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Nancy Gaviria-van Loenen

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Wilde Rucolavliet, 3545 Utrecht, Netherlands
91 Wilde Rucolavliet Utrecht Utrecht 3545 NL

My name is Nancy Gaviria-van Loenen. I was born and raised in Hoek van Holland, a village on the Nieuwe Waterweg near Rotterdam. Now aged 55, I have been living and working in Utrecht for 15 years, after many wanderings.

Even as a child, I often stood on the pier on the Waterweg, gazing at the large seagoing ships visiting the port of Rotterdam, and I was interested in where those ships came from. As an 18-year-old girl, I started studying Languages and Cultures of Latin America and left for Brazil when I was 25. Coincidentally, I ended up in a Dutch colony in south-east Brazil, in the state of São Paulo, in the village of Holambra. This period, among the emigrated Dutch, largely shaped and directed my life. It was there that I came into contact with anthroposophical biography, Allan Kardec’s reincarnation philosophy, espoused by a large proportion of Brazilians, Reiki, Bach flower remedies and other types of energetic therapy.

After living and working there for six years, I returned to the Netherlands at 32 and started teaching Dutch to immigrants from all over the world. Because I had not only experienced nice things in Brazil, but had also found myself in predicaments on the streets several times, I started looking for healing from my then unsuspected PTSD. I started looking into natural medicine, graduated as a psychosocial transpersonal counsellor from the Academy for Integral Humanities SPSO, became a regression and reincarnation therapist at Hans tenDam’s Tasso Institute. I took courses in intuitive development and now I am further training to become an Energetic Therapist at the CAM Institute in Utrecht.


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