Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Therapist’s Bios

Amit Kapadia – Bio


Name: Amit Kapadia


Principal Trainer: Trisha Caetano

Member Type: Professional

Date of Birth: 04th Day of July 1975.

Located at: Ghatkopar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

In the Field: Since 2003 {previously trained Finance for 16 years}


Life Shapers Integrated Healing & Mind Training Centre in 2011

Amit Kapadia’s initiative for Human Wellness

Working as:

Regression Therapist & Transformational Coach

Organization Type:

Scientific Healing & Training Solutions for Under Performance, Success Lack, Strained Relationships, Unexplained Pains, Undesirable Behaviours, Unlikeable Patterns & varied Life Issues


Willing – Individuals, Families, Professionals, Business Owners, Corporates, Communities & Institutions

Solutions Through:

Workshops & Training Programs, Consultations & Therapy Programs, Personal Coaching Programs & Products

Modus Operandi:

Resolving Invisibles – Our realities are determined by our own invisibles like multiple inner programs of past, unresolved hurts and traumas, motives, emotions, feelings, beliefs, attitude and even more. Fortunately these subconscious decisions can be changed by experiencing, understanding and by resolving the original source of decision formation. Life Shapers facilitates resolution of these invisibles to definitely raise life to next desired level.

Integrated Modalities:

Inner Child Integration, Past Life Regression, Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Gestalt, Family & Organizational Constellation, Metaphor Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Psychocybernetics, Energy work, Laws of Success, Laws of Relationships, Leadership and other subjects of Spiritual Orientation.

Why Amit?

Amit’s natural talents are highest on interpersonal, logical and intrapersonal dimensions of multiple intelligence spectrums which make him a gifted healer, an engaging presenter and a dynamic speaker; his unique teaching and command over 4 languages leaves a powerful and ever-inspiring influence on learners. Amit’s unique skills of empathetic listening, analytical relating and a keen sense of observation empower him to establish a cause-effect relationship that functions behind a human psyche. His profound knowledge with experiential insights makes him proficient to decode and fix up the puzzles of inner invisible world of subconscious to result an almost instantTransformation.

Contact {cell}: +91 98204 90504

Contact {fax}: +91 22 2102 0104


Office no. 301, Level 3, Vidya-Vihar Bldg., Derasar Lane, Ghatkopar East. Mumbai – Maharashtra – India. Pin: 400077
Amit’s Personal Message: “One who becomes Aware, Willing and Acts with Determination always changes the game called LIFE”.

Wishing you a truly Resolved Life!!!

Paul Aurand – Bio







Name: Paul Aurand




Certified Life Between Lives and Past Life Regression Therapist.
Certified Master Hypnotherapist
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Instructor and Lead Trainer

Mode of therapy:

Paul is based in New York City and Kiel Germany and travels to many countries including Turkey, Italy, Portugal and The Netherlands to train therapists and provide individual sessions.


Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Past Life and Regression Therapy, Anxiety, Fears and Phobias, Hypnoanesthesia and Pain Management and The Body Wisdom Process

“CURAS ESSENCIAIS” Um Crescimento Pessoal Profundo e Cura Intensiva com Paul Aurand, MHt Lisboa, 1-2 de Abril Seminário Torre D’Aguilha (São Domingos de Rana)
Faça uma viagem ao seu “Eu autêntico”! Liberte-se das emoções presas, das crenças auto-limitadoras, e dos programas inconscientes que o bloqueiam. Liberte o seu poder ilimitado, a sua criatividade, inspiração e sabedoria.
A sua alma transporta grande luz e sabedoria mas pode ficar presa numa armadura protetora e nas marcas negativas do passado. Estas diminuem a sua luz e desconectam-no do seu “Eu autêntico”.
Neste workshop intensivo de dois dias, o Paul irá guiá-lo através de uma série de “Curas Essenciais” para romper estas camadas da armadura e as marcas do passado, para o reconectar com o seu “Eu autêntico” e ativar a Essência da sua Alma.
Algumas das Curas Essenciais pelas quais o Paul o irá guiar são:
 Expandir a Consciência para além da mente consciente
 Identificar e Limpar os Escudos do Coração
 Abrir o Coração
 Romper as Camadas
 Libertação Emocional
 Curar o Passado
 Conhecer a “Criança Maravilha”
 Escrita e Desenho Terapêutico
 Reclamar o seu Poder
 Devolver o “Lixo”
 Eu Sou, Tenho o Direito de Ser, Escolho Viver!
 O “Eu Autêntico” a emergir
 Ativação da Essência da Alma
Venha fazer esta viagem! O Paul e a sua equipa de terapeutas experientes criam um ambiente seguro e curativo onde pode entrar profundamente no seu mundo interior para alcançar as Curas Essenciais que procura.
Inscreva-se Hoje:
Teresa Tupholme: TM: 96 239 3028
€245 com depósito até 1 de Março
€275 com depósito depois de 1 Março

