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Regression Therapy

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Hatice Caner – Bio


Hatice Caner

Karabekir Sk. 2/9
Istanbul, Kadikoy 34734
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Member status on EARTh
+90 533 141 28 44
Türkçe :

1963 yılında doğdum. Lisans eğitimimi İ.Ü.İktisat Fakültesi ve Yüksek Lisans Eğitimimi İ.Ü.İşletme İktisadı Enstitüsü’nde tamamladım. Muhtelif banka ve finans kurumlarında yöneticilik yaptım. 2010 yılında emekli olarak bankacılık hayatımı noktaladım. Artık sadece sevdiğim iş olan terapistliği yapıyorum.

Yaşadığım hayatın dip akıntılarını görüp, gerçek hayat yolculuğunun içime doğru olduğunu fark ettiğimde 1996 yılıydı. Şamanik hatırlamalarla başlayan içsel sürecimi kolaylaştıracak pek çok araç ve öğretmen karşıma çıktı. Bunlar; Meditasyon, Enerji Terapistliği (HUE, Reiki, Ra Sheeba), Kristal Terapileri, Astroloji ve Regresyon. Bu konularda sertifikalı eğitimlere ve seminerlere katıldım, uyguladım. Ayrıca katıldığım bazı seminerlerde Aile Dizimi, Kinesiyoloji, EFT, Access Bars ve Holistik Nefesi uygulayabilir hale geldim.

Yeniçağ öğretilerini ve Sufizmi okudum, araştırdım. Geniş perspektiften bakıldığında insanların genellikle aynı şeyi aradığını ve tüm öğretilerin aynı noktayı işaret ettiğini gördüm. Tüm varoluş şimdi ve buradadır. Dolayısıyla “geçmiş” ya da “gelecek” şimdi-burada şifalanabilir.

Regresyon eğitimimi 2015 – 2016 yıllarında Unicorn Dönüşümsel Çalışmalar – İstanbul’da aldım. 2016 yılından beri Earth üyesiyim.

English :

I was born in 1963. I received my B.A. degree from the Faculty of Economics, and my MA degree from the Institute of Business Economics at Istanbul University. I worked as a manager at various banks and financial institutes. I retired from banking in 2010 and then started my education on Astrology and later on Regression for a new career path as a therapist. Since then I’ve dedicated myself to this path and have been passionately working as a therapist.

It was 1996 when I saw the deeper tides of life and understood that the real journey is one that ventures inwards. In due time several spiritual teachings and teachers crossed my path, who helped me in my inward journey that started with shamanic remembrances. These include Energy Healing Methods (HUE, Reiki, Ra-Sheeba), Crystal Therapies, Astrology and Regression. I also attended workshops on Family Constellations, Holistic Breath Therapies, Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Access Bars.

I also studied various New Age teachings as well as Sufism. When seen from a broader perspective, I realized that people usually search for the same thing and all teachings point at the same goal which exists here and now.

I received my Regression training at the Unicorn Transformational Studies in Istanbul between 2015 – 2016 and launched my career as a professional therapist. I have been a member of Earth since June 2016.

Mode of therapy
Çalışmalarımda, terapi öncesinde danışanın astrolojik verilerini değerlendirip bu hayata taşınmış karmik döngülerin izini sürüyorum. Terapi esnasında danışanın bilinç dışı genellikle bu karmik durumlara yöneliyor ve ben buna hazırlıklı oluyorum.

Before the therapy session I evaluate the astrological data of the client, stalking the karmic cycles that they have carried over into this life. In general client’s unconscious mind tend to veer towards these karmic states which I am already prepared for what may come out.

