EARTh Annual Convention 2023, Kemer, Antalya, Turkey

We are waiting for you in Turkey.


In our work, we very often deal with clients’ resistance, blockages and defence mechanisms of all types, since all these are surviving strategies protecting the wounded parts within. They serve their purpose, sometimes an entire life time; they are there for a reason; yet, as long as they exist, they stop the self-healing process which may sometimes manifest itself naturally (or not). During Regression Therapy sessions, dealing with clients’ blockages and resistance can prove to be the most challenging endeavour of the therapist. The stronger the resistance, the deeper the wound; therefore, the more skilled the therapist may have to be. Gaining more experience on working with clients’ blockages is a powerful motivation for you to join the 2023 AC in Turkey!

Subtopics suggestions for presenters:

  • Self-Sabotage;
  • The Impostor’s Syndrome;
  • The disease (physical or mental) as a surviving mechanism preventing clients from
  • dealing with unresolved traumas;
  • Autoimmune symptoms and diseases – remaining stuck in a permanent inner deficit of
  • self-defence mechanisms (personal history of physical and emotional abuse);
  • Addressing the payoff/ the benefit clients get from staying stuck/blocked;
  • ‘Hangover’ mood as a way of being – dealing with chronic depression;
  • Reaching bottom line – the starting point of shifting to change and transformation;
  • Means of breaking the vicious cycle of repeating traumatic patterns;
  • Unblocking relationship traumas; couples therapy as a new approach of healing
  • together;
  • ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ – the ‘necessary’ psychotic episode leading to major
  • change and healing;
  • Finding one’s purpose/ meaning in life; overcoming ‘existential’ depression;
  • From Surviving to Thriving;
  • Getting out of one’s comfort zone;
  • Dealing with self-hate – turning yourself into your best ally;
  • Cutting and self-harm behaviours;
  • How the blockage becomes the solution;
  • How to unblock from the 3 Fs – fight, flight, freeze;
  • Overcoming mental blockages;
  • Dealing with emotional blockages: numbness and emptiness;
  • Working with children’s blockages;
  • Addictions
  • Reclaiming your personal/ancestral power. Claiming back the resources.

Deadline: 1st of February 2023 for workshop proposal submissions.

October 6 / Arrivals
October 7-8 / Preconvention Workshops
October 9 / EARTh College Meeting + Opening Ceremony
October 10-12 / Convention Workshops
October 13 / Closing Ceremony
October 14 / Optional Tour

The venue:
Meder Resort Hotel, Kemer-Antalya, Turkiye

Soon more details will be shared here with you.

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)