polishing my personality.

I started my training in Past Life Therapy in 2007 with Marianne Carolus (Evadio School) and I took my CRT in July 2013.

As I already mentioned I’m attracted by both paths of Science and Spirituality. As a scientist I followed the University of Electronics and Telecommunications that I concluded with a Thesis in Nanotechnology, making the most detailed research about Quantum Dots at that moment, in my country. But with every step done studying the minuscule particles that are forming us, my thirst of approaching more deeply the human nature/ soul was growing. This made me to continue my path as a Psychotherapist. So I started the Psychology University along with Gestalt Therapyformation that I finished in 2012 and now I’m practicing in my cabinet. I also took a dense training in NLP to complete my view.

Currently I’m attending a Master in Clinical Psychology that I’m planning to follow with a Ph. D.

I also like very much to share the knowledge that I gathered, so I trained as a Professor and soon will teach coursed in the University and also continue to do small Workshops on topics like: Methods of Relaxation, Assertive Communication, Positive Thinking and in general how to have a more Healthy Life Style.

Another field that got a lot of my energy and attention (mostly before starting my Psychological path) was towards methods of energy healing and meditation. So between 2001 and 2007, mainly, I studied the different aspects of alternative therapy following, among others, the Reconnective Healing classes with Dr. Eric Pearl as trainer, Karuna Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho), Qi Gong under the guidance of Master Lin Kai Ting and also the Universal Energy School founded by Master Luong Minh Dang Ph. D, D.Sc.

As for my hobbies I like to travel, not only as a tourist, but more to approach the different cultures and religions:

In 2007 I traveled to Nepal to the Royal White Monastery and after meeting Master Tanpai Rinpoche Acharya I decided that for the next 2 years to participate in organizing conferences for him and as translator, in the same time practicing the Buddhist meditation techniques.

Short after coming back from Nepal I had the opportunity to travel to Israel, as part of a group coordinate by the Archbishop and I had the opportunity to visit all the Holy Places.

In 2008 I made a trip to Brazil, to Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola, where I participated to the meditation sessions organized under the guidance of Medium Joao de Deus.

In 2009 I was in India, at the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, where I met Master Sai Baba.

In my free time I also like to practice sports, hiking and Ki-Aikido (being a Black Belt), the discipline that teaches me how to keep my Mind and Body coordinated and as one, working together.

You can read more on my website and also there you’ll find some articles that I wrote in various Magazines about topics related mainly on Therapy and Human Development.

Thank you for your time and I wish you to be inspired & guided on your path of achieving your full human potential.

Mode of therapy: Holistic approach: Psychotherapy – Gestalt Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Bioenergetical Work and Meditations

Trine Lise Kamela Stjernholm – Bio


Name: Trine Lise Kamela Stjernholm




Address:, Markeveien 4c, 5012 Bergen, Norway

Telephone: +47-92043626

2006-2007 utdannelse – Past Life Regression Academy, i Oslo, med Andy Tomlinson. Jeg lærte hypno- og Regresjonsterapi.

2007 tok jeg kurs i Reiki I og II. Irene Evensen, EkerGarden, Sotra

2008 Theta Healing grunnkurs og videregående kurs 2, Ronny Larsen, Oslo

2008 tok jeg tilleggsutdannelse Past Life Regression Academy for Regresjon til “Livet mellom Livene” (Spirituell regresjon).

Vår og høst 2010 var jeg hos Pernille Ianev i København og lærte meg nye teknikker å jobbe med traumer og sjokk. Dr. Peter Levins lære. Somatic Experiencing/SE-metoden. Her jobber vi veldig sensitivt med kroppens nervesystem.

2011 Somatic Healing I og II, hos David Quigley, Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, (Oslo)

2012 repetisjonskurs med Theta Healing I med Jonny Bårdvik. Bergen

2012 Soul Body Fusion ® (SBF) I og II, Jonette Crowley, Bergen,
2012 repiterte SBF ® workshop, Tove Norvoll, Bergen.

2013 Advanced Energy ved Andy Thomlinson (Past life Regression Academy, Dorset, England)
Mode of therapy:

Respekt, Glede og Nysgjerrighet står høyt på min liste over verdier. Når du kommer til meg kan du være helt trygg på at jeg ivaretar dine intensjoner på best mulig måte, og at jeg aldri vil gå inn i endringsprosesser eller annet hos deg som du ikke selv uttrykkelig ønsker.