Ihsan Yelkencioglu – Bio

Ihsan Yelkencioglu
Nisbetiye Caddesi
Besiktas, Istanbul 34337
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Member status on EARTh
Ihsan was born in İstanbul-Turkey in 1976. Having graduated from Şişli Terakki High School (Istanbul) he pursued his higher education in Bilkent University (Ankara) where he received his B.A. degree in Political Science. He decided to proceeded to a higher level in his academic improvement and went to Yeditepe University (İstanbul) for graduate school and completed Master of Business Administration, which enabled him to accumulate the knowledge and insight necessary to run the family business.
At some level he felt his mother’s passing away in 2009 as his personal confrontation with life leading to a series of revelations in Ihsan’s soul, unveiling his previously hidden life energy, which, he realised, was vibrant enough to heal others.
Ihsan has spent considerable amount of time and effort on studying Reiki and relevant healing techniques under the supervision of Beki Bisa the Reiki Master. He has attended several workshop presented by Anthanasios Kominos, Anita Groenendijk and Hans TenDam.
In 2015, Ihsan attended Unicorn Transformational Studies, Regression Therapy courses and graduated successfully in November 2016. Ihsan is a member of Earth Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh) since 2016.In 2017, Ihsan attended the Integral Coaching courses and become Life and Relationship coach in 2019.

In 2019, he has also become Mindfulness Alliance instructor and began to make workshops for groups and companies about the mindfulness.

In 2020, he become a member of ICF, and become PCC (Professional Certified Coach).



Mode of therapy
Regression Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing, Integral Coaching (PCC) and Mindfulness Alliance Instructor
No Publications

Ayda Ersan – Bio




Ayda Ersan
Tursucudere sok. no 24 daire 1 gozde suadiye
Istanbul, Kadıköy 34740
Phone: +905386056649
Ayda was born in Ankara in 21 July 1969. She was educated in History at Bosphorus University and then Jewellery Design at Marmara University. But due to an interest in parapsychology and astrology as a hobby, since 1998 she has worked as a professional Astrologer. Traveling in time was her childhood dream. So astrology was a way of traveling in time and finding the soul’s aim in life. And then when she took her first session with Diba, she found what her soul was searching for. Ayda completed Regression Therapy Training between 2011-2013 at Radianced Training School by Diba Ayten Yilmaz. She is still working as an Astrologer and Regression Therapist in Istanbul.

Mode of therapy
After listening to my clients about their life paths problems, i ask the important questions about their life cycles and try to get deeper info. I start my therapy always with an attachment energy cleaning and inducting them to see a present life or past life memories. After getting in to the the memories i let them perform the body theraphy to transform and reframe the memories. Lastly i finish my therapy with deep energy cleaning .

Regresyon terapisiyle geçmişle yüzleşerek dönüşmek


Prakriti Poddar – Bio


Name Prakriti Poddar


Poddar Group Of Companies, Neeru Silk Mills, Mathuradas Mills Compound
126 NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel West, Mind Over Image Consulting
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
Phone: 912266164444
Resume: Prakriti Poddar is working in the area of Mental Health since 1999. She started Mind Over Image Consulting in 2001, with the keynote ‘it’s not a make over; it’s a mind over’. She has spent many years in HR Development for Organizations Training personnel in soft skill development, succession planning and behavioral modification. She has created the ‘HIP Technique’, which is a tool that identifies the holistic journey of health and wellness in order to bridge the gaps of the individual’s journey into holistic wellness. This tool is currently being deployed at a well established international firm in Mumbai, India.

Prakriti is a certified counsellor, a clinical hypnotherapist, and an NLP practitioner who uses Tarot, sound and Crystal healing within her integrated healing practice.

She completed the Tasso Transpersonal Regression Therapy Programme in the Netherlands. Prakriti Poddar has additionally participated two workshops given by iParrt, as well as studied under Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute.

Prakriti has run her own practice since 2002. She is also a member of EARTh.

Utilizing all her skills she has created the Integrated Sound Pharmacy Therapy (ISPT) for deeper impact into healing. The soon to be launched website of isoundpharmacy will, in the near future, carry all the information and downloadable material for this program.

Recently, she has taken over as Managing Trustee of Poddar Foundation, where she promotes mental health. As her passion is mental health and well-being she endeavors to help people learn to keep themselves happy through the mind and the body.

She has attended the WCRT4 in Turkey as well as the WCRT5 in Porto.
Studied PLR with Brian Weiss.
Finished all the Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses with Sunny Satin in his California Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy
And has a thriving Therapy Practice in Mumbai.

