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A Door to Infinity: Proving the Christos Experience

GlaskinThis is the third book novelist/dramatist Gerald M. Glaskin has written on the Christos Technique (the first was Door to Infinity and the second was Worlds Within). All three are about the Christos Experience, which takes place in a lucid dream state in which one has waking dreams of past or sometimes supposedly future lives or else out-of-body experiences. The Christos technique was applied to Glaskin in 1971 by a small Western Australian group called The Christos Experiment. “The procedure consists of massaging the forehead and the ankles for a few minutes followed by visual/memory/imaginative exercises in which as the element of memory gradually decreases imaginative visualization increases” (p. 19). The waking dreams begin after about 20 minutes. Sometimes it seems that the vision is a glimpse of a past life, and in this book he makes an effort (not too successfully) to verify some of the details of his visions, but one gets the impression that what counts most with him is the Christos Experience itself: “Certainly, the experience is, to me, quite the most extraordinary in what I consider to be a rather eventful life” (p. 19). “The sense of immediacy has astonishing impact . . one is never bored. How could one be when one is, in effect, the star performer, projectionist, and audience all in one? Is there any medium in normal reality where one can find oneself performing three such roles, and sometimes more, all at once?” (p. 19).

He also calls the experience “mind travel,” and it seems to be a kind of remote viewing of the present, past, or future. There are four parts. The first recounts his first Christos Experience, which involved a purported past life in Egypt. His aim is to verify what he experienced in his past-life vision. In the second he describes 64 “natural” dreams, some of which he thinks were psychic. Part three consists of descriptions of various Christos Experiences and his interpretation of them. He makes some interesting observations, such as that there is an “extraordinary amount of detail . . especially compared with recall of natural dreams” (p. 103). (The Christos Experiences are taped while they are being described.) The last part, “Credo,” is his summing up of what he believes “to be the truth and significance of the outcome of my own experiments, and my convictions about both natural and lucid or induced `dreams'” (p. 141). He concludes that the Christos Experience has provided him with some indication of what to expect at death. Others may not be so ready to draw the same conclusion, but as a record of meaningful experience occurring in an altered state, the book has value. Because Glaskin is a writer, the descriptions are very good. He also relates some interesting synchronicities that enabled him to locate people and sources of information on his visits to Egypt to verify details of the past-life experience described in Part One.

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