EARTh College is the group of school leaders, teachers and trainers recognized by the Association.

 The most important goals and objectives of the College are:

We can act as an intermediate and inspiration for training for both therapists and advanced students from all countries around the world.

We will help to develop our field through making possible connections between local organizers and our recognized trainers who offer specialist workshops. These workshops will be promoted in this site, in our newsletter and the certificates of attendance can have an EARTh label.

Our activities are available in different languages and different countries to spread our profession with quality.

We have the EARTh College Committee that are responsible for receiving and analyzing all applications.

EARTh College committee

diba Marc van Hecke
Diba Ayten Yilmaz
Aasha Warriar Victor 
Van Hecke

WHO WE ARE: Recognized Training Programs and Trainers

Diba Ayten Yilmaz

Chair, College Committee

Please, contact us  if you have any doubt or question.