Mode of therapy
My work revolves around Integrated therapies that I have learned from various Teachers.
However, lately I have been using Transpersonal Regression Therapy for regression therapy purposes, taught by Mr. Hans Tendam.
Depending on the clients requirements, I often use a mixed bad of goodies that I find most effective for them at that moment. Below are listed a few of my other learned techniques:

For counseling purposes I use Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, taught by Dr. Bhosle.

For NLP I use the ANLP Module taught by Dr. David Lincoln
For Hypnotherapy I use different modules taught by Mr. Sunny Satin.

And for a basic journey into a story, I often use Brian Weiss Technique.
There are a few in the process. However there are plenty of Blogs that I put up.
To read it please do look at
Mumbai, India,72.828009,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3be7cef282b95035:0x4ad1879a43b42acb!8m2!3d19.0000367!4d72.8301977

Muammer Yilmaz – Bio

Muammer has a Mechanical Engineering background and worked as an Engineer for 18 years.


He has now focused on spiritual and energy work, has a Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy Diploma from PLRA.

He contunius his studies in spiritual and energy work with training and research.

Muammer works as an assistant with Diba in Regression Therapy Trainings in Turkey.

Yvonne Weeseman – Bio

Name Yvonne Weeseman
Gerritslanderdijkje 26
1791NC Den Burg
Map It
06 27 2828 65
About Yvonne Weeseman

My name is Yvonne Weeseman and I am the founder of Paradisekids child centre.
Based on my professional knowledge and experience I feel it is a privilege to support children and adults on their inner journey to healing and wholeness. I enjoy using my creativity and insight while working with people.
Each time I witness a child or adult releasing old resistance and recognizing their essence, my heart is filled with gratitude.
From the various methods I use as a therapist, I choose the one which best supports the child and parents.
I believe parents and children know which healing path suits them best. Inside us, everything is present and inside you will find the way to healing and freedom. I offer a safe space and professional support to make this inner journey possible.

Yvonne Weeseman is an Arts Therapist (BA Hons, specialization drama and play therapy), educated at the University of Arnhem/Nijmegen in the Netherlands.
Member of the Dutch Association for Arts Therapists and the Federation of Therapeutic Professions.

Qualified Psychologist (Clinical Psychology), educated at the Open University of Heerlen, The Netherlands.

Qualified Primary School teacher (BA Hons QTS, educated at the University of Arnhem/Nijmegen, the Netherlands).

Qualified Hypno and Regression Therapist, educated by Andy Tomlinson, Regression Academy, Christchurch, UK. Member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

Registered Journey Therapist and was part of the first Dutch class of Journey therapists, accredited by Brandon Bays in 2002. Member of the Dutch Association for Journey Therapists (NVJT).

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), trained at the Dutch institute for Somatic Experiencing/ Peter Levine, 3 years of education.

Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, educated at the European Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Bad Ischl, Austria, 4 years of education.

Family Constellation facilitator, trained at the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands.

Holistic therapist educated in the UK and certified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Massage, Swedish Massage and Anatomy and Physiology. (VTCT dip.) Member of the FHT, federation of Holistic Therapists UK.

Infant massage teacher, educated in the UK by the IAIM, International Association for Infant massage.

Massage in schools teacher, educated in England by MISP, Massage in Schools Association Program.

Aura Healer/reader- 3 year study, educated at CICO (College of Healing) in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Kids Yoga Teacher, educated at the Children’s Yoga Centre, the Netherlands.

Completed The School for The Work by Byron Katie, and a facilitator for the application of The Work.

Work experience

I have attended many further training programmes concerning Arts therapy, trauma therapy, counseling support and grief and bereavement treatment for children. As an Arts therapist in special needs education I have worked in group and private therapy with children with behavioural disorders and anxiety disorders.
Children with ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, NLD, PDD-NOS, visually impaired and deaf children were amongst the clients at the school.
As a nursery school teacher I have also worked at a Steiner Waldorf school.

As Brandon Bays’ Personal Assistant I have worked in the UK. I have toured internationally to support seminars over the last 10 years. Each year, from 2002 until 2015, I have been part of the staff that intensively supports The Practitioners Accreditation programme offered by Brandon Bays (The Journey). From 2010 – 2015 I presented all Dutch seminars in The Netherlands and Belgium, including the Journey Intensive workshop.

