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Regression Therapy

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Giancarlo Serra – Bio (Italy)

Name: Giancarlo Serra
Websites: –
Address: Associazione Culturale Maestr’Ale Via S. Lucifero 65,
09125, Cagliari

I was born in Sardinia, Italy, and lived there until my twenties initially pursuing studies in Environmental Engineering and Science, however after developing long lasting pain in both hands which failed to be resolved by conventional medicine, I received a spiritual healing treatment at the College of Psychic Studies in London, this treatment would change the course of my life and open up the world of spiritual healing to me.

My journey started when I joined the two year College of Psychic Studies’ accredited healing course, an incredible experience with like minded people that helped me to make sense of all the unexplained phenomena that I had experienced in life.

The more I learnt about and practiced healing, the more I became interested in different healing techniques and how these could work in combination with each other to give a powerful healing treatment.

I studied with amazing teachers such as William Bloom, William Lee Rand, Sue Allen, David Furlong. I eventually become a Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher and also specialised in Spiritual Counselling, Spirit Release and Past Life Regression Therapy.

The focus of my work is to establish the underlying causes of disease and support a person to bring balance and integration. On this path, the person becomes increasingly aware of their role in the healing process and the steps that are needed in order to bring harmony and balance.

The disease, as we understand it in the West, is very often what impels us to open our eyes in the journey toward self-discovery and full awareness. The illness requires our attention and therefore represents something that cannot be ignored. The essence of healing, which is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, implies the release of the obstacles that stand in achieving a balance and the realignment with ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

In my treatments, I bring healing by integrating different holistic approaches, such as energy clearance, spiritual counselling and past life work. This approach allows the release of stress and tension, improvement of sleep quality, the reduction/elimination of fears and phobias, and total realignment with ourselves.

I am a member of UK Healers, The UK Reiki Federation, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and the Earth Association for Regression Therapy. 

I run courses and workshops internationally and I am a Consultant Healer for the College of Psychic Studies in London. I also volunteer at Marie Curie Hospice Hampstead, London, where I provide Reiki treatment to people living with a terminal illness.

Associazione Culturale Maestr’Ale, Via S. Lucifero 65, 09025 Cagliari, Italy


Telephone: +44 77 8649 7360

Elizabeth Sweenman- Bio

Name: Elizabeth Sweetman

Address: 23 Leafield Way, Corasham, SN13 9RS, UK

Phone: 07879447631



Using the 5 tools of Ayurveda, (diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga and massage) I work holistically with clients to support them through lifestyle and diet changes within the confines of a busy family life – and where clients need to get to the heart of unexplained physical, emotional or spiritual issues, I offer Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing and Spirit Release.

Originally completing my Ayurvedic Therapy training under Dr Deepa Apte at the Ayurveda Pura Academy in London, I soon began to discover how unresolved issues and emotions were affecting my clients’ physical health. Many times I’d find completely forgotten memories tucked away in back pain or unexplained knee problems, tinnitus, eczema etc. etc. These would then disappear as soon as we released the unresolved energy/emotion. This led me to train further with the Past Life Regression Academy under Andy Tomlinson and it has been astonishing how effectively and quickly a combination of Regression and Massage resolve health issues.

I now tailor holistic packages for clients who need a combination of massage therapy, regression and diet therapy – I offer free 20 minute telephone consultations if you would like to explore whether this would suit you.

I am based at Equilibrium Natural Health Centre in Corsham, Wiltshire but can see clients in their homes if preferred for an additional charge.

My Specialisms:
I specialise in Regression and “BODY WORK” — specifically how the energetic systems of the body (which flow through every organ) can become imbalanced by trauma, illness, drugs or simply childhood conditioning (sit still and be quiet!) and occasionally imbalances can originate as far back as the womb or even earlier. Very often the imbalance can be caused by energy NOT belonging to the client — so where clients have a heart-felt connection with someone, they can often absorb that person’s problems or someone’s negative comments for example. If you have any unexplained physical issues I would encourage you to explore Regression as I have seen many clients be completely transformed by this powerful therapy.

My Approach to Therapy & How I Work:
I am very scientific and analytical in the way I approach therapy, and originally, I was a huge sceptic with regard to “energy healing” and “past life regression”.