Paul Aurand – Kronshagen Germany

Address: Hasselkamp 9, 24119 Kronshagen (Kiel) Germany
Phone: +1 914 522 2218

Hans Dieter Ippen – Bio

Name: Hans Dieter Ippen

Address:Engerhafer Loog 27, 26624 Südbrookmerland, Germany

Telephone +49493116148



October 1998: I. Reiki level
July 1999: II. Reiki level
October 2000: III. Reiki Grad = Masterlevel
2001 – 2003: member working in a spiritual circle
September 2003: Inauguration Reiki – teacher level
1998 – 2011: Courses and seminars in the areas of quantum healing, healing power of angels, Ho´ oponopono and see aura
May 2007: Hospice Mentor, main focus for the dying
since 2004: I lead seminars and work as a healer and a therapist of reincarnation
since November 2005: examination of the healer roof Association spiritual healing (DGH)
since Januar 2009: working as a reincarnation therapist
Juli 2011: professional member of the European Association of reincarnation therapists
Mode of therapy: Finding of the inner child and recirculation in earlier life

Dagmar Clara Krueskemper – Bio


Name: Dagmar Clara Krueskemper



Resume:  Dagmar Clara Krueskemper , born in 1965, I am living in Berlin, Germany.

As a medical doctor I was working in the fields of paediatrics, child psychiatry and  psychotherapy and as a medical consultant in a school.
Furthermore, in a psychiatric hospital for adults with all kinds of psychic diseases and addictional problems.

I am specified in „anthroposophic medicine“. This western integrative medical system is for me a valuable tool in understanding more about the interplay between natural, psychological, moral and spiritual forces in the human being.

Still I was looking for a highly individualized method to approach the patients problems and symptoms in the context of his individual body-soul-mind constellation within his biographical and social situation …
In 2004 to 2009 I was trained by Marianne Carolus (Evadio), Germany in the art of regression- and reincarnationtherapy.
Since 2009 I have my own private practice in regressiontherapy assisting people to their own healing process and to facilitate continous self development.

Charlotte Muthesius – Bio







Name: Muthesius, Charlotte



Resume: I was born in the Netherlands and began my studies in English and History Germany.

I started psychotherapy in the early eighties, giving tarot lessons and organizing counseling groups in high schools.

1987 I met Dr. Morris Netherton and had my graduation 1990 becoming active member of AAPLE.

Being an official healing practitioner I started working then as a past life therapist in my office.

From 1991 till 1998 I was assistant and interpreter of Dr. Netherton in his classes in Germany also working as supervisor in the students groups. I got my Master Certificate in 1995.

Since 2002 beside my normal daily work as therapist I have my own classes teaching the Netherton-Method of Past Life Therapy.

I have three children and three very sweet grandchildren and have a happy and healthy life with my second husband and our two cats.

Kathy Gibbons – Bio


Name: Kathy Gibbons


Address: 6 rue du Roi Doré, 75003 Paris


Telephone + 33 (0) 608338992

Resume: A l’age de trois ans Kathy a eu ses premières réminiscences d’une vie passée qui l’ont amenée, quand elle était jeune femme, à faire des recherches et à explorer des souvenirs des vies antérieures. En 2006 elle a été diplomée en Angleterre de i’Académie ‘Past Life Regression Academy’ en thérapie régressive et aussie en hypnothérapie.