On my own initiative I have developed various children’s & teenager’s-workshops around the Inner Journey method, which are called “Inner Journey for Kids & Teens Workshops”.
I am an International Paradisekids Inner Journey Workshop Leader and Coordinator of the Inner Journey for Kids & Teens workshops and lead these workshops in The Netherlands, England, Ireland and Belgium.
I train Journeytherapists to facilitate Inner Journey work in non-english speaking countries.

At Brandon Bays’ request I translated and recorded CD’s in Dutch which enables adults and children to make undergo the journey process independently with the ‘Journey’ method.

The following CD’s are translated in Dutch language. (Titles are identical to the books):

The Journey
The Journey for Kids
Freedom Is
Guided meditations

I am a member of the Dutch Association of Arts Therapy, the Federation Therapeutic Professions, and the Dutch Association of Journey Therapists.

I live in the Netherlands and travel intensively to the UK and European countries, offering private sessions and workshops for children & teenagers.

Mode of therapy
Regression Therapy for children, Journeytherapy, Drama/Play therapy, Family therapy, Somatic Experiencing-body therapy, Brennan Integration Science

Esra Dereobali – Bio


Name: Esra Dereobali




Cell phone: +905324467037


Esra Dereobalı has graduated from Hacettepe University Department of Child Development and Education in 1997. After working as a professional pedagogist she has been established her own therapy center. She has realized the insufficiency of the programs for the mentally disabled children and she has created her own techniques and programs by the studies she has made in development psychology, neuropsyhology and cognitive language therapy. Golden Age Developing Program which has been created by her has a lot of success stories in the improvment of the mentally disabled children .

She has been certified as a regression Therapist by Radianced School which has been certified by the International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT) and recognized by the European Association of Regression Therapy (EARTh). She has been attended to the programs and courses about Advance Healing Therapies, Theta Healing, Reiki, Rashiba and Dorn Therapy since 2012. She has combined and synthesized all these different techniques and approaches with her own specialty for a holistic approach for the soul, body and mind.


Esra Dereobalı 1997 yılı’nda Hacettepe Üniversitesi Çocuk Gelişimi ve Eğitimi Bölümü’nden mezun olmuştur. Bir süre profesyonel olarak çalıştıktan sonra kendi rehabilitasyon merkezini açmıştır. Zaman içerisinde zihinsel engelli çocukların gelişimi ve eğitimi konusundaki programların ve eğitimlerin yetersizliğini farkedip gelişimsel psikoloji, nöropsikoloji ve bilişsel dil terapilerinden faydalanarak kendi programını geliştirmiştir. Geliştirdiği Altın Çağ Gelişim Programı 16 yıl içeresinde birçok başarı öyküsüne imza atmıştır.

Esra Dereobalı Radianced Okul’d aldığı iki buçuk yıllık eğitimin ardından diplomasını alarak Regresyon Terapisti olmaya hak kazanmıştır. Kendisi aynı zamanda 2012 yılından itibaren Yüksek Şifacılık Eğitimi, Teta Healing , Reiki, Rashiba, Regresyon Terapi ve Dorn Therapi eğitimleri almış bunları kendi mesleki eğitimiyle birleştirip harmanlayarak ruh, beden ve zihin üçlüsüne bütünsel ve yeni bir yaklaşım geliştirmiştir.

Elif Tatlici – Bio

Elif Tatlici

Name: Elif Tatlici 



Telephone: +90 532 630 87 33


Bio: I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1986.

I have studied in different fields such as psychology and personal development and attended a lot of seminars, courses and workshops.
Most recently I discovered regression therapy and I realized that it is the deepest transformer I have ever known.
I received the regression therapy training and advanced techniques from Radianced School by Diba Ayten Yilmaz.
Currently, I am working as a full time regression therapist in Istanbul.