Then I had a client who was in her 20’s who changed all of that for me. She’d had endless tests and consultant appointments to find out the cause of her life-long knee pain but they couldn’t explain it. During massage, we discovered that she’d witnessed a traumatic event in her childhood, and in running to get help, her subconscious mind had somehow stored the memory of this traumatic event in her knee. I know it may sound crazy, but bear with me. The subconscious mind encapsulates traumatic events so that we can go on with our lives and soon the event is all but forgotten. In my client’s case, she did not even remember the event she witnessed until I discovered the body memory in her knee. When we accessed the memory and she was able to process it, she was completely and instantly healed. After that I tried Past Life Regression for myself for a pain I’d had in my shoulder since childhood. I always used to describe it like an arrow in my shoulder. And it was! We went back to my life as a Roman Commander and an assassination attempt. I never got over it and the pain has followed me ever since. Sometimes with clients I can trace the pain from life to life to life. The reason for this is that PAIN SERVES TO TEACH US SOMETHING and when we listen, the pain disappears. Coming back to my Roman life, the pain was to teach me about what it really means to be strong. In that life I thought that being strong was about being rigid and emotionless, but actually the opposite was true. In Regression I got the insight that true strength is about flexibility and being connected to those around us. And as soon as I made the connection, that pain was gone. Regression helps us to get profound insights about our current lives and offers us opportunities to resolve matters which we struggle with in our lives. I’ve seen many relationships changed, and difficult situations transformed as well as pain and ill-health healed through Regression.

What to Expect from a Session:
Current Life Regression and Inner Child Healing is used to access and resolve traumatic memories buried deep in the subconscious mind. Left unresolved they are triggered, causing uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, or disproportionate reactions to people or situations – for example PTSD symptoms. Regression is particularly useful where clients don’t want to talk about these painful experiences so light hypnosis is used and we go straight to the heart of the trauma in a moment and transform the situation to get resolution and healing with all parties involved in the spirit realms or Higher Mind. With more complex issues multiple sessions may be needed where layers need to be resolved, but each session is complete in itself and clients express relief and feelings of peace afterwards. A client reported having 25 years of continuous therapy and felt that she’d made more progress in a couple of session of Regression.

Past Life Regression is used to access memories from our previous incarnations to gain understanding about situations and challenges in this life. This is especially true if we notice unexplained or irrational reactions to events or circumstances or we encounter repeating patterns throughout this life. It allows a new perspective to be gained which enables blocks from the past to be released resulting in positive resolution on all levels. During a past life regression session you may also meet your guides or speak to the wisest part of your soul to gain understanding about:
•your current life purpose,
•why certain events have happened in your life,
•soul group members and understanding the role they play for you in this life,
•soul contracts and ties
•and also to release unresolved energy or emotion being held in the body manifesting as pain or illness.

For clients with ongoing issues I offer packages which include a tailored combination of Regression, Hypnosis and Ayurvedic therapies which are discounted. Please call for more information as these are tailored to the client, so costs will vary.

Background & Qualifications
I am a member of the Natural Therapists Association and The EARTh Association for Regression Therapy.

My qualifications are:
Dip. Ayurvedic Therapies
Ayurvedic Food, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation
Ayurveda & Pregnancy
Dip Regression Therapy & Transformation
Cert. Hypnosis
Working with Spiritual Emergency
Advanced Techniques in Spirit Release and Curse Removal

Mode of Therapy: Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Hypnotherapy, Ayurvedic Therapies

Chloe Manier – Bio

Chloe Manier
38 Maple St, Maleny QLD 4552, Australia
Member status on EARTh
Dip Rth, Dip.Couns, Dip Bus Admin, Ct Hyp, Ct BLR, Ct Reconnective Healing®, Ct The Reconnection, Adv Ct Reiki I,II,III

Chloe is a certified professional Counsellor, Regression Therapist, Between Lives Regression therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection practitioner.

Chloe works in her practice at Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, in Brisbane, Melbourne and Byron Bay throughout the year. Kind, compassionate and understanding, Chloe is helping people to transform and heal their lives.
A gifted and skilled professional who is passionate about helping people. Chloe is also helping to positively assist the change that is taking place on the planet at this time.

A professional member of the ACA (Australian Counselling Association), EARth (European Association for Regression Therapy), SRTA (Spiritual Regression Therapy Association), and IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).

I believe in a holistic approach to mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health and wellness.

With many positive case studies and transformational results in their personal lives, clients have reported healings, as well as major positive shifts with their work, relationships and medical conditions.

Regression Therapy has helped me in my own life and I am passionate about this therapy to help others as it can be very healing and transformative.

