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Gosia Kreuning

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3625 Breukeleveen, Netherlands
41 Herenweg Breukeleveen Noord-Holland 3625 AB NL

I think I’d better tell you who I’m not. I am not someone you can easily pigeonhole, so don’t like to do the same with anyone else. From a young age, I have been seeking and walking my own paths with increasing confidence in the wise lessons that flow from them.

I am agile, love changes, always looking for ways to express my feelings in, for instance, dancing , writing stories and telling stories.

My name is Gosia Kreuning. I grew up in Poland and moved to the Netherlands when I was 18.

After some violent events in my life, I decided I had to change course, that I no longer wanted to be afraid and wanted to turn my sensitivity into my strength. I went looking for the core of my fears, anger and doubts. This is how I ended up with a regression therapist. Suddenly the pieces of the puzzle fell into place: I could trace the fears back to events, relive them so I could let go on a mental, emotional and physical level. I was no longer afraid of water and the dark, no longer stiffened at the sight of a German shepherd, and recurring dreams about the war disappeared like snow in the sun.

Surprised by the rapid recovery and led by curiosity about what else you can do with this therapy, I started the 3-year Tasso training for regression reincarnation therapist.

What I kept marvelling at throughout the training was our unlimited possibilities to grow, heal ourselves and recover. Partly because of this, I kept walking the path of regression therapist to support people on their life path and awaken curiosity about their pain points, shadows, talents and self-identity.

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