Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Ilja van de Griend

2755-211 Alcabideche, Portugal
90a Rua Almeida Garrett Alcabideche Lisboa 2755-236 PT

Ilja van de Griend , 52 years old, Dutch, lives in Portugal since 2006. Transpersonal psychotherapist certified by the European Transpersonal Association and professional member of the Earth Association for Regression Therapy, with more than 30 years of study and personal experience in the area of ​​development full. Trainer of therapists since 2005, with training in Regressive Therapy (Hans ten Dam, 1999-2002, later with Michael Newton, Morris Netherton, Roger Woolger and Trisha Cateano, among others), Energy Therapy (licensed asBrennan Healing Science Practitioner from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 2006-2010), Coaching (graduated from the International Coach Academy, 2011 and Alan Seale, 2012) and in Infant Therapy (through the Institute for Pre and Perinatal Education, 2013-2017 and Pre- and Perinatal Educator, APPPAH, 2022). Founding President of EARTh, invited by Hans ten Dam, between 2006 and 2007. Degree in Economics (1994).