Serpil Şengün Gürsoy – Bio


Name: Serpil Şengün Gürsoy




Mobile: 0090 532 468 88 21
Resume: I was born in 1969. I had university graduation on International Relations in the Middle East Technical University (METU) in 1992 and master degree graduation on Public Administration in the Public Administration Institute for Turkey and the Middle East in 2006. Now I am still attending PhD (on the level of doctoral thesis writing) in Sociology Department in Hacettepe University. My thesis is about Yoga. Title is “Yoga’s Sociological Analysis in the Globalization Process Within the Context of Berger’s Social Building Theory: Case of Individuals Engaged in Yoga”)

I was interested in Zen-Buddhism during my university years. I learned zen-breathing meditation in 2001 and started practicing regularly. In 2002, I began to Hatha Yoga and did yoga with my yoga teacher Sabiha Betül Uslubaş for 7 years. 3 years of it, I was trained to be yoga teacher.

In 2004, I met Jagat Guru Shree Sadhak Satyam (Swami Akhandananda) during the visiting Kathmandu, Nepal together with my yoga teacher and yoga students. This and subsequent meetings with him opened me valuable doors in the journey of knowing myself. This forever journey still continues.

Additionally I was initiated Reiki 1 and 2 by Horst Gunter.

In 2008 I was initiated Kriya Yoga by Roy Eugene Davis who is the student of Paramahansa Yogananda in the Center for Spiritual Awareness in Atlanta, USA.

Between 2007-2009 I did yoga voluntarily with children who had leukemia in LÖSEV (The Foundation of Children with Leukemia). I received child yoga training certificate through a training course that I attended in 2009. Later, I did yoga as a teacher with adults for two years in Ankara and Antalya.

During the period 2013-2014 for a year, as a practical and safe way to reach everyone, I have trained on regression theraphy in four modules by Tülin Etyemez Schimberg and M. Reşat Güner who are the founders of Unicorn Transformational Studies. I received my diploma approved by EARTh in December 2014.

I am married and have two daughters.

I can summarize my personal life philosophy as such; always being a student, always trying my best, always trying to go towards the source of forever love and affection in our heart.

I extent my gratitude to all my masters, family members and friends as they support me and walked with me in my life journey.


Binnur Tuna – Bio

Name: Binnur TUNA 


İzmir, Turkiye
Web site

Tel no: +90532 742 43 05

Some of the psychic events that I experienced in the 1990s led me to focus more on the existence, the meaning of life and the human mechanism that I have questioned since my childhood. This interest, while already confusing my mind, which is already prone to positive sciences, on the other hand, led me to conduct research and special training on this subject. The mysterious world of human psychology, parapsychology and esotericism has been the focus of my interest and curiosity. I graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University, Department of Business Administration and worked in a public institution for many years.

Unicorn Transformational Studies, the crossing of the path with Tülin Etyemez Shimberg and Reşat Güner was also in the period when I was looking for solutions to some dilemmas in my own life. Having experienced the transformative power of regression, the idea that this was a fascinating gift to humanity was concluded in 2015 with the formation of a Regression Expertise Training. Since 2015 ( (World Regression Therapy Association) I am a professional member of EARTh.

My dreams and amazing experiences, which are the most important factors that attracted the attention of the human unconscious, were the reason I had completed the Robert Moss Dream School / Active Dream Vision Basic Education with Dream Teacher Gülbin Kınacıgil. My acquaintance with George Ivanovich Gurdjieff’s ‘’self-knowledge ”, in which he questions the purpose of human life, is also the beginning of my processes of awareness, self-observation, and introspection, which I realize is actually the dream itself.

When I realized that everything in the universe was talking with symbols, Macro Cosmos-Micro Cosmos, the logic of ‘From the Universe to the Cell’ led me to deepen in astrology, I am a Karmic Astrologer who graduated from the school of Oğuzhan Ceyhan Karmic  Astrology School. The aim of this study is to analyze the maternal traumas, burdens from ancestors, lineage karma that I found in personal birth maps with regression sessions.

– I took Numerology, Tetha Healing, Shamanic Trainings.

Unicorn Transformational Studies;

– Advanced trainings and workshops with Hans Tendam

– Mark Wentworth “Dynamic theater” “colors”

– Anita Groenendijk kinesiology-Body Wisdom

– Patricia Ann Caetano is an inner child,

– Tamer Dövücü Optimum Balance Model Trainings,

With the new information I have acquired within the framework of the Spirit and Matter Magazine, the Spirit and Matter Publications and the activities of the Bilyay Foundation, I continue my work from İzmir with the awareness that life is an endless journey of learning.

