Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

2022 EARTh Annual Convention, Cheile Gradistei, Romania

Bridging Spirituality and Science in Regression Therapy

This generous title hopes to bring a new perspective on the complex world of Regression Therapy. The highly efficient methods and techniques employed in Regression Therapy will this time be shared in synchronicity with the most interesting research-based scientific discoveries. Our work is a pioneer in the development of science – and it is interesting and inspiring to learn what science can add to our knowledge.

We invite you all to bridge the two worlds – spirituality and science.
Fresh, up-to-date interdisciplinary approaches to Regression Therapy will be our focus in the beautiful mountain resort of Romania.

Bridging Spirituality and Science in Regression Therapy Interdisciplinary approaches.

  •  Quantum Physics
  •  Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Neuroendocrinology
  •  Psychoneuroimmunology
  •  Epigenetics
  •  EMDR
  •  New German Medicine
  •  Research
  •  Transpersonal Psychology
  •  The Science of the Dreams
  •  PneumaBreath Work / HolotropicBreathwork
  • Somatic Body Work;
  • Regression Therapy employed for healing different illnesses and ailments; organ regeneration techniques.


September 16-25  2022 

Friday, September 16th – Arrivals
17-18th (Saturday-Sunday) – Preconvention
19th (Monday) – College Meeting, Opening
20-22nd (Tuesday-Thursday) –Convention
23rd (Friday) – General Assembly, Closing Ceremony
24th (Saturday) –the Tour
25th(Sunday) -Departures

Annual Convention 2022 Price List


Pre-Convention Early Bird Regular Price
EARTh Members 200 210
Non – Members 225 235
EARTh Members 175 190
Non- Members 195 210

Both pre-convention and convention: discount of 25 €

All prices have a discount coupon of 10 €. You will find this at the end of your order.

Early bird deadline: 30 APRIL 2022

Tour to be announced soon.

Accommodation Prices

Hotel single room:    85 (per person)

Hotel double room:   65 (per person)


Chart of Cheile Gradistei

The Venue

Hotel Bucegi

Hotel Piatra Craiului


– 85 Euro/ person in double room with single occupancy/ day

– 65 Euro/ person in double room/ day

The rates include:

– Sweedish buffet (including vegetarian, vegan, non-gluten if needed): breakfast, lunch and dinner (no drinks included just  water jug); starting with lunch in the first day and ending with breakfast in the last day or starting with dinner in the first day and ending with lunch in the last day

– 2 Coffee breaks/ person/ day – coffee and still or sparkling water; (the tap water is drinkable)

– one access to the Spa Center (swimming-pool, sauna, jacuzzi)/ person/ entire stay; full access to the Gym;

Conference Rooms

Online Streaming



AC22 Program Finale version

Saturday – Sunday 17 sep- 18 sep
9:30-13:00 Pre-workshop 1 Hans ten Dam CORE ISSUE TRANSFORMATION

A pragmatic approach to complexity


Subtitle: the Power of Presence – Transformation of deviations and decisions

13:00- 14:15 Lunch Lunch
14:15-17:00 Pre-workshop 1 Hans ten Dam continue CORE ISSUE TRANSFORMATION

A pragmatic approach to complexity

Pre-worshop 2 Marion Boon continue POLISHING THE DIAMOND OF YOUR SOUL

Subtitle: the Power of Presence – Transformation of deviations and decisions


Monday 19 September 2022 Tuesday 20 Sep 2022 Wednesday
21st Sep 2022
22nd sep 2022
23rd Sep 2022
Saturday 24 September 2022
workshop room 1 workshop room 2 workshop room 1 workshop room 2 workshop room 1 workshop room 2 workshop room 1 workshop room 2
10:00-13:00 9:30-12:30 9:30 – 12:30 9:30-12:30 08:30-09:45 9:00-17:00
School leaders meeting workshop 1 Maria Angelina Pereira “The symptom or disease and inner meaning. How the body is reflecting the soul.
workshop 2 David Furlong Sub-personalities, Spirit Attachments and Spirit Release: The role of the Transpersonal- Self in healing inner trauma. workshop 5 Matei Crisan “Regression Therapy & AstroPsychology – match for the deeper healing” workshop 6 Nermin Uyar German New Medicine
Being Healthy, is a Natural State that created by Our Psyche-Brain-Organ Collaboration in synchronicity.
workshop 7
Martin Roesh “How to communicate with cells with a focus on cancer cells”
workshop 8 Riri Triverdi and Gunjan Triverdi (India) Incorporating ACE and psychological health parameters’ framework to increase the effectiveness of Regression Therapy Workshop 10 Athanasios Komianos Part 2 Optional Tour
Lunch Lunch Lunch workshop room 1
14:00-17:00 14:00-16:00 14:00-15:30 10:00-13:00
School Leaders meeting continue workshop 3 Ruxandra Bulzan The healing potential of a spiritual emergency Workshop 4 Tulin Eteymez Schimberg “Digging Deep Into the Roots: How to Work with 7 Generation Ancestors short presentation Heleen Hollenberg “Spiritual worldview based on Quantum Physics and my experiences
short presentation Riri Triverdi Insights from our research on Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma and mental health workshop 9 Marianne Carolus “Anthroposophy as spiritual science and Past Life Therapy as its practice Workshop 10 Athanasios Komianos PART1 The ART of Dream Healing: How to decipher our forgotten language and encounter the transpersonal
dimensions of transcendent realms.
Workshop 11 Victor Chirea Regression Therapy and Zero Point Energy
16:15-17:45 colleague get together Panel Discussion 16.30-18.00 “The History and background of Regression Therapy and expectations for the future”
Moderated by Trisha Caetano
14.00-16.00 CLOSING CEREMONY Meditaion Piano Concert
18:00-19:00 dinner 19:00-20:00 dinner Departure to the restaurant 18.00 18:30-19:00 dinner 18:00-19:00 dinner
19:30-22:00 20:30-22:00 19:00-23:00
General Assembly Party Night Your Favourite Fairytale Character

