Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives


Newton–counselor, hypnotist and author of Journey of Souls–draws on his regressions of some 70 clients to explore the existence of souls between incarnations. The most affecting section of the book is the second chapter, where Newton turns his attention to grief and argues that between death and reincarnation, discarnate souls are able to contact loved ones and comfort them. Excerpts of his sessions with clients show people realizing that they have had one partner throughout many lives; that after previous deaths, the couple was reunited; and that after this incarnation, they will be together again. Elsewhere, Newton investigates the nonhuman manifestations of spirits on Earth, including elves, fairies and ghosts. Newton also takes on malevolent spirits; arguing that demons and the devil do not exist, he reports that after working with him, clients who initially thought they were possessed by a “malevolent spirit” usually realize they have miscommunicated with a benevolent spirit who was trying to reach them. A rich volume, chock-full of interviews and fascinating first-person narratives, this book is nonetheless not for the uninitiated; Newton sometimes fails to explain his terminology, so readers who do not know much about “lives between lives” may feel lost. More informed readers, however, will find this a feast, and Newton a charming host.

ISBN-10: 1567184995

Healing Your Past Lives: Exploring the Many Lives of the Soul


Could our memories of past-life experiences offer a key to unlocking the mysteries and questions we struggle with today? According to Dr. Roger Woolger, author of Other Lives, Other Selves, and honorary member of EARTh, the answer is yes and anyone can learn to explore these extraordinary memories to retrieve valuable healing insights. With Healing Your Past Lives, Woolger gathers together an astonishing two decades of research that he has conducted with hundreds of patients, to offer a clear account of past lives including many specific techniques to begin exploring them.

ISBN: 1591791839

Regression Therapy for Relationship Issues


When the Research Committee of EARTh (Earth Association for Regression Therapy) asked their members ‘What sort of study do you want us to do to help you in your practice?’ The answer that came back by means of a survey was ‘Relationship Issues,’and so we moved on to the next stage of the study.
Twenty regression therapists from around the world went on to offer submissions to questions about their practice, when working with clients that bring relationship issues to therapy.
This book explores the variety of approaches, the common challenges and also the tried, tested and also the innovative techniques from those members of EARTh.
As such, this book is a sample of the experiences of the international Regression Therapist community.

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Many Lifetimes


Joan Grant is recognized world wide for her stunning ability to remember the events of previous lives with as much lucidity as an episode from last week. Dr. Denys Kelsey, Joan’s third husband, was a well-established psychiatrist when they first met. After marrying, they worked together to understand the deeper currents affecting some of Kelsey’s patients, based on Joan’s insights into past lives. The result is Many Lifetimes.

ISBN: 0898041619

Living Your Past Lives: The Psychology of Past-Life Regression


Citing and many fascinating, fully verified case histories of the life-before-life phenomenon, this book will help readers bring memories to the surface–and fill the life lead today with new insight, fulfillment, and happiness.

By Karl Schlotterbeck

ISBN: 0345340280

Inner Healing Journey – A Medical Perspective


The book tells the stories of eleven patients whose medical doctors were prepared to embrace a holistic approach when tradition medicine did not work. The patients were taken to the source of their problem to clear deep seated emotions that had been causing chronic emotional problems, relationship issues and medical conditions. Using regression therapy and working with emerging stories that appeared to be past lives, the medical doctors show the amazing transformation that can take place. It is written to be an absorbing read and bring new hope to the public, and to inspire medical professionals.

ISBN-13: 978-0956788788

Hello Again: A memoir of souls reconnecting over many lifetimes


By Kathy Gibbons

From the time she was a young girl, Kathy Gibbons has had memories of a life before this one—one in which she had already been a “big woman” and undergone a lifetime of tragic events. As many adults do, she eventually pushed these thoughts to the back of her mind, cast away as figments of a childish imagination.
When she was thirty-six however, the memories came flooding back, emerging into her consciousness with the help of a past-life regression therapist. After seeking help for a series of obstacles in her personal life and career, Gibbons soon learned that Maria, her previous self, was as real as she had seemed in those childhood past life memories—and that through understanding Maria’s story from the past, she finally would be able to transform her present.

This story is a first- hand account of how Gibbons came to discover her past lives and how each played an important role in overcoming present-day obstacles. From Max, the misunderstood French visionary, to Marcus, a fun-loving Irish monk, readers will learn the mystifying true stories behind the author’s previous incarnations and hopefully become inspired to discover a few of their own.

“I would strongly recommend Kathy’s book to all who struggle to find meaning in life’s experiences. Her style of writing is warmly limpid and her courageous self-revelation is helpful and inspirational.”

Paddy McMahon, author of many influential books including The Grand Design, Amongst Equals, There are No Goodbyes and Peacemonger.

ISBN 13: 978-1494225988

From Mesmer to Freud: Magnetic Sleep and the Roots of Psychological Healing


The discovery of magnetic sleep-an artificially induced trance-like state-in 1784 marked the beginning of the modern era of psychological healing. Magnetic sleep revealed a realm of mental activity that was not available to the conscious mind but could affect conscious thought and action. This book tells the story of the discovery of magnetic sleep and its relationship to psychotherapy. Adam Crabtree describes how in the 1770s Franz Anton Mesmer developed a technique based on “animal magnetism,” which he felt could cure a wide variety of ailments when the healer directed “magnetic fluid” …

ISBN: 0300055889

Many Lives, Many Loves


By Gina Cerminara (1963)

This is a collection of essays on reincarnation. Very reasonable, and so much common sense! In the last essay she writes: “I am convinced that for any proposed reforms (of our world) to be truly effective and lasting, there needs to be a new kind of insight in human beings, insight of a psychological, scientific, and philosophical nature. I would like therefore to raise my voice in favor of the widespread and immediate dissemination of knowledge concerning two things: the theory of reincarnation and the methodology of General Semantics.” Regression therapists know a bastard of general semantics: Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Cerminara’s essay on reincarnation and modern psychology is a gem. Her essay on reincarnation and love is an important sequel and consolidation of her Many Mansions and The World Within. This book has much to offer for an intelligent and judicious vision on reincarnation and related subjects.

ISBN-10: 0875164293

Healing Deep Hurt Within


Healing Deep Hurt Within is a 220-paged back that describes the story of the transformational journey of a young lady who underwent intensive regression therapy in a hospital environment for her symptoms of depression, insomnia, dissociative amnesia, suicidal thoughts, auditory hallucinations and flashbacks. The symptoms were the result of a deep emotional trauma that gave rise to repeated episodes of syncope that has been crippling her life. The use  of medical imaging and neurodiagnostic tests have not provided insight into her condition and neither has traditional pharmacotherapy helped . The author who works in the hospital where she is admitted  has chosen to embark on a course of intensive regression therapy on her as an alternative treatment.  This rapidly brings her out of the depths of despair and helps her to move on in life. It is a story of hope, inspiration and the dedication of a doctor’s courage in facing the medical community with his beliefs of the power of regression therapy. The book is a good read for both therapists and the general public.

The author, Dr. Peter Mack is a surgeon practicing in a public hospital for more than three decades in Singapore. He holds a doctorate in medical science and three master degrees in business administration, health economics and medical education. He is also a certified hypnotherapist with a diploma in regression therapy.

ISBN: 978-0-9567887-1-9
Publisher: From the Heart Press

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