Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

The Spirits’ Book


“Of the five fundamental books that comprise the Spiritist Codification, The Spirits’ Book was the first one that compiled all the teachings of high order spirits (the Spirits) through mediums the world over. It is the landmark of a doctrine that has had a great impact on the thought and life view of a considerable portion of humankind since 1857, when the first French edition was released. It is divided into four parts and has 1,019 questions asked by Allan Kardec, the Codifier of Spiritism. It rationally and logically presents the teachings of Spiritism in their scientific, philosophical and religious aspects. No matter what the religious convictions or beliefs of the reader are, reading The Spirits’ Book will be of immense value for everyone, for it addresses the issues of God, the immortality of the soul, the nature of spirits and their relations with human beings, moral laws, our present and future lives and the future of humankind – subjects of general interest and great practicality.”

ISBN-10: 8598161187

The Cathars & Reincarnation


“I found this book a bit difficult to read, but very well worth the trouble. That’s because, assuming the author did his homework honestly and accurately (as I do), this is a record of spontaneous (not hypnosis-induced) memories, recorded by a credentialed psychiatrist, for which there are corresponding detailed historical records (records she was very unlikely to have known of, especially when she wrote down her memories as a school-girl). Not one historically-recorded person only, but several people mentioned in the patient’s recollections are verified as having actually existed, along with places. This has been done before, but rarely so completely.

The book also gives a very good sense of what the Cathars were like, and it brings up an interesting question–which group was the more “heretical”–the Cathars, or the politically dominant Catholic Church which persecuted them?”

Stephen Sakkelarios

After that book a lot of others were written on the subject by Dr. Guirdham, like We Are One Another, The Lake and the Castle, The Great Heresy.

Goddess Within: A Guide to the Eternal Myths that Shape Women’s Lives


Gestalt and Jungian psychologists Jennifer and Roger Woolger EARTh’s honorary member, have written a fascinating guide to the goddess qualities that live within us all. Learn how to navigate the turning points in your life by understanding which goddess type is coming to the fore. Wonderfully affirming, profound in its implications, THE GODDESS WITHIN helps restore the feminine to its rightful place in the modern consciousness and offers every woman the unique opportunity to learn more about her own power to transform herself.

ISBN-10: 0449902870

In Search of the Dead: A Scientific Investigation of Evidence for Life After Death


For over a century, scientists have searched for proof that man survives death. In this book, and the BBC2 television series which it accompanies, Jeffrey Iverson looks for evidence of an after-life. Enquiries into the existence of psi powers which survive death of the brain include experiments in viewing at a distance where the odds against guessing correctly are billions to one, and the story of a team of psychics, led by a parapsychologist, who “saw” the infamous New York “Son of Sam” killer. The author delves into mediums, seances and apparitions, including the incident of the ghostly warning that may have scared a ship in the 1942 Siege of Malta. He asks whether near-death experiences are the hallucinations of a dying brain, or whether those close to death actually leave their bodies. Case studies tell how children born with birthmarks relate them to verified incidents in other lives. Quantum physicists suggest that reality may be a dimension of thought, and the author reports on scientific investigations into the nature of death and puts recent theories to a leading mystic, His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Jeffrey Iverson is a Royal Television Society Award winner, whose television documentaries include “The Bloxham Tapes”.

ISBN-10: 0563361239

Pythagoras and the Doctrine of Transmigration: Wandering Souls


This is a highly original monograph that explores the ways in which the concept of transmigration represents the fundamental meaning of Pythagorean thought. The mythical narrative of transmigration tells the story of myriad wandering souls, each migrating from body to body along a path of recurrence amid the becoming of the All. In this highly original study, James Luchte explores the ways in which the concept of transmigration is a central motif in Pythagoras’ philosophy, representing its fundamental meaning. Luchte argues that the many strands of the tale of transmigration come together in the Pythagorean philosophical movement, revealing a unity in which, for Pythagoreans, existence and eschatology are separated only by forgetfulness. Such an interpretation that seeks to retrieve the unity of Pythagorean thought goes against the grain of a long-standing tradition of interpretation that projects upon Pythagoras the segregation of ‘mysticism’ and ‘science’.Luchte lays out an alternative interpretation of Pythagorean philosophy as magical in the sense that it orchestrates a holistic harmonization of theoria and praxis and through this reading discloses the radical character of Pythagorean philosophy.

ISBN: 9780826464361

Reincarnation – Based on Facts


Reincarnation is defined in the dictionary as “to incarnate-anew.” The author is convinced that the human soul on its journey manifests thfough many physical bodies, many lives on earth. Dr. Karl Muller, a Swiss engineer and outstanding psychic investigator, has collated a remarkable mumber of case histories which he regards as indisputable evidence of other lives. Many of us have felt, at some time or another, on going to a strange place, we have been there before, and that there is a haunting familiarity about the buildings. Dr. Muller has examined with diligence and scholarship, a large number of such incidents. The result is a fascinating collection of examples which will strengthen the belief of many readers that they have had previous lives.

Very rare book


The Discovery Of The Unconscious: The History And Evolution Of Dynamic Psychiatry


This classic work is a monumental, integrated view of mans search for an understanding of the inner reaches of the mind. In an account that is both exhaustive and exciting, the distinguished psychiatrist and author demonstrates the long chain of development through the exorcists, magnetists, and hypnotists that led to the fruition of dynamic psychiatry in the psychological systems of Janet, Freud, Adler, and Jung.

ISBN-10: 0465016731

Reincarnation: A New Horizon in Science, Religion and Society


This comprehensive presentation examines scientific evidence of reincarnation, case histories, near-death experiences, heredity, genius, etc. It explores social and religious issues, and includes lectures delivered at Harvard and Columbia.

Direct and appealing in a way the ordinary person can understand. Will be of immense help to many people. –Geddes MacGregor, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Anglican priest

The book is a surprise and a joy. –Dr. Alan Seaburg, Harvard Divinity School

This volume is unique in its ability to pull together all aspects of the theory. Moreover, the text is written so lucidly and with such flavor that even the most die-hard skeptic will come away with much to think about. –Booklist, American Library Association

ISBN-10: 0517554968

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