Husk; ingen har ønsker eller drømmer uten samtidig å være utstyrt med de nødvendige ressursene til å oppnå dem. Noen ganger har vi kanskje litt “startvansker” og trenger hjelp til sorteringsarbeid for å finne disse ressursene.

Jeg er interessert i å dele min kunnskap til folk som ønsker forandring, være selvsikker og ta risikoen, intellektuelt, følelsesmessig og åndelig utvikling. Hvis du føler du har behov for det, så har du sagt ja til å være “herre i eget hus” – å ta ansvar for å skape ditt eget liv – ved å oppsøke noen som kan lytte og være en slags igangsetter. Da er jeg her hvis du kan bruke meg.

En bør ikke klamre seg til fortiden men gå videre i livet, tilgi og akseptere. Dette kan jeg hjelpe deg med. Jeg får klienter fra hele landet til Bergen hvor jeg har basen min, men tar gjerne på meg oppdrag ellers i inn og utland.

Rådgivning muligheter via telefon, Skype, e-post og selvfølgelig personlig.
En klok gammel Cherokee-indianer lærte sine barnebarn om livet.
Og han sa til dem: “Jeg har en stor kamp inne i meg selv. Det er en kamp mellom to ulver.
Den ene ulven står for frykten, sinne, misunnelse, sjalusi, sorg, anger, grådighet, arroganse, selvmedlidenhet, skyld, avsky, mindreverdighet, løgner, stolthet og overlegenhet.
Den andre ulven står for gleden, fred, kjærlighet, håp, deling, godhet, ydmykhet, snillhet, vennskap, empati, generøsitet, sannhet, medlidenhet og tro.
Den samme kampen som skjer i meg selv, skjer i deg også, og i alle andre mennesker.”
Barna tenkte over dette for en liten stund, og spurte deretter sin bestefar: “Hvilken ulv vil vinne?”
Og den gamle kloke mannen svarte: “Den som jeg mater.”

Member of:

Norsk Forbund for Regresjonsterapi

Earth Association for Regression Therapy – Earth.

Spiritual Regression Therapy Assosiation

Norsk Spiritualist Forening Healerforbund

Wendy Gillissen – Bio

Wendy Gillissen
Member status on EARTh
I was born in 1969, and from an early age on I had a fascination for dreams, reincarnation, death and the afterlife. I also had a great love for the mystical world of fairies, elementals, for nature and the past.I began studying my dreams in my teens, and knew I wanted to be a past life therapist when I read my first books on past life therapy, around the age of 18.I studied Clinical Psychology to have a sound basis for my work, and graduated in 1999 with a thesis on the effects of dreamwork in groups.I have taught dream groups at several locations, as well as an accredited workshop in dreamwork for professionals and hypnotherapy students at Trance-Art Academy in The Hague.In 2002 I founded my own practice in past life therapy, and from 2005 onwards I have worked full time as a past life therapist. Some of my specialities are working with people with HSP, earthbound spirit release, the release of energy attachments and demonic obsessors, inner child work and angel incarnations.

Many of my clients would describe themselves as highly sensitive, and I love working with people who are learning to deal with being highly sensitive, with emerging creative or spiritual abilities.

My passion as a therapist is helping people find their authentic self and release all patterns and attachments that bar its expression so they can live an authentic and empowered life.

In 2008 my first spiritual novel was published: ”Curse of the Tahiéra’‘, a spiritual adventure based on my own past lives. It received three awards for small press/ independent authors in the U.S.
Currently I am completing part two, ”The Search for Tzanáta”, of what will become a trilogy.

The work was completed in Dutch as of 2020 under the title De Zoektocht naar Tzanáta and it is soon expected to be published in the English language as well.

I also write a bi-monthly column on dreams for Dutch spiritual magazine ParaVisie, articles on reincarnation and spirituality for several spiritual websites, and articles for my own website and blog.

