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The Reincarnation Workbook

Brennan2“Brennan’s Reincarnation Workbook is a presentation of a wide range of information in a quick reading and short format. I suppose it would function as a good introduction to the concept and various techniques of investigation for the devotee.
Brennan presents some verified examples of past-life regression and experiences, and then heads into techniques on how to bring about the memory or experience of a past life in one self or in others. This is done through not only hypnotism and past-life regression, but also through nonhypnotic Christos technique, and less reliable practices such as through a Ouija board or through the use of a planchette (to induce automatic writing). Most of these techniques will require the use of third parties, and a lot of the ‘workbook’ exercises presented are of the type where the author suggests the reader now go out and find three or four people to regress before moving on to the next chapter.
Brennan to his credit directly addresses one of the major problems with past-life experiences, i.e. verification. Not everyone can be Cleopatra reborn; in fact, almost nobody can be. He presents ideas on how to check on reported experiences and data, as well as a now-out-of-date computer program to adjust for the Julian calendar for older reported dates and days.
Finally, there is a discussion of, let us say, what can go wrong, and there are quite a number of personality glitches and problems that could and have developed as a direct result of past-life investigation, including nervous breakdowns, obsession, marital problems, reliving past trauma, etc. The discussion here is a little light and not especially helpful, but at least the subject is addressed head on.”

Konrad Bumaister

ISBN-10: 0850307708

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)

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