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Far Memory

GrantThis is Joan Grant’s autobiography of her childhood and the development of her psychic talents and ability to recall earlier lives. It is a fascinating and breathtaking story which draws the reader vividly into the midst of her many rich and colorful experiences. It is poignant, charming, insightful, and inspiring — and records in great detail how she came to write her novels.
Joan Grant authored a set of 7 remarkable novels, in which she recaptures the drama and setting of one of her own previous lives. Called “far memory” novels, these 7 books offer tremendous insight into the nature of reincarnation, spiritual development, and psychic talents. She also wrote a set of memoirs and one nonfiction study of reincarnation, Many Lifetimes, which she coauthored with her 3rd husband, Denys Kelsey.

ISBN-10: 0898041414

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)

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