Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Sonay Sunucu

9 Kristal 2 Is Merkezi 35220 Alsancak Izmir
No:15 1479. Sokak İzmir 35220 TR

sonayResume: Sonay is a professional member of EARTH. Sonay is a DMP therapist and has a certificate from Woolger Training International. She is an architect since 1995 and she has graduated from Izmir Dokuz Eylül University. Sonay has experienced the meaning of “potential” through architecture by how the lines on the paper manifest themselves as three dimensional things , pieces or buildings. Later on , she became a follower of the magnificent feeling , created by this architectural process. After she came across Izmir Spiritual Research Association , she began to explore things far beyond our visions and she realized that the real meaning of “potential” is much deeper than she initially thought. Sonay delved into this spiritual journey which she wanted to share with other people. She began to research , attended workshops and trainings. And later on , she gave her own conferences and trainings. Sonay is a member of Izmir Spiritual Research Association and she still gives conferences and  seminars as a member. Further more , she gives trainings on “NLP” and “The Healing Techniques” and a workshop titled  “Working with our Shadows”.

Some of the workshops , trainings and conferences that she attended:

Deep Memory Process. Woolger Training International, Istanbul, Turkey

Dynamic Theatre Mark Wentworth Izmir, Turkey

Transgenerational Conference Lisbon, Portugal

Grof Transpersonel Training Tav Sparks, Spain

Grof Transpersonel Training, Diane Haug, Spain

4th World Congress for Regression Therapy, Kusadasi, Turkey

NLPU Practitioner Robert Dilts & Judith DeLozier USA

NLPU Master Practitioner Robert Dilts&Judith DeLozier USA

NLPU Trainer&Consultant RobertDilts & Judith DeLozier USA

ShamanicHealingInternational School Energy Gateways Fethiye, Turkey

Core Issue Exploration-EARTH College Hans TenDam Istanbul, Turkey

Life Prelude-EARTH College Marion Bonn Istanbul, Turkey

Resolving hangovers  EARTH College Hans TenDam, Istanbul, Turkey

The Red Thread Through Past and Present Marion Bonn Istanbul, Turkey


She believes that as people we all have unbelievable potential within us , which is just waiting for our touches. She also knows that working with past lives accelerates this liberation. So what are you waiting for?