When we unlock and release these emotions from cell memories, we permanently transform any issue that is causing unwanted feelings, emotions, pains or disease and gain a fresh understanding of our lives; it brings insight into how present complaints have their roots in those experiences. We allow ourselves to be truly joyful in the present with understanding, forgiveness and gratefulness.

There is also great benefit for exploring your past lives as you will have more of an understanding of subconscious patterns, feelings and memories. You can use that accumulated wisdom to grow more fully and dynamically today. Empowering yourself to move confidently into the future with more clarity, well-being, balance and joy.

I participate in training, supervision and workshops for my own personal and professional development as I continue my studies as I find it necessary to continue to enrich my knowledge with every opportunity that I have.

Mode of therapy
Regression Therapy
Between Lives Regression therapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Reconnective Healing

Natalia Sikalova – Bio

Natalia Sikalova

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Teacher of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Level 1,

Transpersonal Regression therapist, Family Constellation practitioner, and Reiki practitioner.

About me:

I offer private sessions (Clinical Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy), group presentations on Hypnotherapy and Regression therapy, Family Constellations sessions and personal spiritual end-of-life care. I also teach Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Level 1.

As a therapist I have worked successfully with a variety of issues: emotional and mental issues, accessing and healing childhood traumas, smoking cessation, fear of public speaking, limiting beliefs, PTSD of the victim of Westgate shopping mall attack, to ancestral healing, finding one’s true purpose in life, releasing physical trauma and healing the physical body, accessing past lives, healing them and integrating its wisdom and resources. These therapy sessions have resulted in amazing deep transformational healing.

I am deeply passionate about and wholeheartedly love what I do. I have observed people attending for their first session as closed and tight as a fist, and slowly, session by session, have watched them open up and embrace the world and themselves, and this gives me a sense of a true meaning in life. I work with people with empathy and understanding. I treat people as a combination of a Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit (and possibly more), and I work on all levels, as they are presented. My clients benefit from my flexible and combined approach in dealing with their current life situations and issues, as well as pre-natal and Past Life memories and experiences.

Hypnotherapy has answered many of my personal burning questions. For example, how and why I left on holiday from Russia 25 years ago, unexpectedly landed in Kenya and have stayed there ever since? Are we born with a purpose, or do we just randomly wander through life? Are we responsible for what is happening in our lives? Does the Law of Synchronicity exist? Are Past Lives real? Hypnotherapy also lifted me out of an existential mid-life crisis, allowed me to heal myself and gave me a profession I love which is to help heal other people. It has also made me more compassionate towards people and their life paths, and more spiritual as a result.

Working Languages:

English and Russian


Family (Systemic) Constellation Practitioner (

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy at EKAA Foundation (

Regression therapy at TASSO International (

Continue to study Inner Child Integration therapy with Trisha Caetano – pioneer of Inner Child Integration therapy (

I am a Professional member of EARTh Association (, and have attended EARTh 6th World Congress in 2017 and the Annual Convention in 2018.

Contact details
Natalia Sikalova
Tel: + 254 722 522779
FB: Natalia Sikalova


P.O.Box 67578
Kiambu road
Nairobi, Nairobi 00200

Nursel Balhan – Bio

Nursel Balhan
1702 Chesterfield Avenue
Suite 202
North Vancouver, BC V7M 2P1
Member status on EARTh
I was born in a small city of Turkey, on the land of Anatolia that has been home to many civilizations. I left my hometown at age 17 to pursue my higher education in the capital city of Turkey, and since then, I have been growing with ever-expanding knowledge about the nature of existence.

In 1993, I graduated from Middle East Technical University with a BSc degree in Engineering. My career in corporate life, in managing roles, resumed for many years.

I started to be interested in healing after the ending of my marriage left me with questions about my life, myself and existence. Thereafter, people, books and events that flowed into my life led me to my purpose. Now I know that nothing was a coincidence.

My transformational journey started with regression therapy where I met spirituality first time in my life. I was amazed by finding how my childhood trauma affected my adult life with patterns I was not aware of my entire life. My healing journey went beyond the initial purpose and led me to find my passion and understand the nature of existence.

I was so fortunate to meet the right people at the right time and took the chance to attend a diploma program in “Radianced School by Diba Ayten Yilmaz”, which was accredited by the European Association of Regression Therapy (EARTH) and International Board for Regression Therapy (IBRT). Upon my graduation in 2012, I enhanced my skills with advanced training in Radianced School and workshops of re-known regression therapists.