If you want to experience your inner journey with me and contribute to your transformation with regression method, you can contact.

1990’lı yıllarda yaşadığım bazı psişik olaylar, çocukluğumdan itibaren sorguladığım varoluş, yaşamın anlamı ve insan mekanizması konularına daha da yoğunlaşmama neden oldu. Bu ilgim,  pozitif bilimlere zaten meyilli zihnimi daha da karıştırırken, diğer yandan beni, bu konuyla ilgili araştırmalar yapmaya ve özel eğitimler almaya yöneltti. İnsan psikolojisi, Parapsikoloji ve Ezoterizm’in gizemli dünyası ilgi ve merakımın odağını oluşturdu. Eskişehir Anadolu Üniversitesi İşletme Bölümünden mezun olup, uzun yıllar bir kamu kuruluşunda çalışmaktayken, insan psikolojisi, davranışları ve bunun kitlesel yansımalarına olan ilgim beni, Erzurum Atatürk Üniversitesi Sosyoloji Bölümünden 2. Lisans mezuniyetime yöneltti.

Unicorn Transformational Studies/Unicorn Dönüşümsel Çalışmalar, Tülin Etyemez Shimberg ve Reşat Güner ile yolumun kesişmesi de kendi yaşamımdaki bazı çıkmazlara çözüm aradığım dönemde oldu. Regresyonun dönüştürücü gücünü deneyimlemiş biri olarak, bunun insanlığa sunulmuş büyüleyici bir armağan olduğu düşüncem, 2015 yılında Regresyon Uzmanlığı Eğitiminden mezun oluşum ile noktalandı. 2015 tarihinden bu yana ( )  (Dünya Regresyon Terapisi Derneği) EARTh profesyonel üyesiyim.

İnsan bilinçdışının ilgimi çekmesinin en büyük etkeni olan rüyalarım ve yaşattığı şaşırtıcı deneyimler, Robert Moss Rüya Okulu/Aktif Rüya Görme Temel Eğitimi’ni Rüya Öğretmeni Gülbin Kınacıgil ile tamamlamama gerekçe oldu. George Ivanovich Gurdjieff’in insan hayatının amacını sorguladığı  “kendini bilme” çalışmalarıyla tanışmam ise, gerçekte rüyanın yaşamın kendisi olduğunu idrak ettiğim, farkındalık, kendini gözlem ve içe dönüş süreçlerimin de başlangıcıdır.

Evrende her şeyin sembollerle konuşmakta olduğunu fark edişim, Macro Cosmos-Micro Cosmos, “Evrenden Hücreye” mantığı beni astrolojide derinleşmeye yöneltti. Oğuzhan Ceyhan Karma Astroloji Ekolünden mezun olan bir Karma Astrolog olarak hedefim;  kişisel doğum haritalarında saptadığım anne karnı travmaları, atalardan gelen yükler, soy karma gibi konuları regresyon seanslarıyla çözümlemektir.

– Numeroloji, Tetha Şifa, Şamanik Eğitimler aldım.

Unicorn Transformational Studies bünyesinde gerçekleştirilen;

-Hans Tendam ile ileri seviye eğitimler ve atölye çalışmaları

– Mark Wentworth “Dinamik tiyatro” “renkler”

– Anita Groenendijk kinesiyoloji-Body Wisdom

– Patricia Ann Caetano içsel çocuk,

– Tamer Dövücü Optimum Denge Modeli Eğitimleri,

Ruh ve Madde Dergisi, Ruh ve Madde Yayınları ve Bilyay Vakfına bağlı etkinlikler çerçevesinde sürekli edindiğim yeni bilgilerle, hayatın sonsuz öğrenme yolculuğu olduğu bilinciyle çalışmalarımı İzmir’den sürdürmekteyim.

Regresyon yöntemiyle içsel yolculuğunuzu benimle deneyimlemek, dönüşümünüze katkı sağlamak isterseniz iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

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