In my spare time I like to create inspired jewellery, hug trees and play the Celtic harp.

Mode of therapy
Past life therapy, Inner Child Work, coaching and counselling, dreamwork, psychological astrology
Curse of the Tahiéra, De Vloek van de Tahiéra

Tesso Holst – Bio



Name: Tesso Holst
Address: de Havik 1, 3972 XT, Driebergen.
Telephone: +0343-575381
Resume: Tesso Holst (1959), trotse vader en opa, Regressietherapeut, Coach, Counseler en trainer bij het Mensics instituut.

Van 1982 tot 2007 zelfstandig ondernemer in de autobranche. Vanuit het besef dat ik als mens meer ben dan een lichaam met verstandelijke vermogens, groeide bij mij een holistisch mensbeeld. Mijn visie is dat ieder mens recht heeft te zijn wie hij of zij wil zijn, en in potentie al is. Deze visie resulteerde in het volgen en ten uitvoer brengen van mijn innerlijke drijfveren en dromen. Het gevolg hiervan is dat ik vanaf 2002 HBO geregistreerd Chakra- en Aurahealer en vanaf 2007 HBO afgestudeerd Regressie- en Reïncarnatietherapeut ben. In 2008 heb ik aanvullend een opleiding tot Chronisch Stress Reversal (CSR) coach afgerond. Door deze competenties met elkaar te combineren heb ik de “Chronische Stress Regressie en Integratie (CSRI) ®” behandelmethode ontwikkeld.

Mode of therapy:

· Regressietherapie en Reïncarnatietherapie

  • Behandeling van Volwassenen, jongeren en kinderen
  • Consulten zowel in de praktijk als telefonisch.
  • Telepathische sessie t.b.v. kleine kinderen en kinderen met concentratiestoornissen

· Behandeling van Burnout en Chronische stress(stoornissen)

· Coaching en Counseling

· Workshops en trainingen voor particulieren

· Workshops en trainingen voor bedrijven en instellingen

Marion Boon – Bio


Name: Marion Boon


Websites:   International Practice – P.G. Specialties in TRT,     Workshops for many Layers in Society,           Certified Professional Training – Tasso

Short Biography
The value and healing power of Regression Therapy became a topic for study for me in the early 1990s. That time I had a small practice for natural magnetism (pain relief). I studied philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. When I realized what Soul Power and Transpersonal intelligence can do for us, and the impact of these human potentials, I joined to study with Hans ten Dam (graduated 2000) Ever since I have been involved in the TASSO network. From this core we co-founded EARTh and the WCRT congresses. The dynamics in and around the world wide activities of Tasso, the variety of people and backgrounds, the expanding field of applications to which I love to contribute, all are inspiring as is the solution focused work itself. I design and create new applications and innovations in the field. Trainings bring me to India, USA and many other countries as a guest to other wonderful schools in Romania, Belgium and Germany. My practice specializes in practical applications and transformed into the unique Post-Graduate institute IPARRT Practice – the Amazing ART! organizing retreats for professionals. I offer workshop-formats, vivid meditations and special design applications. The MENSICS® institute –mens sana in corpore sano, founded in 2001, aims to bring transformational training intensives to the ‘corporate’ and professional world, including schools, without labelling the work as ‘therapy’. Those who want to do the work, will have plenty of choice!

Laura Daggers-de Koning – Bio







Name Laura Daggers-de Koning
Address Van den Berghlaan 535 2132AP Hoofddorp The Netherlands
Member status on EARTh Professional
Telephone 0031 23 5617806
Resume Mrs. Laura Daggers-de Koning has worked with past life regression therapy since February 2010. She studied since 2002 at the Dutch school – S.R.N. and at Hans ten Dam’s Dutch school Tasso. And did several sessions and the masterclasses of Pieter Wierenga’s in Zwolle.
She is a professional member of the NVRT in The Netherlands.
She works with clients – in English – from countries all over the world.
She also was – from 2010 until 2013 – the coordinator of “The Dutch Chapter” of the Earth association.
Regression- and Reincarnationtherapy
“Take a few steps backwards for a preparation for a better life’.
The live that yóu want, and not somebody elses life.
Assuming that every problem has a course, we look in the subconscious and
make you aware, make you consious.With reincarnation therapy we don’t do hypnosis, but a light trance.
During the session you will be here as well as over there, were the problem is.
Afterwards you will remember everything that has been done.
Is it necessary to believe in reincarnation or regression to get results? No.
You are not having therapy to unlearn something, but to find back your skills that you have lost on the way.For what complaints?

