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The Upward Spiral: Breakthroughs to Joy

spiralEveryone has events in life that jolt our emotions and being. How we handle these occurrences determines whether we “spiral upwards”, growing through the experience, into greater joy and fulfillment – or “spiral downwards,” into sadness, anger, or hopelessness. Weighting for Life: Sally has been a people pleaser all of her life, putting everyone else’s needs before her own. In addition, she has fought a problem with excess body weight since she was a child. A bout with chronic fatigue syndrome leads her to study more about health…but it’s her friend’s suggestion that she use her creativity to begin her own business that is the impetus for her true empowerment. Attending an “Inner Guidance retreat” brings the psychic’s message, “Do you know your husband is having an affair?” Sally did know; she just didn’t want to acknowledge her own intuitive abilities, kept hidden from others and even herself. Sally struggles to keep her marriage while honoring her own needs…making her own breakthroughs to joy. Joining Head and Heart: After her “perfect marriage,” suddenly ends, Pat falls into depression. The beautiful, corporate executive, who has everything, falls apart. With her friend’s help, Pat decides she needs a drastic life change, leaving her well-paying job to study and become a massage therapist. A series of unexpected events causes Pat to look deeper to see what has caused her to separate her heart-feelings from her head-thinking. Pat learns that when she follows her heart and stays open to change, amazing and joyful things happen in her life. Eternal Life: Lenora is content with her life, although now that her children are grown it is beginning to feel too structured, and rather dull. Her job as a weight-loss counselor is satisfying; however she is beginning to feel ineffectual. Pat’s invitation to attend the Inner Guidance retreat prompts hesitancy and even fear. Lenora could never imagine the shift in her thinking that begins to take place, turning her world view and life upside down. Could she actually have been in a past incarnation with her deceased husband? And…what does that mean for the steps she needs to take now?

ISBN-10: 0964002655

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)


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