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The Mystery of Water – What we know is a drop.

Had you ever thought how serious a factor the drinking water is? Did you ever consider how fundamental is the quality of water? Here is a new look at H2O which is really surprising. Not only Masaru Emoto’s experiments are

Why Regression Therapy

This is an introductory documentary about an alternative therapeutic approach that is really effective but attracts controversy. It is about time to dissolve, the clouds that faded this mode of therapy. In this production prominent figures of the field like

Interview with Roger Woolger

This is a video produced by Stephen Sakellarios. It is an interview with our formerly honorary member and late Dr. Roger Woolger taken in 1999. Other parts of the interview, as well as Woolger at work, can be seen on

Reincarnation Past Life Evidence

Here is a BBC production on Previous Lives and Reincarnation. It features big names of Regression Therapy, like Roger Woolger and Carol Bowman but also skeptics like Dr. Persinger and Dr. Blackmore among many others. Once again the biased, conventional,

Past Lives: Stories of Reincarnation

One of the best documentaries ever made on reincarnation. Awarded as the best documentary of 2003. It is really worth seeing. It features Dr. Jim Tucker, Professor Haraldsson and great cases.


Despite the biased view against the case for reincarnation it still is a nice documentary featuring the leading expert of the field, the late professor Ian Stevenson.

The Swiss man who rediscovered his former incarnation

Here is an amazing story about a previous life that changed the current life for this old man from Switzerland who verifies the facts he got from constant visions and dreams (following an NDE) and finally finds out about a

Evidence of Reincarnation

This is a small film with Tom Harpur as the Supernatural Investigator. A small introduction about Professor Stevenson and his contribution. Featured in this film are Dr Tucker, Dr Krippner and Dr Semkiw. The case of James Leininger is featured,

In Search of the Dead by Jeffrey Iverson

Interesting review of parapsychology, the first of a 1992 BBC Wales series ‘In Search of the Dead’. Written and produced by Jeffery Iverson. The series was published as a book of the same name. Issues like remote viewing, ganzfield experiments,