Even though it all started for self-healing purposes, I had the fire within to serve as a healer and to support others through the challenges of lives. Eventually, I took the courage to change my life completely, following my heart’s desire and soul’s purpose. I left my career in corporate life, moved from Istanbul, Turkey to Vancouver, Canada where I resumed to develop my skills in the healing area. I studied Advanced Integrative Energy Healing in Langara College becoming a Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner.

In this academic program, I studied more than 700 hours and gave treatments to more than 200 clients, in various clinics and hospitals, with various background and complaints. I completed my internship in West Vancouver Senior’s Activity Center, to support the well-being of Seniors with various health issues.

My purpose is to support people to have a healthy, happy and fulfilled life by using my skills and knowledge, gathered all those years refined with my own experiences.


Sonia Samtani – Bio

Sonia Samtani
10A Wing Cheong Commercial Building
19-25 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan
Hong Kong, Central and Western Hong Kong Island 999077
Hong Kong
Map It
Member status on EARTh
Sonia Samtani is the Founder and Managing Director of a wellness centre in Hong Kong called ‘All About You’. She is a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, qualified Life Coach, certified Corporate Trainer, accredited Image Expert, Family Constellation Facilitator, certified Transpersonal Regression Therapist, and Public Speaking Coach. Sonia has an inherent passion to raise consciousness, which is reflected in her seminars, workshops and bespoke individual consultations. Sonia has been practicing hypnotherapy, coaching,
regression therapy and inner child healing since 2005, and her work has been successful in resolving thousands of issues including overcoming phobias, anxiety, limiting beliefs, releasing trauma, finding one’s life purpose, releasing physical pain, enhancing relationships, weight management, depression, and overcoming loss to name a few.
Sonia is a sought after speaker and trainer for both her own programs on personal development,
as well as a licensed facilitator of the Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Curriculum by Ekaa where she trains individuals to become certified hypnotherapists. Sonia has achieved unprecedented success and appreciation in coaching people to overcome lifelong issues and heal traumas that could possibly date back to past lives. Sonia can train, heal and counsel on using serval modalities including: Hypnotherapy; Chakra Healing; Life Coaching; Couples Counselling; Regression Therapy; Inner-Child Therapy; Life-Between-Lives Therapy; Rhythmic Relaxation; ThetaHealing; and Emotional Empowerment Technique. Sonia has held workshops, private sessions and seminars in Hong Kong, Mumbai, Delhi, Guangzhou, and Dubai. She has also created a inspirational series for the Hong Kong radio channel RTHK called ‘Behind the mask’, to encourage people the courage to drop their inauthentic masks and live life with more esteem and acceptance.
Besides collaborating with renowned personalities, Sonia has been a Senior Mentor on the team of Anthony Robbins, the world famous motivational success coach. By incorporating the wisdom of inspirational experts, she has personally trained, coached and healed over fifteen thousand people to attract and manifest greater success, happiness and well-being. Having worked with reputable brands like Baker & McKenzie, Daiwa Investments, HSBC, Merril Lynch, and Michael Page, she enjoys assisting both individuals and companies to build a coherent and magnetic image of confidence and credibility.
Mode of therapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Transpersonal Regression Therapy


Karin Maier Heinle-Bio

Office: Munich, Germany


Telephone: +49-151 122 43 565



Specialist in Internal Medicine, Specialist in Acupuncture/TCM and Homoeopathy, certified Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist Dip RTh and Life Between Lives Ct LBL.

Fachaerztin fuer Innere Medizin, Zusatzbez. Akupunktur/TCM, Homoeopathie, zertif. Hypnotherapeutin, Regressions-Therapeutin Dipl.RTh. zert. LBL-Hypnotherapeutin.


