Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

The Children That Time Forgot


The original idea came to co-author Mary Harrison when she observed her youngest son, Leon, trying to pick flowers from a floral pattern on her bed cover. The infant’s actions seemed so quirky and amusing that Mary was prompted to write a letter to the Woman’s Own magazine which was subsequently published. Mary asked if other mothers had experiences similar ‘odd’ moments with their little ones. The word ‘odd’ was the keyword that triggered an amazing reaction and Mary, whose address had been published with her letter, was overwhelmed with letters from parents reporting accounts of reincarnation. From this, the idea for the book The Children That Time Forgot was born. Mary & Peter Harrison spent over a year thoroughly researching leads. The anecdotes and stories developed organically as they gathered new evidence and established facts. Amongst the thirty fascinating accounts they unearthed, one story features a young girl from the North of England. So young she had not travelled outside of England before and was too young to read yet she recounted, with chilling accuracy, visiting her Grandmother in Dundee on the fateful night in 1879 her train was swept away when the Tay Bridge collapsed. Cynics would of course be quick to question the validity of such a story but when the girl’s family recollections were checked out, eye witness accounts of the family she described, events leading to it and records matched up. The book’s primary aim is to present children’s stories in a neutral, non-judgmental way and let the reader decide. All the stories are spontaneous and all contributors offered their stories voluntarily. The Children That Time Forgot was published in USA, Japan, France, Netherlands, UK & Ireland.

ISBN-13: 978-1482086676

Life Beyond: Compelling Evidence for Past Lives and Existence After Death


Hans Holzer–the author of more than 100 books–presents compelling accounts of encounters with the spirit world. Filled with astounding information about what lies beyond the grave, here are true case histories of people who have stood at the threshold of death, lived previous lives, or had first-hand experiences with the dead.

ISBN-10: 0809235773

War and the Soul by Edward Tick Ph.D.

Reviewed by Marion Boon


The cover of this book gives us immediate confrontation with tragedy face to face: A 19 year old soldiers’ face tired, dusty, eyes a bit empty, sad, resigned, indicating thoughts of flat expectation and little hope. Photographed by another young man age 22, ‘who did not live to see his pictures in print’, and was killed in a plane crash, this is the start of the book: an In Memoriam to the latter and a Recognition of the first.

The author Edward Tick is a U.S. psychotherapist with years of experience in working with veterans who suffer from PTSD or PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Syndrome), the specific illness of veterans, which was previously known as ‘combat fatigue’, ‘shell shock'(WW1) or else ‘Soldiers’ heart’. Ed was a guest and principal presenter at the IDMA gathering in the mountains near Graz in Austria this summer, titled: ‘War and Human Memory – on soul loss and lost souls’.

Combat veterans from Vietnam as well as noncombatants and resisters have been and still are his patients, but as Ed describes it, not just the veterans keep coming: war makes numerous victims amongst those who survive too. First he saw the Vietnam survivors – young men sent by the Government only to return home with more than physical wounds; in addition they had to encounter criticism and vilification. These were followed by survivors of the WW2 Holocaust, the Korean War and the Gulf Wars well as wars in Lebanon, Panama, El Salvador and Ireland. Most recently it has been veterans from Iraq, Bosnian refugees and terminally ill veterans and their families who have also turned to Tick for help.

ISBN: 9780835608312

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The Self-Aware Universe


Professor Goswami (Physics/University of Oregon; coauthor, The Cosmic Dancers, 1983) uses quantum physics to promote monistic idealism- -the theory that both matter and mind have their origin in consciousness. The villain here is materialism–the teaching that everything is comprised of atoms–and its tag-along doctrines of locality (that interactions between objects occur in local space-time), strong objectivity (that objects exist independently of consciousness), and epiphenomenalism (that mind is an accidental by-product of brain function). According to Goswami, quantum physics has laid to rest this view of reality: Quantum objects jump from here to there without passing through intervening space, disproving locality; Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle disproves strong objectivity, etc. Goswami’s explication of modern physics- -which draws on everything from Winnie-the-Pooh to optical illusions–is a model of clarity. Vastly less satisfying is his brief for monistic idealism. For one thing, he writes off an important alternative, dualism–the “common-sense” view that mind and matter both exist, that a rock is a rock and a thought is a thought–in a few skimpy paragraphs. For another, his argument is inconsistent: He cites paranormal events as evidence for idealism, but when an exception arises (such as out-of-body experiences, which suggest dualism), he becomes a debunker. Worst of all, when he tries to describe how idealism actually shapes the world, he sounds like Madame Blavatsky with a hangover (“the universe exists as formless potentia in myriad possible branches in the transcendent domain”). Goswami’s aim is inviting–who does not wish us to “realize our full potential–an integrated access to our quantum and classical selves”?–but most readers will remain agnostic. More substantial than Fritjof Capra, which isn’t saying much. This is one cosmic egg that may be too big to crack.

ISBN-10: 0874777984

Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky


This is the sixth in a series which provides an index to a set of five unedited commentaries taken from the weekly talks Nicoll gave to his students in England and which were recorded verbatim. It was produced by the Gurdjieff society, Washington DC. When Maurice Nicholl was studying in Zurich, he met Jung, and Ouspensky. He went on to study with Gurdjieff, and from 1931 to his death in 1953, he began at Ouspensky’s request, a programme of work devoted to passing on the ideas he had received. The five unedited commentaries are taken from the weekly lectures and talks Nicoll gave to his students in England and which were recorded verbatim. These differ from Nicholl’s more polished works – they are more concerned with directly applying certain deep ideas to daily life.