Mode of therapy: Kathy propose une technique de régression pour découvrir vos vies passées ainsi que de l’hypnothérapie.

Bernadeta Hodkova – Bio





Name: Bernadeta Hodkova



Resume in English:

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regression and Past Life Regression Therapist, with the Diploma from the Past Life Regression Academy and Life between Lives therapist certified by SRTA

I am also a Reiki Master & Teacher, trained in two different lineages. I speak Czech, English and French.

Resume in French:

Je suis diplômée en Hypnothérapie Clinique, en Thérapie par Régression et Régression dans les Vies Antérieures de l’école Past Life Regression Academy et Regression Spirituelle Da La Vie Entre Les Vies diplomee par SRTA

Je suis aussi Maître Reiki et enseignante Reiki, formée dans deux lignées différentes. Je parle le tchèque, l’anglais et le français.

Workshop-atelier en France Cambo les Bains, (64250), salle Denenzat, 21/1/2012, Atelier Regression dans les Vies Anterieurs et Regression Spirituelle De La Vie Entre Les Vies

Resume in Czech:

Jsem kvalifikovaná klinická hypnoterapeutka, terapeutka regrese a regresní terapie minulých životů s diplomem z Akademie Regrese Minulých Životů Past Life Regression Academy a Spiritualni Regrese Zivot mezi Zivoty certifikat SRTA.

Jsem také Reiki Mistryně & Učitelka, jsem vyškolena ve dvou různých liniích. Mluvím česky, anglicky a francouzsky.

Moacir Alberto Rodrigues de Oliveira Bio







Name: Moacir Alberto Rodrigues de Oliveira

Address: Rua das Acácias, 470. Spazio Empresarial, sala 601, Pituba, Salvador-Bahia-Brazil

Telephone:   +55 71 99187634



Resume: Qualified in Medicine at Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) – in 1985, subsequently specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation by the Brazilian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – in 1988.
He pursued studies in transpersonal psychotherapy in 2001 by Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health / Bahiana Foundation for the Advancement of Science.
Reiki Level II.
He has the Professional level of the Professional Training Program in Deep Memory Process by Woolger Trainig Brazil, accredited by the International Board of Regression Therapy – USA.
Works in his private Office at Salvador ( Bahia – Brazil ).

Mode of therapy: Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Deep Memory Process

Marco André Schwarzstein Bio














Marco André Schwarzstein

Address Shin Ql 14 Conjunto 08 Casa, 10, Lago Norte, Brasília, DF
Member status on EARTh Professional
Telephone +55-61-99755969
Resume Marco André Schwarzstein, is a Brazilian psychoanalyst, therapist and certified Deep Memory Process®/DMP regression practitioner (since 2000).
He is Chief Trainer for Deep Memory Process® in Brazil/Latin America and founding member of the Woolger Council (
He was for 15 years Roger’s Woolger main assistant and representative in Brazil.
He was one of the introducers of Stanislav’s Grof Holotropic Breathwork® in Brazil. He facilitated Holotropic Breathwork groups in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.
He was a member of the Organizing Committee for South America’s for the Congress of the International Transpersonal Association (ITA) in 1996, in Manaus.
He has a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, with publications in international scientific journals as Nature.
He was part of the team that isolated and characterized interferon-α, only effective treatment substance for Hepatitis C.
Mode of therapy Deep Memory Process®
Publications 1. The nucleotide sequence of a cloned human leukocyte interferon cDNA. Mantei N, Schwarzstein M, Streuli M, Panem S, Nagata S, Weissmann C.Gene. 1980 Jun;10(1):1-10.2.Human leukocyte and fibroblast interferons are structurally related.Taniguchi T, Mantei N, Schwarzstein M, Nagata S, Muramatsu M, Weissmann C.

Nature. 1980 Jun 19;285(5766):547-9.

3. Characterization of the genes coding for the Eco RV restriction and modification system of Escherichia coli.Bougueleret L, Schwarzstein M, Tsugita A, Zabeau M.

Nucleic Acids Res. 1984 Apr 25;12(8):3659-76.

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