Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

A New Science of Life


The implications of this theory are staggering, from predicting the course of hurricanes to explaining deja vu. Sheldrake’s thinking seems radical because he does not subscribe to orthodox scientific assumptions that the universe operates like a machine; instead, he sees it as much like a living organism. — Utne Reader, May/June 1999

 “As far-reaching in its implications as Darwin’s theory of evolution.”
(Brain/Mind Bulletin )

“An important scientific inquiry into the nature of biological and physical reality.”
(New Scientist )
“Sheldrake is a Cambridge-trained research biologist whose modest proposals. . . have upset scientific orthodoxy”
(Utne Reader )
“An immensely challenging and stimulating hypothesis, which proposes an unorthodox approach to evolution.”
(Arthur Koestler, author of The Lotus and the Robot and The Ghost in the Machine )

ISBN-13: 978-0892815357

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