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Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death. (Two Volumes)

myersFrederic William Henry Myers (1843–1901) was a classical scholar who in mid-career turned to the investigation of psychic phenomena. After studying, and later teaching, Classics at Trinity College, Cambridge he resigned his lectureship in 1869, became an inspector of schools, and campaigned for women’s higher education. With the encouragement of former colleagues he began a scientific investigation of spiritualism and related phenomena, and in 1882 he helped to found the Society for Psychical Research. This two-volume work, first published posthumously in 1903, contains the fullest statement of Myers’ influential theory of the ‘subliminal self’, which he developed by combining his research into psychic phenomena with his in-depth reading about the latest advances in psychology and related fields. His deeply intellectual approach is evident throughout the book, which analyses a huge amount of interesting data on topics including dreams, trances, sensory automation and bodily possession.

 A classic with no equal. A difficult but wonderful read. These works are but a partial presentation of an ever- growing subject on personality and its survival after the body dies. This book is an exposition rather than a proof. What Myers tried to do is to render knowledge more easily gained by coordinating it in a form as clear and intelligible as his own limited skill and the nature of the facts themselves permitted. Contents: introduction; disintegrations of personality; genius; sleep; hypnotism; sensory automatism; appendices.

Vol. 1. ISBN: 0766162397

Vol. 2. ISBN: 0766162400

Also available freely in PDF format. Click here to acquire it.

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