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The Search for Lives Past – Amazing New Evidence

ramster“In this readable and yet logically precise book, Australian psychologist Peter Ramster describes his hypnosis-based research into past-life recall and its historical verification. A number of researchers have taken this approach, that is, hypnotizing subjects, gathering as many detailed memories as possible, and then taking the subject physically to the location they described and trying to verify the memories. However, Dr. Ramster’s knowledge of psychology and rigorous approach as a scientist make this a particularly solid effort. And he does indeed find, and report, several cases with very strong verification. He is intellectually careful in his assessment to report as fact what he knows to be fact; to report as educated guesswork what only reaches the level of educated guesswork; and to report as speculation what remains at the level of speculation.

Dr. Ramster draws a clear picture of the obstacles standing in the way of the acceptance of his work, and of reincarnation studies in general, by academia and science. He even describes a professor being threatened with loss of his position if he delved into reincarnation studies–something I had thought might be occurring.

Like many other prominent researchers into reincarnation, Dr. Ramster was not initially a believer until past-life memories began to surface in his hypnotherapeutic work. He was courageous enough to follow the evidence, and even more courageous to risk his career (as I assume he must have). I highly recommend this book as a sane, scientifically-minded account, written for the lay audience, with several solid reincarnation proof cases which, given Dr. Ramster’s credentials and careful methods, carry very little possibility of fraud and do not easily lend themselves to any other normal explanation”.

Stephen Sakellarios


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Athanasios Komianos
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