Tazim Elkington – Bio

Tazim Elkington
Riara Road
Nairobi, Nairobi 00100
Member status on EARTh
About Tazim
Metamorphosis & Career
Tazim was not raised in a typical family setting with present parents and
spent most of her early years living with different families and traveling from
town to town across East Africa. Growing up outside the norms is what
influenced her adaptability and open-mindedness, making her the
revolutionary “mind transformation proponent” she is today!
A Kenyan/Canadian, Tazim’s zest has bolted her career in many directions
including tourism, real estate and marketing. She has worked with numerous
causes, be it supporting orphans or the rights of women and children or
participating in the West End Calendar Girls for Breast Cancer awareness.
She has featured frequently in the press and on popular TV and radio shows.Indian Black Butterfly
A figure and personality on the move”- Motivational speaker, writer,
hypnotherapist and ‘paradigm shifter.’ Tazim Elkington is the Indian Black
Butterfly whose unique strategies have empowered countless individuals and
groups to live more fulfilled lives.The Effect: Far-Reaching
The Indian Black Butterfly effect is boundless! This is a woman with a
powerful presence and a mission to engender positive societal change,
extending her compassion to individuals, groups, businesses, in Africa and
With a gift for connecting with all, she views each individual as the unique
being they are. From boardrooms to the slums, her powerful message
speaks of freedom, balance, integrity, action and endless fulfilled potential
The Paradigm-Shifter
Change is vital. Harnessing her strong, almost psychic, instinct about the
human spirit, Tazim brings change “one person at a time” with a view to
nurturing a sustainable future for all.The Speaker
Tazim’s words go straight to the heart and resonate with every human
being. A natural and trained public speaker in high demand, she has a forte
for ‘off the cuff’ keynote talks.
Drawing on her talent as a paradigm shifter, motivational speaker, business
consultant and author, Tazim has established herself firmly as one of the top
names in the personal development field. She is also fast becoming a top
name in broadcasting and publishing, frequently speaking on TV and writing
in the local dailies.
Tazim has become a leading personality on and off screen with her
enthusiasm, humour, compassion, sense of freedom, value-based focus,
unique way with words and out-of-the-box delivery that energizes
individuals, groups and communities.

The Writer
Tazim is known for her collection of pros, “Song of the Soul.” Her meaningful
and enquiring work is an expression of deep connection to the inner self.
Extracts have been published weekly in The Standard newspaper under the
title ’Just a Thought.’

The Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Regression Therapist and Talk Therapist
Tazim is known as one of the most effective Therapists in Kenya. Her style in drawing out issues with her clients and diving deep are unique and transformational. As a certified Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Regression therapist she facilitates deep healing of core issues for her clients.

Mode of therapy
Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal regression therapy, Talk therapyPublications

Chanda von Keyserlingk – Bio

Name: Chanda von Keyserlingk



Countess Chanda von Keyserlingk, born in 1971, living in Dresden

After she studied mathematics and software development in Leipzig she learnt Reiki healing, different approaches of shamanism, Aura-Soma, methods of massages and spiritual healing with the shamanic Ron Lavin.

During many years of self development she took regularly sessions in Past life therapy in the methods of Dr. Morris Netherton and learnt family constellation from Sneh Victoria Schnabel and Matthias Varga v. Kibed.
She studied Buddhism and Vipassana Meditation under Ajahn Tong in north of Thailand, and became a certified Vipassana teacher at What Doi Suthep Chiang Mai.
Back in Germany she developed the study program for reincarnation- and regression therapy at the AIR Dresden together with her husband Christoph.

2006 she became a founding member of EARTh association in Frankfurt (Main).

She enlarged her methods of therapeutically tools with EDxTM from Fred Gallo.

Besides her teachings and doing regression works with clients in Dresden she is studying states of consciousness at the Monroe Institute in Charlottesville (USA).

She is a tournament chess player and lives together with her husband in Dresden.


Christoph von Keyserlingk – Bio

Name: Christoph von Keyserlingk


Count Christoph von Keyserlingk , born in 1941, living in Dresden, Germany.

He grown up in an anthroposophical surrounding as third generation.

He studied history, psychology, sociology and political science.

He started his self-development with Prof. Karlfried Graf Dürckheim, Dr. W. Büntig, Jeru Kabbal, Prof. Claudio Naranjo. He went to India to stay with Osho for six years. He studied past life regression therapy with Wadud and Waduda in Poona (India).

Back in Germany he opened his own office for regression therapy and later he changed the office name to “Reiki-Zentrum Dresden”, because the term Reincarnation was practical unknown at that time in east Germany. To deepen his abilities in regression therapy he got certified by Dr. Morris Netherton as a reincarnation therapist. He studied constellation work with Bert Hellinger and guided a study group in Dresden for constellation therapist over 5 years. Forced by a client with Multiple Personality Disorder he attended several courses with Michaela Huber – the German specialist for Multiple Personality Disorder.

2005 he started his own school for Reincarnation and Regression therapy “AIR Dresden” with his wife Chanda.

2006 he became a founding member of EARTh association in Frankfurt (Main).

Christoph is still teaching and did several workshops at the EARTh annual conventions. He does work in Dresden in reincarnation therapy and constellation work.

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