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Jacqueline Nirava Bieri

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Riedmühlestrasse 5, 8545 Rickenbach Sulz, Switzerland
5 Riedmühlestrasse Rickenbach Sulz Zürich 8545 CH

About Me

From an early age I was very connected to nature and have contacthad to nature spirits, helpers perceived energies and with themcommunicates.Visions from past lives also accompanied me very early on and mepaved the way for what I do today. So it was for mealways been a fact that there are other dimensions besides ours, inthat we move as humans.In my early twenties, Reiki found its way into my life. At that time I didlooking for a way my seriously ill brother in his to accompany and support the dying process. So I was allowed the experience what wonderful power of love is in Reiki. Professionally, however, I first went a more conventional path and I worked as an administrative clerk for a few years before thewanderlust seized and led me to Asia. have some years of my life I then spent in Asia, which greatly expanded my horizons and meopened up to other ways of life and philosophies. In the eastern Worldview, for example, reincarnation has its place to this day to keep. Countless books on this subject have my thirst for knowledge breastfed, workshops were added and deep inside I started to guess what tremendous dimension is the journey of our soul. My creative, artistic side then moved me. Art education at the School of Design in St.Gallen. as I work as a painter in my own studio and organize my own Exhibitions also together with other artists. Besides the Reiki which has always accompanied me, I have my hunger forSpirituality with different themes of the esoteric attitude towards lifebreastfed. Yoga, meditation, qi gong, tarot, and working with angelic energieshave accompanied me on my way. Again and again I was allowed to make amazing experiences, smaller and bigger Collect “miracle” real experiences. An encounter with a soul mate in Asia got me into that made known the transformative power of regression therapy. 

At the Past Life Regression Academy in England, by Andy Tomlinson is headed, author of several books on the subject of regression and Reincarnation Therapy (Healing the Eternal Soul and Exploring the EternalSoul) I have my training as a hypnotherapist and regressiontherapist made. The Academy’s code of ethics and values ​​are consistent with my own values ​​and it felt like homecome and I knew deep in my heart that I would get my education there should graduate. This wonderful, transformative form of therapy in a unique way allows me to let go of blockages and fears at a pace that I canI didn’t know, I really wanted to pass it on to others. Today it is my pleasure open-minded people this modern form of life support that corresponds to the present new time Personal responsibility, love and respect is built and just thisqualities also promotes enormously. I can also use my creative potential as an artist in my worklet flow in. With this background, my clients experience a modern holistic form of support and advice. 

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