ISBN: 0722401825

Dark Intrusions: An Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences


Since his late teens, Louis Proud has suffered from chronic sleep paralysis and has undergone hundreds of such episodes, many of them terrifying but ultimately transformational and eye-opening. These experiences, he believes, allow access to the “spirit realm” and could well hold the key to a whole host of paranormal phenomena, including poltergeist disturbances, out-of-body-experiences, mediumship, spirit possession, and succubi and incubi encounters. Drawing on the work of Colin Wilson, Joe Fisher, Stan Gooch, Whitley Strieber, Robert Monroe, Dion Fortune, and a number of other paranormal experts, Proud lucidly demonstrates that many sleep paralysis experiences involve genuine contact and communication with incorporeal entities, some of them parasitic and potentially dangerous. In this comprehensive, open-minded exploration of the sleep paralysis phenomenon, filled with fascinating descriptions of his own experiences, as well as those of others, no stone is left unturned as Proud attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery.

ISBN-13: 9781933665443

Circles of Completeness by Pavel S. Gyngazov

“This book, Circles of Completeness, comes out four years after the publication of my first book, The Roads of Lives. Like the first book, it is the result of many years of my experience as a regression therapist. Thoughts and observations I described in The Roads of Lives still remain fundamental for me, so you can find them in the new book: eternity of the Soul, harmony of the Universe, immutability of karmic laws, and human freedom to make a choice and bear responsibility for it. However, this book is far from being a wordtoword repetition of what I have already written. The constant analysis of regression sessions has promoted me to a new, deeper level of understanding. This book introduces some new concepts and describes the updated principles and the improved session technique.
The difference can be seen even in the book title. If The Roads of Lives focused on a series of incarnations on the life path of the Soul, Circles of Completeness aims to describe the final stage of the session – the afterdeath, when everything that has not been completed during the lifetime finds its completion. This is the stage when clients recognize both psychological and psychosomatic sources of problems penetrating multiple incarnations to eliminate any incompleteness in relations with significant people. All this determines the gestalt completion and brings peace and harmony to the client’s life by releasing the previously subdued creative energy.”

Pavel Gyngazov

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De Zoektocht naar Tzanáta – Wendy Gillissen

De Zoektocht naar Tzanáta / Wendy Gillissen***

Zeven jaar na zijn plotselinge vertrek heeft Yldich een verontrustende droom die hem terugbrengt naar het Huis van het Hert. Er verschijnen ranke schepen voor de kust die hem griezelig bekend voorkomen.
Ondertussen leidt Rom een rustig bestaan tussen de Einache van het hoge Noorden. Maar alles is niet wat het lijkt. Terwijl hij nog worstelt met zijn magische Tzanatzi erfenis komen er verontrustende berichten uit het Zuiden. De laatste Tzanatzi zijn aan het verdwijnen, en behalve hun botten wordt er niets van ze teruggevonden…

De Zoektocht naar Tzanáta’ is het langverwachte vervolg op ‘De Vloek van de Tahiéra’, de in de verenigde Staten bekroonde debuutroman van Wendy Gillissen.

Dit boek heeft een lange weg afgelegd om gerealiseerd te worden. Toen zijn voorganger, De Vloek van de Tahiéra was gepubliceerd, werd er een onvoorziene reeks gebeurtenissen in werking gezet die de auteur dwongen haar eigen reis door de Onderwereld te maken.
Te ontdekken dat zij zonder het te beseffen geen roman, maar in wezen een spirituele autobiografie had geschreven die meerdere levens omvatte was al verrassend genoeg. Om erachter te komen dat de gebeurtenissen, thema’s en lessen hun oorsprong vonden in de oorsprong van de ziel was het begin van een helende reis die meerdere jaren in beslag nam. Deze reis is nog niet compleet, want spirituele reizen kennen geen einde.

drs. Wendy Gillissen is auteur, psychologe en reïncarnatietherapeute. Momenteel werkt zij aan een derde boek in de reeks: ‘Het Verloren Land.’

2020 | ISBN 9789463283526 | Paperback | 521 pagina’s

When Did You Ever Become Less By Dying? AFTERLIFE: The Evidence

By Stafford Betty.

In this book Professor Stafford Betty pulls together the best evidences for survival of death. The very best, he maintains, come from psychical research. The near-death experience, deathbed visions, reincarnational memories of children, communication from the so-called dead through mediums, apparitions, poltergeists, spirits that reach out to us through electronic instruments, spirits that attach themselves to our bodies, and episodes of terminal lucidity in Alzheimer’s patients are all included. But philosophy has a lot to say as well. In simple terms Betty lays out the evidence against reductive materialism that claims all our experience is generated by the brain and that we perish at death. Viewing the brain as an instrument put to good use by the immaterial self is much more consistent with the evidence. Finally, he surveys the universal affirmation by the world’s religions that we survive death. Betty brings together memorable examples and careful analysis of each type of evidence. Each type is imposing enough by itself, but taken together they build a case for survival of death that is insurmountable. He shows that life after death, as mysterious as it is, should no longer be regarded as a hypothesis, but, like dark matter, a fact.

  • ISBN-13: 978-1786770042

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