Voices in your head
Fear of flying, fear of water
Feeling a stranger in your own body
Not feeling at home in this world
Obsessive energy from others
Sudden fears
Physical and psychological complaints that cannot be resolved by the medical world.

Reaction of a client

“Laura works in a relaxed playful way. In a pleasant way that feels close,
so you will naturally be closer to yourself and to your own feelings. And in the next step also closer to feelings that, long ago, you put aside, the ones you did not want to feel. To much hurting.
I came into contact with my bright rebellious child, the one that long ago, had stopped giving her confidence to adults, and did not even feel bad. I could just my rebellious child and payed attention to that.
Now in daily life a recognize the things earlier that I don’t want, and now I dare to react much earlier.
For me that brightens the situation enormously. The session was almost like two curious children crawling thogether through the hole in the hedge. So relaxing that you finally dare to say what you’ve always wanted to say, what you could not, would not or dared not to say. That you dare to show yourself. And know that is oké.
She gave me the feeling that she is not avoiding anything.
Not afraid of nothing.

Mode of therapy Regression-
Reincarnation- and
Location Van den Berghlaan 535
2132AP Hoofddorp

Karen Stemkens-Broeders – Bio


Name: Karen Stemkens-Broeders




Resume: Karen has been trained by Hans ten Dam and is an experienced regression therapist since 1998
She also has been  the executive secretary of EARTh since august 2007.
She helped to organize the first World Congress of Regression Therapy in 2003 and will be helping with the 5th Worlcongress in 2014 in Portugal.
Together with Monique Houben she gave a workshop at the 4th Worldcongress in Turkey about Soulgregression through the Mystic Space of the Heart.
Currently she is organizing international trainings together with Willemijn Luyendijk. Training other therapists to conduct Heart Journey sessions.
Her Dutch website is online and she has opened her centre Into Souls.

Janine Booij – Bio


Name: Janine Booij





Thanks for looking at my page. My name is Janine Booij and I live and work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
I studied Transpersonal Regression Therapy at Tasso Institute, with Hans ten Dam. I also followed workshops of a.o. Roger Woolger, Morris Netherton and Trisha Caetano.

Transpersonal Regression Therapy involves Regression Therapy (this lifetime and prenatal/birth experiences), Inner child work, Past Life Therapy, soul regressions, aura exploration, energy work and spirit releasement.

I combine Regression Therapy with other disciplines, like: counselling, bodywork, Gestalt, massage and healing.

I work with clients with all kinds of problems, both emotional and physical (somatic/psychosomatic).

My site is in Dutch, but I also do sessions in English and Italian.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. You can contact me by e-mail ( ), phone ( +31651816412) or we could make an appointment for a Skype meeting (Skypename: janine.booij).

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and may be working with you!


Hans TenDam – Bio


Name: Hans ten Dam




Resume:  Drs Hans TenDam, CRT has a degree in educational psychology. He has been a management consultant since 1970. In 1982 he discovered past life regression and became one of the pioneers in the field. His school, Tasso Institute, gives courses in transpersonal therapy and transpersonal coaching.

He initiated the ‘Dutch School’ in regression therapy. He has 30 years of experience as therapist and teacher. He has been teaching in the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, India, Portugal and Brazil and done workshops in Germany, Finland, Turkey, Ireland, the UK and the USA.

His books Exploring Reincarnation and Deep Healing: A Practical Outline of Regression Therapy are considered groundbreaking and are translated into German, Portuguese and Turkish.

He organised the First World Congress for Regression Therapists in 2003 and was a presenter at the next World Congresses held 2006 in New Delhi, 2008 near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and 2011 near Izmir, Turkey. He founded EARTh 2006 in Frankfurt, Germany and has been its President from 2007 to 2013.

Because of his many international activities he has only a limited private practice.

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