Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Tony Scott Moody

Holbeinstrasse 42, 4051 Basel, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland
42 Holbeinstrasse Basel Basel-Stadt 4051 CH

I am a highly qualified and experienced Mainstream Counsellor and Therapist with over 36 years experience. As I have progressed in my practice I have studied and qualified in many therapeutic forms. I am a qualified Psychological Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist as well as in the field of Mindfulness. My belief in reincarnation has brought me to study with the Tasso institute and I am now the holder of a Diploma in Transpersonal and Regression Therapy. I work with my clients both with Mainstream and Transpersonal techniques. I can help you with Individual and Relationship problems in the here and now, Anxiety and Depression, as well as in Past Lives Therapy, Inner Child Work, Personification and Energy work. I have a unique skill set which my clients find very useful.