6707 GN Wageningen, Netherlands
323 Rooseveltweg Wageningen Gelderland 6707 GN NL

I work in Dutch, English or German.Ik werk in het Nederlands, Engels of Duits. op mijn website vind je de Nederlands tekst.Ich nache Sitzungen auf Hollandisch, English oder Deutsch. Bitte ruf mich an fuer mehr information.I have studied the Dutch method regression therapy in SRN (graduated) and Tasso (attended). Since graduation I attended many related workshops.
I also have attended many kinesiology workshops and am an official Touch for Health instructor.
For several years I have done intuitive awareness trainings to develop more energy awareness and empathy.Also I have given many workshops, mostly about the method of Bodywisdom Regression I developed.
Regularly I give lectures about pastlife therapy and about the Life between Lives regression.

Mode of therapy

I use a combination of the Dutch school methods, without hypnosis, but a direct bridge to the cause of the problems. I have made a connection with the very fast and effective way of asking via the body for information about emotions, but also the past, biographical and transpersonal. I call it Bodywisdom regression, and it uses muscle testing. In one or two sessions we can go to the core of the problem, remove blockages and retrieve lost soul fragments.
Also possible is the Life between lives session, that I learned from Michael Newton.


In the EARTh newsletter several articles I have written can be found.
Also some interviews have been published in Dutch newspapers and magazines. (Dutch) ; (english, about the therapy) and (about the workshops and classes I teach) . Also: