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Circles of Completeness by Pavel S. Gyngazov

“This book, Circles of Completeness, comes out four years after the publication of my first book, The Roads of Lives. Like the first book, it is the result of many years of my experience

De Zoektocht naar Tzanata by Wendy Gillissen. Book Cover

De Zoektocht naar Tzanáta – Wendy Gillissen

De Zoektocht naar Tzanáta / Wendy Gillissen*** Zeven jaar na zijn plotselinge vertrek heeft Yldich een verontrustende droom die hem terugbrengt naar het Huis van het Hert. Er verschijnen ranke

The Science of Spirit Possession by Dr. Terrence Palmer

Spirit possession, attachment, poltergeist activity and the negative impact of obsession, infestation and harassment on psychological health, together with the methods of dealing with it, are contemporary issues that demand

The Magdalene Lineage book cover

The Magdalene Lineage – Reena Kumarasigham

The Magdalene Lineage Past Life Journeys into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries Author: Reena Kumarasingham NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE DIVINE FEMININE During this time, we are witnessing the extraordinary

Shrouded Truth book cover

Shrouded Truth – By Reena Kumarasingham

Shrouded Truth Biblical Events Revealed through Past Life Memories By Reena Kumarasingham Published by From the Heart Press, March 2019, 400 pages ISBN 978-0956788757 Shrouded Truth is an international award