Complaint Procedure

A complaint is an “expression of dissatisfaction requiring a response”.

If you have complaints about misconduct of any of the associated therapists of EARTh you have the right to complain, have your complain investigated and be given a full and prompt reply.

Please be informed that orally given complaints, especially when the complaintive wishes to hide his/her name, will be ignored and not processed. In case of a member repeats such informal complaints, Board may consider revoking his/her membership.

Before you fill out the complaints form at the end of this page, please read the text below carefully:

What can be complained about?

Any unprofessional behaviour or conduct of which seem contradictory to the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws and Code of Conduct which are the statutory directions.

Who should you complain to?

a) Complaints about the unprofessional behavior of members, especially towards clients will be processed by the Board.

b) Worries and concerns about the betterment of EARTh should be expressed as suggestions to the Board, as motions for general assembly or if such need arises, as a call for a special general assembly. Please remember that EARTh has an open forum where such worries and concerns can be discussed freely.

When should you complain?

As soon as possible. Complaints should be made normally no longer than 3 (three) months from the date of the event that you are complaining about, or as soon as the matter first came to your attention.

Where do you start?

Please fill the FOLLOWING COMPLAINT FORM with all requested information. We will need :

1. The name of the colleague

2. An explanation of your concerns with dates

3. Copies of supporting documents

4. Names of anyone else who can support the facts around your concerns

5. Which outcome are you seeking?

a.  An apology

b. A full explanation of what happened and why

c.  Compensation

What will happen, how and when?

1. Submitted complaint will be forwarded to the Board and the Board will acknowledge by an initial response to both, you that submitted the complaint and to anyone named in the complaint  within a week of receipt.

2. The Board will review the complaint carefully to see if there are issues that they need to investigate in order to resolve the complaint as directly and quickly as possible.

3. In some cases, it will be clear from the start that it is not appropriate for the Board to investigate because the case clearly falls outside the criteria for taking any action. If the Board decides that the issues raised in your complaint do not raise serious concerns they will still write to the persons that are involved to let them know about it.

4. We appreciate that making a complaint can be stressful, so the Board will try to consider your complaint as quickly as they can, they aim to complete the investigation within 30 working days of receiving your complaint but the time taken to reach a final decision will depend on a number of factors.

5. Where it appears the 30 day target will not be met, the person making the complaint, and anyone named in the complaint, will be informed of the reason for the delay with an indication of when a response can be expected.

6. The Board will ensure impartiality in the investigation being open minded, fair to all parties, not being adversarial, conducting the process in a supportive, blame free atmosphere, in accordance with the principles of fairness and consistency.

7. Anyone identified as the subject of a complaint will be provided with a full account of the reasons for the investigation and a proper opportunity to talk to the investigating committee which will ensure they are kept informed of progress.

8. The Board will always look for ways to solve the complaint by acting as an impartial bridge between two parties and will report the conclusion of the investigation to the members.

9. The Board may agree on the following outcomes:

a)  Take no action

b) Writing an apology

c)  Proper explanation

d) Warning

e)  Impose conditions

f)   Suspend the membership for a period

g) Exclusion

10. All the conclusions will be made public in our Intranet and in the Newsletter.

Complaint Procedure

Please fill out all spaces on the Online Complaint Form completely before submitting this form:

Complaint Procedure

Please fill out all spaces on the Online Complaint Form completely before submitting this form:
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, Max. file size: 5 MB.
    • The form you will submit is to be forwarded to the Board and Board will acknowledge by an initial response to both, you that submitted the complaint and to anyone named in the complaint, in within a week of receipt.

      Thank you for expressing your concerns and complaints for the betterment of the EARTh.