Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

2022 EARTh Annual Convention, Cheile Gradistei, Romania

Bridging Spirituality and Science in Regression Therapy

Bridging Spirituality and Science in Regression Therapy Interdisciplinary approaches.

  •  Quantum Physics
  •  Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Neuroendocrinology
  •  Psychoneuroimmunology
  •  Epigenetics
  •  EMDR
  •  New German Medicine
  •  Research
  •  Transpersonal Psychology
  •  The Science of the Dreams
  •  PneumaBreath Work / HolotropicBreathworw


September 16-25  2022 

Friday, September 16th – Arrivals
17-18th (Saturday-Sunday) – Preconvention
19th (Monday) – College Meeting, Opening
20-22nd (Tuesday-Thursday) –Convention
23rd (Friday) – General Assembly, Closing Ceremony
24th (Saturday) –the Tour
25th(Sunday) -Departures

Chart of Cheile Gradistei

The Venue

Hotel Bucegi

Hotel Piatra Craiului


– 85 Euro/ person in double room with single occupancy/ day

– 65 Euro/ person in double room/ day

The rates include:

– Sweetish buffet (including vegetarian, vegan, non-gluten if needed): breakfast, lunch and dinner (no drinks included just  water jug); starting with lunch in the first day and ending with breakfast in the last day or starting with dinner in the first day and ending with lunch in the last day

– 2 Coffee breaks/ person/ day – coffee and still or sparkling water; (the tap water is drinkable)

– one access to the Spa Center (swimming-pool, sauna, jacuzzi)/ person/ entire stay; full access to the Gym;

Conference Rooms

Online Streaming

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