Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Vishal Patel

Summerville, SC 29483, USA
100-198 East 2nd South Street Summerville South Carolina 29483 US

I grew up in Kenya with a strong connection with nature and the outdoors. Blessed to have a close and supportive family by my side I endured through a stoke at the young age of 28. At 35 another stroke turned my life upside down. I could not stay seated upright without support nor could I find the correct words for the simplest things like a spoon. Despite having access to a great rehab team, it seemed that there was always a limit to how much I could improve. It was almost like I was unknowingly mentally and even physically blocking myself.

Right from my first experience with Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, I was surprised that the feeling of intense relief I had experienced during the session stayed with me. Something in me had changed and so had my thoughts, feelings, and responses to life. This was the beginning of new hope, new beliefs, new motivations, new aspirations, and new success.

Now inspired, my journey to learn how to pass on this awareness began. As soon as I was able to I trained in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy  and through further study and practice received my accreditation. I then went further to graduate as a Transpersonal Regression Therapist . Throughout my skills were tested again and again by both my clients and my own inner healing. Physical, mental or spiritual growth were our results. I now recognize that divine grace Flows through each one of us and it allows us the wisdom to Transform, we need only to have the courage to take action.