How to get there?

The place is situated in the mountains, approximately

  • 180 km from Bucharest airport (Henri Coanda International Airport) and
  • 50 km from Brasov train station.

Depending on the traffic and the transfer option you choose, the time to get there will take 4-6 hours.

For your comfort and ease, we’ve arranged some private transfer options from the airport to the location:

  • Transfer in minivan, 7+1 places. There are 2 rides per day, one at noon and another in the evening. This might mean that you need to wait a while for all participants who booked that ride. It will all depend on the flight schedule.

Timing of the transfers will be announced closer to the event.

Book your place now, including the transfer option.

Transfer options with minivan:

  • One way = 30 EURO
  • Round trip = 50 EURO
  • Transfer in private car, 3+1 places. You can book at any time of your choosing.

Book your place now, including the transfer option.

Transfer options with private car, price for entire car, 3 places:

  • One way = 100 EURO
  • Round trip = 200 EURO

If you wish to arrange the transfer yourself, here are some helpful tips & links so you can check the timetable and book your tickets:

 You can book your tickets here.

From Brasov train station to the resort, you can take a taxi, which costs approximately 30 – 40 EURO.

For pricing transparency, we recommend you to use the transport apps: Uber, Bolt or Free Now.

  • By minibus – there are a few companies providing transfer from the airport to Brasov, meaning that from Brasov you will need to book a taxi to the location.

From our inquiries, Kron Transfer can take you to the location, after stopping in Brasov for the other passengers.

Other transfer services: M&M Express, Direct Aeroport.

  • By car – you can find several rental car services at the Henri Coanda airport.

Here are some of them: Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Hertz, Avis, Sixt, Budget, Premium Rent.

Depending on the traffic and the time of day, it might take you between 3 and 5 hours. You can plan your trip here.

Welcome to the Beautiful Romania!

Welcome to the beautiful Romania! We have prepared a very nice tour for you! We won’t disclose all the sites that we are going to visit, because we still want to keep the element of surprise, but you can make an impression from the few lines here.

We are going to start with the famous Bran Castle  that is better known as Dracula’s Castle. Don’t worry, nobody will suck your blood out! The Vampires are kept well under restrictions because they refused vaccination, so they don’t have a green pass :).

Then we’ll follow the road to Brașov city  Among the places we’ll visit there we mention the Town Square and the Black Church. There are some spooky stories also about the Black Church, but if you are curious, you can do your own research prior to coming here. In order to have an overview of the city we’ll take the cable car to the top of the Tâmpa hill to enjoy the beautiful panorama.

We also plan to have our lunch in Brașov and afterwards, with the time remaining, to leave your options more open, meaning that maybe some of you will want to spend more time in Brașov for shopping and visiting and the others can go with the guide to visit some beautiful spots in nature outside of the city. At the end, we’ll all get together to return to the venue.

See you soon!
The Romanian Organizer Team

  • reply Mihaela-Livia Sava ,

    If i will like to come for this convention, how i can pay?

    • reply anna_merkulova ,

      Dear Michaela
      The purchase will be soon available in our eshop. You will be able to register and pay through the online order form. Please check the eshop in January!


      Hello! I would like to know if the convention is just for professionals or also for people who are ineterested n this topic. Thank you in advance!

      • reply CRISTINA MIHAELA MIROn ,

        Hello! I would like to know if the convention is just for professionals or also for people who are interested n this topic. Thank you in advance!

        • reply anna_merkulova ,

          Dear Christina
          you can participate as a non member of EARTh!

          • reply CRISTINA MIHAELA MIRON ,

            Thank you so much fro your answer, Anna!

        • reply Ирина ,

          Добрый день! будет ли синхронный перевод во время выступления?

          • reply Eveliine Maria Greif ,

            Hello! Will it be possible to attend the convention (the presentations & talks) via on-line means as well? Thank you.

            • reply Anna Merkulova ,

              Dear Eveliine
              Please check our website later on to see if this option will be available. At the moment we are planning on live convention.

              Thank you for your interest!

            • reply Anna Merkulova ,

              Dear Irina
              All workshop are in English. At the moment there are no translations planed.

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